Names That Mean fighter

50+ Powerful And Unique Names That Mean Fighter

We understand that every idea of naming a child has some sort of connection to the parent’s experience. For instance, such a situation could be a mother who has gone through a tough pregnancy or her little one who has battled some sort of illness. And so, thinking of a  names that mean fighter or warrior pops up in parents’ minds.

And, if that’s the reason, well, needless to mention, it’s a beautiful and brave thought!

However, the reasons can be many! But if you have plans and ideas to name your little one that means fighter, you surely want them too strong, courageous, fearless yet balanced.

So, with that wonderful idea, let’s check out some amazing names so you can keep your selection precise and precious.

Girl Names That Mean Fighter

There are many reasons that all the parents look forward to seeing a strong personality in their girl child. And so, the idea of naming their girl child that has the spirit of continuing their journey strongly in tough times and has reflected on fighting back in life’s struggles is a wonderful way of taking the first step to making them learn about the meaning of fighting back and balancing themselves in life.

Keeping that in mind, we have brought up some famous and beautiful names for your wise selection which specifically means fighter

  • Alala  -An ancient Greek name that means war-cry or battle-cry.
  • Alojzia- Hungarian name means famous battle.
  • Armista –  comes from the Latin word arma, meaning an end to the battle
  • Bodil  -Old Norse name meaning improve through battle.
  • Borna –Croatian name, meaning, fight, battle.
  • Claremonde-  Archaic French name, meaning, bright protector.
  • Ditti  – Hungarian nickname, meaning, fortune or war
  • Elda – Italian name that means battle.

 Boy Names That Mean Fighter

Successful warriors and a fighter have the wisdom of understanding the difference between right and wrong. And thus, naming a boy that means a fighter is a way of bringing that wisdom and strength to your son’s persona.

Thus, our list of names has some selected names for your boys that means fighter. So, ready to select the best name of all?

  • Alfonso–  Spanish and Italian name, means, battle or noble and ready
  • Asim’s– Arabic name means protector.
  • Blair -comes from the Gaelic word blár means plain, field, battlefield.
  • Cathán -An Irish name, Cathán, means battle.
  • Duncan -Scottish name from the Gaelic means battle.
  • Evander -Old Norse name Ívarr, meaning bow warrior.
  • Faris – Arabic name that means knight.
  • Gunnar -Old Norse, meaning war warrior.
  • Ho-jin -Korean name that can mean fierce advance
  • Humphrey’s – English name Humphrey means peaceful warrior.

 Modern Names That Mean Fighter

The meaning of names has high importance, however, what if they sound boring? Will it actually help a child to inculcate the real essence or there is a huge possibility that a grown-up child could feel embarrassed because the name sound old-fashioned?

Well, this thought clearly suggests listing down the names that sound modern, going with the trend forever, and having the essence of a fighter.

With that thought, we have generated a list of a few modern names that mean fighter and sound trendy at all times. Check the list:

  •    Ewan comes from Ireland and means a young warrior.
  •    Finian: Irish name actually means a handsome warrior.
  •    Gerald German name also means a warrior who fights with a spear.
  •    Igor: The Scandinavian name means a heroic warrior.
  •     Khalon: The American name means a strong warrior.
  •     Ehno: An Italian version of protector.
  •     Sigmund: The German name means a victorious protector.
  •     Magnar: The Nordic name refers to an especially strong and fierce warrior.


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Names That Mean Fearless Fighter

Being a fearless fighter talks about being strong and courageous. And who would not want to be their little one a fearless fighter?

Well, we understand that emotion and so here comes a perfect list of names that brings up the beauty of fearlessness and strong persona. So, select the name sensibly:

  •   Deandra: English name which means a divine protector and fearless fighter
  •   Delmira name from Germany meaning a noble protector
  •   Shiwen– a Chinese name meaning warrior of culture.
  •   Malou– Danish name that means rebellious, famous battle.
  •   Madison – English/American name means mighty in battle.
  •   Marisa–  western European name, means,  rebel famous for war.
  •   Veerle-  Dutch name that means battle.
  •   Vigita-  Lithuanian name meaning war, battle.

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 Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Fighter

Names that mean fight do give the first impression of masculine names. However, let’s be creative this time!

The good news is that there are names that are gender-neutral and Name that means strong fighter Let’s check out some of the famous names right away

  •   Sarid:   comes from the Hebrew culture and means survivor
  •   Alexa : Greek name that means the one who will protect mankind
  •   Ludwik: German name, means fighter
  •   Amyntas: Latin American name that means protector and fighter
  •   Fremont: German name means the one who will protect liberty.
  •   Reinhold: German name refers to a wise protector and fighter


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good fighting name?

There is a long list of names that can be selected for a good fighting name. And some of the popular ones are Ewan, Igor, Elda, etc.

2. What does the name mean Brave fighter?

To be precise, Dustin is the name that means Brave Fighter. Likewise, there are many names that highlight the courage and becoming a wise fighter.

3. What does the name mean strong-willed warrior?

Angus is the name that means strong-willed warrior. It is The Irish name with Gaelic origins

4. Which names mean warrior?

There are a plethora of names that mean warrior, wherein some are gender specific and some are gender neutral. The most famous ones are, Asim, Blair, Chanda, Agnar, etc. You can check the list mentioned above for more!

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