Girl Names That Mean Strong

45+ Powerful Baby Girl Names That Mean Strong With Meanings

Choosing the right name can be a difficulty in this modern era considering how common names can be or how it would sound with your last name. Rare baby names for girls can hold cultural, familial, or personal significance, and may help in establishing a unique identity. By choosing uncommon names, parents may seek to instill a sense of individuality and distinctiveness in their child from an early age.

Some parents also consider putting traditional touch with not-so-ancient names so that they can follow the family traditions and their religious beliefs.

So why not give your girl child a name with a gift of strength, boldness, and independence? If you want to make your girl start her journey with a kick start then she needs a name with to match her fighting spirit and if you are in search of those names that mean strong, bold, tough, and unique then this is the right place for it.

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful

If you are choosing a name for your girl child then why not have a strong meaning to it? When you are naming your girl child you are following the footsteps of many traditions, cultures, and religious beliefs of ancient people.

Ancient people name their children while having a lot of things in their minds. So here are some names of the girls who mean strong, tough, and strong to give you a perfect choice.

Names And Meanings

  • Adira: Strong, Courageous, and mighty.
  • Alcmene: Greek name derived from the words strength and wrath.
  • Baldry: Icelandic name means strong and dangerous.
  • Balwinder: Indian name means strength and might.
  • Belisama: Ancient Gaul’s name means strong and bright.
  • Charlotte: France originated name means army warrior.
  • Hertha: German name means strong and vigorous.
  • Lowell: Welsh name means leader.
  • Mildred: English name means gentle strength.

Boy Names That Mean Strong And Spirit

Boy Names That Mean Strong And Spirit

If you want to name your baby boy a meaningful name and that too with a meaning strong and tough then you have made a great choice because a name is the first gift you give to your child.

As a name can reflect the family background and characteristics of a person it should be meaningful and it should have a strong impact on people.

So, if you want to name your baby boy with a name that conveys strength and strength then here are some perfect names for your baby.

Names And Meanings

  • Emilio: A name with a Greek origin that means strength.
  • Aldric: French name means strong, mighty, and ruler.
  • Andreas: Greek name means strong and manly.
  • Beren: Turkey’s name means strong and smart.
  • Conall: Irish name means strong as a wolf.
  • Egon: German name means strong with a sword.
  • Enzi: Swahili name means powerful.
  • Jarek: Slavic name means fierce and strong
  • Kenji: Japanese name for healthy and strong.

Unisex Names That Mean Strong Girl

There are not any regulations while choosing names but there are many unspoken rules that cannot be ignored such as family traditions, last names and the most important thing in the 21st century is having a gender-neutral name.

A lot of parents these days are looking for gender-neutral names for their girl child which is a very good choice. While looking for a name the first thing we look for is short, meaningful and the name being gender neutral.

Here are some names which should be considered for gender-neutral names.

Names And Meanings

  • Barret: Name bear strength and strong heart.
  • Isa: German name means strong-willed.
  • Phoenix: Inspired by a powerful strong bird.
  • Kyle: Means strong, unusual, and not so common.
  • Emerson: Strong and was huge in the 1800s.
  • Gray:  Name based on color which is bold and strong
  • Elliot: Strong and masculine name popular in girls.
  • Everette: Means brave and strong boar.
  • Mika: Name means “who is like good”.

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Means Strong

Boy Names That Mean Strong And Spirit

Keeping a name that is gender-neutral for your baby is the best choice as there are a lot of genders revealing these days and keeping a gender-neutral name is a choice that no one regret nor you nor your child when they will grow up.

So, here are some gender-neutral names with meaning strong which are the best choice in this era of multiple genders.

Names And Meanings

  • Gavi: Means “God is my strength”
  • Wyatt: French-derived name means strong character.
  • Remy: A strong character from a Disney movie.
  • Finley: A popular choice in the 1800s means strong
  • Archie:  Means truly brave
  • Evander: Scottish name means bow warrior.
  • Ezekiel: Originating from Hebrew means God’s strength.

Unique Strong Girl Names

When choosing a name everyone thinks that the name should be unique, cool, and meaningful. So, that it can give a unique identity to the child and it should not common or boring, a name should give positive and cheerful vibrations.

And if you are looking for something like this then considering all the above factors here are some unique names for your baby girl.

Names And Meanings

  • Adira: Strong, noble, and powerful
  • Bernadina: Strong, brave bear
  • Cyra: Throne and sun
  • Getting: Strong spear
  • Hilde: Ready for battle, Battle woman
  • Isana: Strong-willed
  • Mathilda: Mighty and strong in battle
  • Shahan: Strong queen

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Last Names That Mean Strong Girl 

Boy Names That Mean Strong And Spirit

There are many last names that tell tales of unknown heroes of our ancient history. Some of them have very courageous, brave, and meaningful stories and origins to them.

Here are some surnames or last names that are derived from ancient heritages and mean strong and fearless.

Names And Meanings

  • About: Greek origin means power.
  • Amery: French derives meaning ‘diligent ruler’
  • Warner: German originated means Army guard.
  • Gagliardi: Italian originated mans robust or strong.
  • Spencer: The last name with a strong meaning
  • Tatum: Based on famous actor Channing Tatum
  • Campbell: Traditional last name with strong feels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name symbolizes strength?

Angus (unique strength), Ethan (strong), Uzziah (power), Valerie (Brave), Ariel (Courage)

2. What name means strong and powerful?

Arija(strength), Abhitha(Fearless), Balagra(powerful), Barnardo(brave)

3. What names mean a warrior and strong?

Agnar, Blair, Cadel, Dustin, Ebba, Griffin

4. What Greek name means strong?

Arsen, Andrew, Karl, Amillios, Andronika, Andreas

To Summarize

As we all know choosing a name can be very difficult and stressful but here is one of the best-handpicked names available which can narrow down the choices for you and make it convenient for you to choose a perfect name for your newborn which means strong.

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