Names That Mean Power

Top 100 Names That Mean Power

Everyone wants to name their child with something that holds some powerful significance. There are many baby names with wonderful meanings that genuinely epitomize power, and some baby names are more potent than others.

If you want to name your baby with names that mean power, then this article will act as a complete guide for you. These strong baby names come in a fun variety of styles, from the sweet and straightforward to the exotic, classic, and more contemporary options. Some of these names are genuinely unusual and might work better as middle names as well!

Names That Mean Powerful For Boys

Every boy parent wants the best for their son as he grows up—love and support, but also the intellectual capacity to overcome challenges and advance in life. Choosing a baby name with a power connotation may motivate them to face challenges head-on and achieve inner peace. So, here are some ideas of names that mean powerful for boys:

  •  Alaric: a chic baby boy’s name from Germany that means “all-powerful king.”
  •  Archard: This name has Anglo-German roots and means “holy, powerful.”
  •  Broderick:  Old German baby name meaning “renowned force.”
  •  Daivat: Hindi name that means “power, strength.”
  •   Easton: With roots in Old English, it means “magical strength, noble power.”
  •  Oswald: This name has Old German roots and means “God’s might.”
  •  Renfred: An Old English name that translates to “strong peace.”
  •  Richard: This is a well-liked name that signifies “strong leader.”
  •  Reynard: Another German name that meaning “strong counsel,”
  •  Riker: Its symbolic of “rich and powerful”.

 Names That Mean Powerful For Girls

We all know the importance of a girl being strong and powerful within herself in today’s world. By providing your baby girl a name that means power is like providing her a strong identity. Having a mighty name instills a sense of confidence that your girl might need in fighting her own battles! Hence, here are some of the trendiest power female names.

  •  Aubrey: Old German name meaning “elf, magical being, strength.”
  •  Allura:  this means “power of attraction”
  •  Brites: Portuguese name which translates to “strength”
  •  Brigitte: This means “strong, force.”
  •  Edrea: This name has Old English roots and means “rich, strong.”
  •  Ragnhild: With Teutonic origins, it means “all-knowing strength.”
  •  Ricarda: It denotes a “strong leader.”
  •  Sibyl: This Turkish name means “strong queen.”
  •  Adira: A Hebrew name that means “noble, powerful.”
  •  Kendra: This means “strong might.”

Names That Mean Powerful Warrior

For your powerful child, a name with a warrior or protector connotation might be the best option. If you or your family must overcome challenges, you could choose a name that means “warrior” or “survival.” Or perhaps you simply want to make sure your infant is resilient and equipped to handle anything that comes their way. Therefore, here are some names that mean powerful warrior:

  •  Alex/Alexander: Greek for “protector of mankind”
  •  Casey: Irish for “brave in battle”
  •  Duncan: Scottish for “dark warrior”
  •  Harold: Scandinavian for “army ruler”
  •  Liam: Irish for “strong-willed”
  •  Nakao: Hawaiian name for “warrior”
  •  Ned: Old English for “well to do protector”
  •  Oscar: Irish for “God spear, or champion warrior”
  •  Patton: Old English for “fighter’s town”
  •  Roger: German for “famous warrior”

 Names That Mean Power In Greek

Names that mean power in Greek

Greek names are rich in history, culture, and meaning from a region renowned for its natural beauty, architecture, cuisine, and traditions. Popular Greek names like Peter, Socrates, and Zeus are strong and imposing; they can serve as the ideal role models for your child. No matter if you want to pay homage to your ancestors or you simply like the sound and meaning of the name, there are many wonderful options for you to select from.

  •  Eli: All Powerful, denotes as defender of mankind
  •  Zeba: Power of Zeus, brave, legendary.
  •  Eneas: One who is Praised, powerful warrior with the shield
  •  Ari: Excellent, Powerful ruler, superior, best of Thinkers
  •  Andromeda: It represents being ruler of man.
  •  Angelina: An angel or a messenger of God
  •  Lois: Great, the best, and superior
  •  Nicole: Always winning and triumphant
  •  Stephanie: Victorious, wearer of the crown
  •  Fedor: Powerful Ruler of the People, Divine gift from God

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Unisex Names That Mean Power

When looking for a strong name, we adore anything with a rich historical foundation and a timeless quality. Short, snappy names are ideal as gender-neutral options for both boys and girls. The meaning of a gender-neutral name isn’t set in stone, and there are more alternatives available as a result. Strong unisex names for your child are listed below:

  • Barrett: Someone who bears a lot of strength.
  • Drew: “Strong and manly” which are strong qualities, even for a girl.
  • Isa: Translating to mean strong-willed in German.
  • Aiden: Fiery one
  • Alex: Defender or protector of humankind
  • August: Revered, distinguished, deserving of respect; majestic
  • Evan: Young warrior
  • Finley:  A hero or battle warrior with fair skin
  •  Keegan: Small fiery one
  •  Aza: A “powerful” unisex baby name of Arabic origin

Fantasy Names That Mean Power

Fantasy names that mean power

Who doesn’t want fantasy names for their child? Not only are they cool forms of normal human names, but when paired with the attributes of power and fierceness, they turn out to be the most tremendous names ever. Fantasy names can be a perfect option if you want to identify your child both as a cool and powerful figure because giving a fierce name should also be inclusive to indicate the fun factor of your little one!

  •  Alexios: Defender, protector.
  •  Ambroz: Immortal, Man’s defender, and warrior
  •  Dracon: Dragon like fierce energy.
  •  Evreux: Brave, strong boar.
  •  Matilda: Battle-mighty, strong
  •  Everett: brave as a wild boar
  •  Kenzo: Strong and healthy, battle worthy.
  •  Thor: Norse god of thunder and power
  •  Waldrom: Powerful raven
  •  Kedar: Arabic name meaning powerful

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What names mean all-powerful?

Some names that mean all-powerful include Alaric, Davait, Broderick, Thor, Haile, etc.

2. What name resembles power?

Haile represents power. It has English, African, and Ethiopian origins. It means “power, might”.

3. Which girl’s name means to power?

Bridget, Brigid or Brighid is a popular Irish girl’s name meaning ‘power’, ‘vigor’, or ‘exalted one.

4. What boy name means to power?

Ansaldo means “power, leader, ruler.”

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