Names That Mean Wolf

100+ Names That Mean Wolf For Boys & Girls

Everyone wants to name their child with something that holds some powerful significance. Names that mean wolf can be your chance to name your baby with something unique. The name “Wolf” is popular among parents who wish to give their children a meaning that conjures up images of something imposing and powerful.

If you are one such parent, this article will act as a complete guide for you. These wolf baby names come in a ton of different variations, from the simple, charming names to the exotic, traditional, and more modern choices. Also, the names in this list all have the meaning “wolf,” and they come from different origins, languages, and civilizations. You can use these names to select the best one for your child!

Names That Mean Wolf-Boy

We all know how the wolf is known as one of the most glorious creatures among all, the one encompassing all the qualities like courageous, fierceness and above all, the cunning intelligence. Hence, it is pretty obvious as to why you want your baby boy to be named after this most striking being on earth, so that he gets his wolf-like personality half of by the name itself! Here are some of the best options for you:

  • Lupin:  Latin word ‘lupinus’, meaning ‘wolf’
  • Chann: A young wolf
  • Rudolph: ‘Famous wolf’ in Old German
  • Kurt: ‘Wolf’ in Turkish
  • Lovell: A wolf cub
  • Botwolf: He who is wolf-like
  • Adolphus: Noble Wolf
  • Conri: Wolf King
  • Hrolf: Renowned wolf
  • Lyulph: A flaming wolf

Names That Mean Wolf Girl

Names That Mean Wolf Girl

Along with being all cunning and fierce, wolves are the creatures of beauty and utter sense of purpose. Their every move is bound by purpose and confidence. Names that imply wolf are among your greatest options if you want to instill this kind of drive and attitude in your young baby girl as she grows up. Let her be the badass wolf girl of her generation by considering the following names:

  • Adolpha: A noble she wolf
  • Cathwulf: A woman as pure as wolf
  • Louve: Female wolf
  • Reika: A woman who has the power of the wolf
  • Rudolfa: A legendary female wolf
  • Ulva: She wolf
  • Lowella: Young wolf
  • Lupita: The River of the Wolf
  • Rudi: Famous wolf
  • Tala: Stalking wolf

Fierce Names That Mean Wolf

Anything that depicts wolf must be symbolic of the fierceness. Hence, if you want a wolf inspired name for your child, you need to make sure it’s fierce enough so that no one dares to mess with your strong little wolf! Also, if your child has already started displaying his ferocious little mischiefs, then these following names would be the perfect options for you:

  •  Acwulf: A wolf from the Oak meadows
  •  Bardolph: Ax-wielding wolf
  •  Grimmwolf: The strong wolf
  •  Heardwulf: Hardy/brave wolf
  •  Hrolf: Renowned wolf
  •  Ingolf: Royal wolf” and “kingly wolf.”
  •  Lyulph: A flaming wolf.
  •  Marrok: A knight thought to be a werewolf.”
  • Randolph: It carries the meaning of both “shield” and “wolf.”
  •  Tidwulf: The wolf of its time and the time wolf.

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Names That Mean Wolf Warrior


Wolf warriors are meant to inspire the youth to be brave enough to tackle their own problems with a fierce attitude. If you want to build this in your child from the very start, first step is to name him/her by something that means wolf warrior. Here are some inspirations for you:

  •  Alarick: Noble Leader or a Wolf ruler, Fierce, Supreme ruler of all
  • Amwolf: The majestic and powerful like an Eagle Wolf
  •  Bleddyn: Wolf warrior/hero
  • Eeriuffi: Greenlandic form of Herjulf. It means warrior wolf.
  • Gundulf: Wolf of war
  • Ingouf: God Ing’s wolf, warrior
  • Kenneally: Head of wolf
  •  Tikaani: (Persian origin) means wolf warrior.
  •  Ull: (German origin) refers to a wolf ruler.
  • Bardou: A bright wolf warrior

Last Names That Mean Wolf

Pairing names that mean wolf with Last names can be a great way to cultivate cunning, regal stature, strength, loyalty, and bravery within the family. Numerous surnames with the meaning “wolf” are used as surnames and occasionally as first names in various cultures. There are an excessive number of possibilities to pick from, whether they are feminine or masculine, German, Scandinavian, or American in origin. Have a look at some:

  • Agwang: (Luo origin) means “wolf.
  • Guadalupe: (Arabic origin) means “river of the wolf.”
  • Ula: (Icelandic origin) meaning “wolf power.”
  • Velvela: (Yiddish origin) means “wolf.”
  • Coinin: (Gaelic origin) means “little wolf.
  •  Cuetlachtli: (Nahuatl origin) means “wolf.
  •  Faolan: (Irish origin) means “little wolf.
  •  Fenrisulfr: (Icelandic origin) means “swamp wolf” or “wolf of hell.”
  • Rannulf: (German origin) means “plundering wolf.”
  • Volkov: (Russian origin) means “wolf”

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Unique And Quirky Name That Mean Wolf

Just because you want a wolf inspired name doesnt mean that it cant be a little quirky and fun. If you think your child’s vibe doesnt match the fierce one and instead you want his/her to sound a little chill and cool, here are some best picks for you! Many of the names in this list are unusual and quirky, letting your child stand out from the crowd. They are derived from various languages and cultures.

  •  Arnou: Eagle-wolf
  •  Bardou: Ax-wolf
  •  Conroy: Hound/wolf of the plains
  •  Rafe: Wolf-counsel
  •  Skoll: He wolf that chased after the Sun in the myth.
  •  Waya: Cherokee language, the name stands for “wolf”.
  •  Wolfram: Wolf-raven
  •  Zev: The name means “wolf”.
  •  Ulric: Rich and noble heritage; wolf power”.
  •  Randi: Shield-wolf

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a badass name for a wolf?

There are many badass names for a wolf like Apache, Hawk, Hunter, Scout , Aspen, Aztec etc.

2. What names mean she-wolf?

Some names that mean she wolf are Accalia, Adolpha, Blevine, Daciana etc.


To Summarize

One of the most stunning and magnificent animals in the world, wolves seem to be immensely strong, aggressive, and powerful. Any kid who has a name that was inspired by bh the wolf is fortunate. There are many great names in this article that you might use!

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