Names that mean king

Wonderful Names That Mean King (for boys)

Which parent wouldn’t want their child to have the essence of royalty in their persona. 

Keeping in mind the same thought, if you want to name your child that means king or royal and want your child to possess qualities such as bravery, strong leadership skills, and kind-heartedness then you made the right choice, this is the right read  you have reached.

Let’s get started!

Names That Mean King

Names That Mean King

The name parents give to their children makes a difference in how they see themselves and how other people see them. It makes an impact on almost everyone you meet in your life. A name is not the strongest factor that determines your child’s future.

Having mentioned that, All the parents want their children to grow up to be strong and bold. Even if they might not become the king but they can live up to the qualities of a king, and by choosing a name that means the king. 

It will not only make an impact but also allows you to follow many cultures and traditions of your ancestors by using the name of their king or rulers.  The existence of the names that mean king is probably more than you can probably think of, from all over the world and throughout history

Let’s check out the names that mean the King. 

  • Cadeyrn: Welsh originated means ‘Battle king’.
  • Kingsley: Old English name means ‘king’s meadow’.
  • Rana: Sanskrit originated means ‘king’.
  • Ruaidhri: Means ‘Red King’ in Irish.
  • Viceroy: Means ‘ruler who represents the king’.
  • Heinrich: Germany originated means ‘home of the king’.
  • Kian: Means ‘king or foundation’ in Persian.
  • Sigourney: Means ‘daring king’ in French.
  • Regulus: Means ‘little king’ in ancient Roman.
  • Steven: Means ‘crown or garland’ in old English.

Egyptian King Names For Boys

Names that mean king

Egyptian names are one of the most historic names as it is one of the oldest societies. Those names are still thriving in modern society. Egypt is also considered an Islamic country, which is the reason many Arabic names are popular in Egypt. 

To use these kinds of historical names comes with deep meaning and culture of different traditions.

So, let’s see the collection of Egyptian king names. 

  • Amenhotep: Several Egyptian kings used this name, derived from Amon.
  • Horus: Egyptian ‘God of light’ or ‘sky God’.
  • Sayed: ‘Master of the lord’ in Arabic.
  • Pharoah: Egyptian ruler
  • Ramses: Egyptian ‘Son of Ra’ Ra is Sun God.
  • Thutmose: 3rd Egyptian King of the 18th dynasty.
  • Cairo: Means victorious and also the Capital of Egypt.
  • Abanoub: Egyptian originated with ‘father or king of gold’.
  • Bassel: Egyptian originated means heroic, brave, or courageous.
  • Jabari: This means a man is known for his bravery.

Fictional King Boy Names

If you are a fan of fiction who likes to read books or watch movies a lot which contains endless fictional kingdoms and rulers whose personality is just and undefeatable, then no wonder you want to name your child based on a fictional character. 

Which is quite a unique and cool choice so let’s see some names based on fictional kings.  

  • Aslan: Means ‘lion’ from The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Jareth: From ‘The Labyrinth’ movie means ‘bled of jar’.
  • Aragorn: The Revered king from The Lord of Rings.
  • Oberon: From A Midsummer’s Night Dream means ‘Elf King’.
  • Triton: From the movie Little Mermaid.
  • Caspian: Caspian of the Sea from The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian.
  • Stannis: Means ‘the one achieves glory and fame’ from Game of Thrones.
  • T’Challa:  From Black Panther comics and movies.
  • Tommen: A fictional name from Game of Thrones.

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Male King Names From Different Countries

Names that mean king

A Royal name can give your child a great kickstart. The names of kings lie under several dynasties, cultures, and traditions depending on the country the king belongs to. After all, royal names or names related to kings are popular in Europe.

  • Albert: German noble name (prince married to Queen Victoria).
  • Augustus: Means ‘great & magnificent’, was first Roman Emperor.
  • Carl: Means ‘free man’ several kings of Sweden, German originated.
  • James: Hebrew originated means ‘supplanter’, England reign 1603.
  • Frederik: Name of 9 Denmark kings means ‘peaceful ruler’.
  • Hadrian: Roman Emperor built Hadrian’s wall means ‘dark haired’.
  • Christopher: Greek originated name of 3 Denmark kings means ‘Christ-Bearer’.
  • Darius: Persian origin means kingly or rich.
  • Brioc: Welsh originated means mighty prince

British King Names For Boys

British kings either use the same names or use different versions of their ancestors’ names. So, it can be difficult to choose a name that is not repeated and unique. The list given below has names that are uncommon and recognizable. 

  • Alfred: English king of England late 800s, Elf counsel.
  • Egbert: Means bright edge, first Anglo-Saxon monarch German originated.
  • Louis: Means warrior or famous in battle French originated.
  • William: Means ‘one who is fond of the horse, name of 4 kings & 1 prince.
  • Canute: Means a knot, Cnut the great Scandinavian originated.
  • Philip: Greek originated, Queen Elizabeth’s II husband means ‘fond of horses.
  • Edmund: English originated means prosperity, protector, riches also the king of England early 900s.  

Spanish Boy Names That Mean A King Position

Spanish is known to be the most romantic and beautiful language in the world and so is the name of the kings who made it possible.

The name of the Spanish kings is famous all over the world, especially in America and India. So, here are some different and even new to hear names.

  • Dirk: Means ‘ruler of people’ or ‘first of people’.
  • Maik: Simply means the king.
  • Mario: Means king-ruler, manly.
  • Ruyan: Hindu name also used in Spanish means ‘little king’.
  • Terry: Means ‘the one who assist or aid’.
  • Raniel: Mostly used in Spanish and America means ‘powerful king’.
  • Basilio: Used in Spanish and French means royal, kingly, and noble.
  • Ryan: Popular name in India and Spanish means ‘king-ruler’. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Good Name For A King?

Leon, Alain, Alroy, Gaspar, Kaizer, Raniel

2. Who Is Greatest King In The World?

Genghis Khan, Pharaoh Thutmose III of Egypt (1479-1425 BC)

3. What Names Mean Emperor?

Kaiser, Henry, Reagan, Archard

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