Girl Names That Mean Storm

Powerful Names That Mean Storm, Rain, Sky, And More

Picking up a suitable, meaningful name for your energetic little one is not an easy task. And parents should be cautious about naming because it will reflect their personality and their child will carry it throughout his life.

Speaking of energy, naming your baby that means storm or lightning is a good idea and trending right now.

Since time immemorial people have been worshiping thunder-storm. Storms are the most mysterious, interesting, powerful, and interesting phenomena of Mother Nature.

Just like your baby, who is always full of energy and has the ability to storm the house with his/her little tantrums. For many anxious people, watching thunderstorms can be a meditative experience because it calms their minds.

Storms wash away everything in their path and make way for something new.

So, if you love to be outdoors and enjoy the thrilling beauty of lightning and want to reflect the same energy in your baby’s personality then you should consider naming him/her which means storm.

We have compiled a list of names separately for boys and girls to help you make the right choice.

Boy Names That Mean Storm

Surviving difficult situations only makes us stronger, so the name Storm can symbolize someone who can go through any situation. Here are some name suggestions for your baby boy.

  • Adad: Greek name which means ‘storm or flood god’
  • Corentin: French name which means ‘hurricane’
  • Gale:  Irish name which means ‘sea storm’
  • Hadad: Urdu name which means ‘storm’
  • Raiden:  Japanese name which means ‘god of thunder
  • Ramman: Akkadian name which means ‘the thundering one’
  • Stormer: German name which means ‘storm’
  • Thor: A Scandinavian name which means ‘Norse god of thunder
  • Zyrian: Islamic name which means ‘great storm’

Girl Names That Mean Storm

Girl Names That Mean Storm

Are you inspired by Kardashian’s Stormi or do you enjoy the thrill of lightning? – And looking for a fitting, unique name that means storm for your little princess too, then we’re here to help.

We have compiled a list of girl names that have the meaning of storm.

  • Aella: Greek name which ‘storm wind’
  • Audra:  Lithuanian name which means ‘storm’
  • Ekaitza: Estonian name which means ‘storm’
  • Capoeira: Greek name which means ‘stormy breath’
  • Makani: Hawaiian name which means ‘wind’
  • Saar:  Hebrew name which means ‘storm’
  • Tormenta: Spanish name which means ‘thunderstorm’
  • Vetra:  Lithuanian name which means ‘heavy windstorm’
  • Zilan: Kurdish name which means ‘storm’

Names That Mean Storm Or Lightning

Among all weather conditions, storms are the most mysterious, fascinating, powerful, and impressive natural phenomena. Storms, lightning, rain, wind…these are incredible phenomena that we all can’t help but be fascinated by.

And storm or lightning meanings are equally impressive and make great, unique names for your little one. Here is a list of such impressive names.

  • Barak:  Hebrew name which means lightning
  • Kidlat:  Filipino name which means lightning
  • Mellan:  Irish Gaelic name which means lightning
  • Peter: Indonesian name which means lighting
  • Rai:  Japanese name which means lightning
  • Adhira:  Indian name which means lightning
  • Brekhna:  Pashtun name which means lightning
  • Kohara: Polynesian name which means ‘to throw a flash of lightning
  • Levina:  Latin name which means the lightning bolt
  • Lyn: Norwegian name which means lightning

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Last Names That Mean Storm

Girl Names That Mean Storm

Storm names are quite popular in Denmark and Sweden, where it derives from Strömer, a fairly common surname. Also, Storms is the surname of Dutch and German patrons.

And in the 2010 U.S. Census, the surname Storm appeared 9895 times and ranked #3,596 in terms of most common surnames in America.

While there aren’t enough options for last names that mean storm, here’s a list of great, unique first and middle names.

  • Ahohako: Polynesian name which means storm
  • Girisha:  Indian name which means ‘storm god’
  • Lee:  British name which means storm
  • Molan:  Irish name which means ‘servant of the storm’
  • Pillan:  American name which means ‘god of stormy weather
  • Scur: British name which means storm
  • Tempest: American as well as English name which means storm
  • Tondra:  Esperanto name means thunderous
  • Tornado: Spanish name which means thunderstorm
  • Tufani: Swahili name which means storm

Names That Mean Quiet Storm

Every child is unique in his/her own way. So, why not name them with a unique name? You can choose names for your baby that mean quite a storm, which is a unique and trending concept. Please go through the list for your precise selection.

  • Aeolus: Greek name which means ‘quick moving
  • Anan:  Hebrew name which means cloud
  • Elektra: Greek name which means ‘incandescent’
  • Keanu: Hawaiian name which means ‘cool breeze’
  • Phirun: Khmer’s name means rain.
  • Mellan: Irish Gaelic name which means ‘little lightning’
  • More:  Burmese name which means rain
  • Reva: Indian name which means rain
  • Tal:  Hebrew name which means ‘rain’ or ‘dew’
  • Typhoon: Chinese name which means ‘great wind’

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Girl Names That Mean Storm Girl Names That Mean Storm

Girl Names That Mean Storm

Another unique, offbeat naming concept that means storm or something close to it is storm bringer. And who knows better than parents how your little one can take the house by storm with his mischief?

A storm can be described as a terrifying force capable of destroying everything in its path, yet it is also a wonderful thing that clears the way for new beginnings. Please take a look at the list below and choose a name that suits your baby’s nature.

  • Hanish: Indian name which means “the one who forewarns of the storm”
  • Styrmir: Old Norse name which means “the one who causes all storms”
  • Indra: Indian name which means ‘possessing drops of rain’
  • Talia: Russian name which means ‘rain from heaven’
  • Zephyrine: Greek name which means ‘west-wind’
  • Naseem:  Arabian name which means ‘breeze or soft air’
  • Guthrie:  is Irish Gaelic in origin which means ‘windy spot’
  • Wyndham: Old English name which means ‘From the windy village’
  • Bronte:  Greek name which means ‘the sound of the thunder
  • Notus: Greek name which means ‘the wind blowing from the south.
  •  A southerly wind usually brings storms in late summer or early
  •  winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What’s a name that means Storm?

There are several names that mean storm, but for your precise information, ‘Tempest’ is very popular among all the names which mean storm.

This name is French in origin and may be preferred for the little one who is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with. See the lists above for more Storm names.

2. What names mean storm girl?

There is a full list of names meaning storm girls, for example- Aella, Audra, Stormi, etc. Parents who are big fans of the Kardashians tend to name their daughters Stormi.

There are many other names that are also popular. Please go through the above list for more girls’ names.

3. What name means thunder?

There are plenty of names that mean thunder, some are masculine, some are feminine and some are gender neutral, for example- Thor, Bronte, Raiden, etc. and it is a quite popular trend.

There is a list above with names that mean thunder.

4. What’s a name that means lightning?

There is a huge list of names that means lightning, but for precise selection and as per popularity, Asterope is the name of Greek origin which means lightning.

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