Girl Names That Mean Flower

Top 50 Beautiful Names That Mean Flower For Baby

Names that mean flower have a unique significance or correlation to beauty and aesthetics so it will be perfect if you want your children to know that however they are, for you, they are the best and the most beautiful thing that has ever happened. Go shower some love onto those little humans.

Floral baby names have a delicate, graceful quality, and they will serve as a constant reminder of your kid’s unique characteristics even as they get older. Despite the fact that some of these baby flower names are very popular, others are incredibly uncommon and make a great choice if you want a name that sticks out.

We’ve carefully compiled a list of flower names for boys and girls because floral baby names are popular right now. Find the perfect name for your charming tiny flower among the many adorable and lovely flower names listed here, along with information about the blooms they are associated with.

Girl Names That Mean Flower

We’ve got a couple more unusual flower names for girls that deviate from the norm and those you won’t hear or encounter very often. Embrace the uniqueness of your offspring by using one of these cute yet beautiful names for babies to light up their lives.

  • Acacia: refers to Friendship, love, and beauty.
  • Blossom: means To bloom.
  • Clementine: refers to Peace and happiness.
  • Dahlia: Scandinavian origin, means Dahl’s flower.
  • Fleur: French origin, means flower.
  • Lily-Rose: A combination of the two most beautiful flowers.
  • Posy: means a bunch of flowers.
  • Rosie: Another version for Rose
  • Viola: Italian origin, Another version of Violet.
  • Zahara: Swahili origin, means “flowering”

Boy Names That Mean Flower

People have had this conception since time immemorial that floral names or names that mean or refer to beauty are just for girl children. Why shouldn’t boys be named after such things? Let’s end this discrimination and look for names that mean flowers for boys as well.

  • Aaron- refers to Aaron’s Rod which is a flowering plant
  • Akhtar– Indian origin, means Flower
  • Ambuj– Indian origin, means Lotus
  • Ankur– Indian origin, means Flower, bud, blossom
  • Anthony– Derived from Anthos, means flower
  • Arman – derived from the Name of the amaranth flower
  • Arnit– Indian origin, refers to a Beautiful flower
  • Arvind – Indian origin, refers to Lotus
  • Bakul- Indian origin, refers to a Sweet smelling flower
  • Gulshan- refers to a Flower garden, of Indian origin.

Best Flower Names For Your Baby With Meanings

All across the world, baby names that include flowers are highly common. Why not choose a flower name for your child if you’re seeking a truly lovely one? Pick from the list below where we have included a lot of random names that mean flower

  • Gulwant- refers to a Beautiful flower
  • Indivar– refers to a Blue lotus
  • Indukamal- refers to The white lotus
  • Kairav– refers to White lotus, born from the water
  • Kamlesh– refers to the God of Lotus
  • Angarika– refers to A flame colored flower
  • Ayana– simply means a Beautiful flower
  • Daisy– refers to A type of white flower
  • Fazluna– refers to a Desert flower
  • Hamsini– refers to One who is on a lotus

Unique Flower-Inspired Names 

Top 50 Beautiful Names That Mean Flower For Baby

Wanna look at a few unique flower-inspired names? We have got you covered, look at these beauties down below. An assorted collection of unique names with distinguishable meanings. Embrace your child’s beauty and honor them with such wonderful names worth celebrating.

  • Hyacinth– Another version of Hyacinthe, a blue/purple flower
  • Jacek– Polish origin, means Hyacinth flower
  • Jacinta– greek origin, means beautiful
  • Jonquil– refers to a flower that is less outlandish
  • Juniper– Latin origin, means young and evergreen
  • Kalina– Slavic origin, means viburnum
  • Poppy– refers to a red flower
  • Roosevelt– means “from the rose field” or “of a rose field”
  • Sage– refers to herbs 
  • Salix– refers to shrubs distributed in temperate and cold regions

Unisex Names Meaning Flower

Girl Names That Mean Flower

People always hold biased opinions when it comes to names that relate to nature and beauty. As mentioned earlier, most of them have a feminine tone. Let’s end this and come up with names that are gender-neutral like the ones below

  • Antwan/Anthony/Antonio: Greek origin, means Flower
  • Aster: Greek origin, a type of flower
  • Fior/Fiorello: Italian origin, means Flower
  • Florent: French origin, means Flower.
  • Florian/Florin: Latin origin, means Flower.
  • Indigo: refers to A type of flower.
  • Kunal: Indian origin, means Lotus
  • Lirio: Spanish origin, means Iris
  • Lotus: refers to a type of flower.
  • Oleander: refers to a type of flower.

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Last Names That Mean Flower

Well, I’m sure you would not just want your child’s initials to be unique but also their last names so here are some cool last names for your children that mean flower that inspires more than thousands of people, and helps maintain positivity and optimism in the environment.

  • Erica– Norse origin, a type of heather.
  • Evanthe: Greek origin, means Flower.
  • Fleur: French origin, means Flower.
  • Flora: Latin origin, means Flower
  • Giacinta: refers to A type of flower.
  • Hana: Japanese origin, means Flower.
  • Heather: refers to A type of flower.
  • Ianthe: Greek origin, A purple flower.
  • Ione: Greek origin, means Violet
  • Iris: refers to A type of flower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a unique flower name?

Some of the unique flower names:

  • Rain (Lily)
  • Senna (Wild)
  • Spring (Snowflake)
  • Rose
  • Shasta (Daisy)

2. What names mean blossom?

Some names that mean blossom:

  • Zara. 
  • Hana. 
  • Sakura. 
  • Mai. 
  • Linnéa. 


3. What is the prettiest flower name?

Some of the prettiest flower names:

  • Rose. 
  • Hydrangea.
  • Bleeding-heart.
  • Cherry blossom.
  • Orchid.

4. What Greek name means flower? 

The meaning of the Greek baby girl name Rosa is “Rose, Little Rose, Flower Name.”

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