Gracious Names That Mean GOD

Gracious Names That Mean GOD

Names that mean ‘god’ are of eternal nature because that is the reality of this whole existence, God is the reality, the truth and if you are seeking for girl’s and boy’s names that mean “God” then you can choose from these deliberately selected unique names.


“Whenever the law declines and the purpose of life are forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy the evil, and to re-establish the law.”                                                     ~Bhagavad Gita, 4:7-8

Your child is a manifestation of God because we all are a part of him like a drop is a part of an ocean, our existence is in him as he is the whole. We wander on this earth as temporary beings until we liberate our souls and become one with him.

Names That Mean God

You can choose names that mean ‘God’ from the following lists to associate your child’s name with eternal power and to attach his/her/theirs name with spiritual significance.

  • Zakhar- It is a Russian name that means ‘Providence has remembered’.
  • Dominik– Pertaining to Latin origin, it is a Bulgarian name that signifies ‘belonging to God.
  • Matthew– It is an English name that means a present from the Almighty. The Russian variation of this name is Matvey or Matfev.
  • Daniel– Also spelled as Daniil or Danila is a Hebrew name that means ‘God is my judge.
  • Sai– It is an Indian name that means ‘God’ or ‘Lord Shiva’


Names Meaning “God has heard”

A faithful devotee of God will always with endurance and patience have hope in God and that he who is the Almighty never fails to hear the ones praying to him. Let’s embody this belief in a name that your child will identify himself or herself with.

  • Semyon– It is a Russian name that means “God has heard or is listening. The other alternative name for it is ‘Simon’.
  • Jayden– Variation of the name Jaden, it is a unisex American name of Hebrew origin that means ‘grateful to God’ or ‘God has heard.
  • Samantha – Originating from an anonymous origin, it is a name of God that also means ‘God has heard.
  • Samuel -It is a masculine name related to Hebrew origin that means ‘God has heard.
  • Joseph – A Christian masculine name that means ‘God has listened’.


Girl Names That Mean GOD

Looking for girl names that mean ‘God’? Here is a list of the best names to give to your little one.

  • Avni -It is an Indian name related to Hindu origin, a girl name that means ‘goddess Lakshmi’.
  • Devna -It is a Hindu girl name that means ‘godly’ or ‘divine’.
  • Samaira– It is a feminine name probably of Indian origin that is associated with several meanings like ‘protected by God, ‘Goddess of beauty, and ‘enchanting’.
  • Elizabeth– It is an English name that can also use a short version of Liza, it means ‘consecrated to God. Yelizaveta is a Russian variant of this English name
  • Vanka– It is a Russian name that means ‘favored by God.

Boy Names That Mean God

Boy names that mean God

  • Maru– It is an Indian boy’s name that means ‘God’. It is popular among Hindus and even known among Africans.
  • Jehovah – An artificial Christian name of Latin origin is rendered as a name of God of Israel that signifies “My God”. It is also a name of God in the Old Testament.
  • Victor– In Milton’s epic ‘Paradise Lost’, Satan who is a fallen Archangel address God by the name “Victor” which means “God or the conqueror”.
  • Dev– Indian boy name that means ‘divine’, ‘God’ and the one who ‘cannot be destroyed. It is a popular Hindu name.
  • Michael – Variant of the Russian name Mikhail is a biblical name pertaining to Hebrew origin that means the one ‘who is like God.


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Names That Mean God’s Gift

Names that mean God’s gift

Every child is a precious present from God himself with all his/her/their innocence and purity. Giving them a name that means ‘God” would remind them all life that they carry God inside them because they are a part of him.

  • Fyodor – Belonging to Russian origin, this is a masculine name (feminine Feodora) that means ‘gift from the Almighty.
  • Dorothy – Variation of the name Doroteva is a feminine Greek name that means ‘God’s gift’.
  • Jesse– It is a biblical unisex name pertaining to Hebrew origin that means ‘God’s present’ or ‘wealthy’.
  • Mickey– It is a cute Irish name that means ‘Gift from God.
  • Theodore– It is a bold English name, often used for boys that mean ‘God’s gift’.

 Baby Names Meaning God Is Gracious

  • Ivan– It is a masculine Russian name that means ‘God is gracious.
  • Jackie – It is an American girl name that means ‘God is gracious’ or ‘child of God.
  • Yana – Related to Hebrew origin and inspired by the name of a river in Russia, this name means ‘God is merciful and gracious. It is an alternative to ‘Jana’.
  • Sean– It is an Irish boy’s name that means ‘God is merciful’.
  • Jodiha– A rare and distinguished name of Hebrew origin that means ‘God is gracious’ or ‘Jehovah increases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which name means God has heard?

Mateo is a boy’s name that signifies God has heard.

2. What name means God sees?

Hazaiah is a masculinel name of Hebrew origin that means ‘God sees’.

3. What name means God’s love?

Herprit is a popular feminine Sikh name that means ‘God’s love.

4. What name means Light of God?

Yuri or Yury is a Russian boy name that means ‘light of god’.

5. What does the name mean by the wisdom of God?

Sophia is a Christian girl name that means ‘divine wisdom’ or ‘wisdom of God.

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