Names That Mean Ice

Top 100 Cool Names That Mean Ice For Baby

Are you ready to welcome your winter baby? Well, then you must be excited to find some cool wintery names for your baby. Names that mean ice can be just the perfect choice for you!

Winter has a unique beauty all its own. Pure white snow has covered the whole surface of the planet. A name with the meaning of “ice depicts someone who is calm and cold and who conjures up images of chilly mornings, snowy winters, and cool breezes.

Here’s a complete guide for you to find the top 100 cool names that mean ice for baby!

Boy Names That Mean Ice

The boy names that imply ice on this list provide excellent choices if you’re seeking for a quick-witted and “compact” name for your son. Decide a name as cool as these ones:

  • Buz: This is a name with Turkish roots that means “ice.”
  • December: This alludes to the coldest month of the year.
  • Colden: Colden means “the dark valley.” But “cold” appears in the name, giving an icy feel.
  • Isarr: This one is really trendy and means ice army.
  • Bylur: The word is of Icelandic origin and means “snowstorm.”
  • Fannar: Its literal translation is “snowdrift.”
  • Eirwan: This gorgeous name means “white snow.”
  • Douglas: This traditional Scottish choice has the meaning “name of Christmas tree.”

Girl Names That Mean Ice

Girl Names That Mean Ice

There are many girl names that have the meaning “ice,” and each one adds a touch of feistiness and femininity. Find the ideal name for your girl by perusing this list of names.

  • Aeronwen: This means “snow-white grape.”
  • Baine: The name is Irish and means “whiteness.”
  • Hika: It means “ice perfume,” “ice scent,” or “ice petal,” in Japanese.
  • Isdis: It means “ice goddess,” from Icelandic origins.
  • Alba: Alba has the dual meanings of “bright” and “white.”
  • Crystal: This means “ice.” Ice is crystal-like in appearance when it forms.
  • Ivy: Old English term that means being faithful and alludes to the Christmas tree
  • Icyln: Icyln means “compassionate” and have an icicle-like sound.
  • Olwen: It means “snowy footprint”, leaving her mark wherever she goes.
  • Isolde: This name means ice war, is a strong and potent name for your child.

Unisex Names That Mean Ice

Thinking of a unisex name for your baby that means ice can be a tough task, but this list will help you explore some really good options: 

  • Aster: It holds the very pretty meaning of “star.”
  • Cypress: Name of a tree that blooms in the North in the winter.
  • Ember: Its meaning of “brilliant fire” is related to cool, crisp winter nights.
  • North: A sweet unisex baby name associated with crisp, snowy weather.
  • Snow: This charming, complicated name that means “frozen rain.”
  • Blaze: It means fire or snowstorm.
  • Hale: It means a hearty person and this name also matches with hail meaning frozen rains.
  • Storm: It means bad weather
  • Neve: Its a positively enchanting name meaning bright and snowy.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Ice

If you haven’t yet known your baby’s gender and still want to shortlist your icy baby name, here are some gender-neutral ideas for you:

  • Aspen: This moniker for a Colorado city famed for its skiing and stunning ski resorts is gender-neutral.
  • January: The famous winter month.
  • Juniper: The Latin-derived juniper tree links to snowy weather due to winter hardiness.
  • Nevada: The Spanish term Nevada translates to “snow-capped.”
  • Noel: This word in French means the winter celebration of Christmas.
  • Winter: An English-based baby name that can be used for both both boys and girls.
  • Whit: It translates to white in English.
  • Wren: It’s another English term for a winter bird.
  • Wynter – Wynter would be a distinctive name with a different way to spell winter in English.
  • Robin: The winter red bird which is ideal for both boys and girls.

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Names That Mean Ice Queen

Names That Mean Ice queen

Anyone would want to name their baby girl something that represents the queen in her. Here are some of the best name ideas that mean ice queen for your princess:

  • Beira: Queen of winter in Celtic mythology
  • Skaoi: Queen of icy things like skiing, surfing etc.
  • Khione: Queen of ice and snow in Greek mythology.
  • Isveig: The queen holding the ice power.
  • Kawisenhawe: This Mohawk name means “she who holds the ice.
  • Cailleach: Another name for the Celtic Queen of Winter
  • Ísdís. This Icelandic name means “ice goddess.”
  • Poli’ahu: Hawaiian snow goddess wearing an icy cloak.
  • Elsa: The famous name representing the queen of snow
  • Frostine : a French origin name that means “ice queen.

Last Names That Mean Ice

Pairing icy names with Last names that mean ice too can be a great way to cultivate the icy roots within the family. Here are some ideas

  • Isbert: A Germanic name that means ice.
  • Isbrand: An Ancient German name that means ice sword.
  • Jökull: An Icelandic name that means glacier ice.
  • Izotz: Basque name that means ice.
  • Isa: Frisian name that means ice.
  • Frediano: An Italian name that means being immensely cold.
  • Fionn: It is a name from Irish mythology and means white.
  • Findlay: Scottish name meaning white warrior.
  • Boreas: It’s a Greek name that means north wind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some cold names?

Some cold names are Foggy, Angel, Hark, Adele, Sleet, Lennon, Grinch and Mistle.

2. What name means for winter?

Cherith is a unique Hebrew name that means winter stream.

3. What name means Queen of ice?

Frostine, a name of French origin, means “ice queen.”

4. What does the name means Snowdrop?

Berfin is the name widely known as the snowdrop in English-speaking nations.

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