Names That Mean Nature

50 +Wondrous Baby Names That Mean Nature

Let’s choose among names that mean nature for your little bundle of love and get him/her/the wondrous, wholesome, positive, and profound name that means nature.

To save you from the hassle and the perplexing state of indecisiveness, we have after thorough research composed a list of wondrous baby names that mean nature for girls and boys along with names inspired by and associated with nature and last names that mean Contemplating among names that mean nature?

Of course, it is a hard choice to decide among names that mean nature because the spectrum of variety is so wide. We have got your back!

Bestowing your child with a name that means nature is like the best sense of belonging you can familiarize him/her/them with for we all are but part of one stupendous whole, whose body nature is, and God is the soul.

Nature Names For Girls With Meanings

Nature is nurturing and choosing among names that mean nature can signify and associate your child with this attribute of nurturing that females are blessed with.

  • Nature– The word, ‘Nature’ in itself is a wonderful and meaningful name that directly signifies its purpose and meaning. It is derived from the Latin word ‘nature’ which means innate attributes and ‘birth’.
  • Eva– This simple yet elegant name is of Arabic origin and is popular among Christians. It means ‘Goddess of nature or ‘to live.
  • Vati– This feminine name of Indian origin popular among Hindus means ‘nature’.
  • Shristy – This Bengali feminine name is related to Sanskrit origin and it means ‘nature’ or ‘the entire world.
  • Nisarga – This Kannada name is derived from Sanskrit origin and it means ‘nature’.
  • Asmi– Cute, simple, and short but with a profound meaning, this feminine name is of Indian origin that means ‘nature’, ‘holy’, and ‘I am present.
  • Darya– It is a nature-associated feminine name of Persian origin that means ‘ocean’.
  • Aranyani– It is a traditional name of Hindu origin that means ‘goddess of nature or vegetation’.
  • Prakriti– It is an Indian name of Hindu origin having Sanskrit roots and it means ‘nature’ or ‘creation’.
  • Rain– This beautiful nature-inspired name is of myriad variety and British origin.

Nature Names For Boys With Meanings

Below are some beautiful names that mean nature for boys.

  • Prakrit– This masculine name pertaining to Hindu origin means ‘nature’ or ‘handsome’.
  • Brijpal– This Indian name is popular among Sikhs and it means ‘son of nature.
  • Srushti- A rare masculine of Indian origin that means ‘nature’ or ‘universe’.
  • Druhyu– It is a unique name derived from Sanskrit origin and it means ‘nature lover’.
  • Aineesh- This Indian name has Sanskrit roots and it means ‘God of nature.
  • Tirth- This nature-inspired masculine name means ‘sacred water’.
  • Avish– It is a nature-associated boy name that means ‘God of the earth’ or ‘ocean’.

 Names That Mean Nature Spirit

Names That Mean Nature Spirit

Choosing names that mean nature spirit is indeed a perfect choice that will enable your child to share a deep and precious connection with nature.

  • Savannah- It is a name of Spanish origin that means ‘green grassland’.
  • Fiza– It is a Muslim feminine name of Arabic origin that means ‘nature’ or ‘the beauty of nature.
  • Citlali- A bright and nature-inspired name that means ‘goddess of stars.’
  • Semadar- A very rare name associated with nature pertaining to Islamic origin that means ‘blossom’.
  • Zaria- A beautiful name for girls related to Islamic origin that means ‘blooming flowers.’
  • Prakruti- A name coming from Indian origin popular among Hindus that means ‘nature.’

 Popular Nature Baby Names

Popular Nature Baby Names

Names that mean nature are so amazing, no wonder they are quite popular. You can choose among popular names that mean nature to keep up with the fashion and trends of late.

  • Aurora- It is a feminine name of Latin origin and of the Roman Goddess of sunrise. Her name means ‘dawn’. It is a popular name. The singer of the popular song ‘Runaway’ has the same name.
  • Iris- A popular and attractive nature-inspired name that means ‘rainbow.’ It is such a vibrant name.
  •  Shaima- This is a nature-inspired name of Arabic origin, popular among girls and it means ‘flower’. It is the name of an actress in the Netherlands (Shaima Boone).
  • Ritu- It is a popular name among girls related to nature that means ‘seasons’

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Positive Names That Mean Nature 

Spring- A positive nature-associated name that is a beautiful name in itself depicting birth, change, and new beginnings. This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin.

  • Inna- This positive nature-inspired name means ‘a stream coming from strong waters.’ It is a Russian name.
  • Marina- An exotic nature inspired by a positive name of Latin origin that has a profound meaning, ‘of the sea’.
  • Anatoly- This Russian name is a nature-associated name that means ‘from the east rising sun. It is a positive name that signifies sunrise.
  • Nima- It is an Indian of Arabic origin for girls that means ‘prosperity of mother nature.
  • Rawnak- A unique feminine name pertaining to Arabic origin that means ‘beauty of nature.
  • Nishara- Can be also spelled as Nisara, an Arabic feminine name that means ‘nature.’

Last Names That Mean Nature

  • Brooklyn– Pertaining to American origin this last name means ‘lake’.
  • Brin- This last name is of American origin and it means ‘as a hill’.
  • Abilene- Coming from Hebrew origin this last name means ‘meadow’.
  • Deniz- It is a nature-inspired last name of Turkish origin that means ‘ocean’.
  • Reed- This nature-associated last name means a tall plant that grows in marshy areas or ‘red’. It is of British origin and is used as a surname.
  • Denver- Coming of American origin this last name means ‘belonging to a green valley’.
  • Stella– Latin last name that means ‘star’.
  • Fleur- a French surname that means ‘flowers.’

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What name means nature female?

Summer, Ava, Wren, Coral, Autumn, Sage, Lauren, Daisy are some feminine names that mean nature.

2. What names relate to nature?

Yasmin, Flora, Huckleberry, Heathcliff, Gagan, Neeraj, Shailesh, Ishya, Greeshma are some names that are associated with nature.

3. What are earthy names?

Dmriti (earth lover), Dhara (the earth), Avani (earth), Bhoomika (earth), Dharini are some earthly names.

4. What name means Forest spirit?

Asiza is a Muslim feminine name that means ‘forest spirit’.

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