55+ Best Nail Salon Names

55+ Best Nail Salon Names

Have you always had a passion for pretty toes and fingers? Then why not take up a course for your passion? Most beauty schools offer such a program; it’s not highly expensive and doesn’t even take too long to learn.

At some point in your career, you may decide the time is right to open your own nail salon, and to register your business you’ll need a creative name. The name should be eye-catching, easy to remember, and should make people think of the luxurious and fun experience of getting a manicure or pedicure done. Here we can help you find a creative name for a nail salon.

Best Nail Salon Names
Best Nail Salon Names

Having the art in hands of painting through nails of customers in the prettiest way but still not sure whether that would work out to be the best in the market? Do not worry, it is never too late to start up your own salon especially when you have the skills.

Maybe the fear of getting failure might be stopping you from starting your own nail salon business but let me remind you it is the failure which is stepping stone to success. So just gather courage and start your nail salon by giving it a trendy and classy and sassy name which fits well into the trends of today.

Cute & Classy Salon Names

Here we set forth a list of some cute and classy nail salon names. Before starting up your own salon you should have a little experience as to how the work is to be carried on and also some general knowledge as to what name should be kept of the salon so that the customers approach you even from distant places. So to start your salon you definitely need a sassy and classy name so here goes the long list for the same purpose-

The Pink Chair Let’s talk Nails! The Nail Place Filed Away
Nail Fairies Nail Studio The Nail Shop … C’est La Vie
TNG: That Nail Girl Let’s Nail it! Tipsy Turvy Nails The Nail Garden
SugarCoat The Nail Bar Butter Nails The Nail Box
Nails Mantra Nail Lounge! Hills Nail Amazing Nails
Glitter Box Nail’Koholic The Nail Artist Enamel Diction
Nailport Posh Nails Dream Nails Mandy’s Manicures
Nail Bytch AAA Nail Salon Nail Service Holy Nails!
Nail by your Name ex- Nail by Katty Nail Korea Sweet Feet Pedicures Cute-icles
Notorious Nails Coco Nail Nails, Nails, Nails! Atelier Cuticle Spa


Funky Nail Salon Names

Sometimes it is good to be funny and funky because today people are more happy with some funky things rather than the serious mellow dramas so try to select a name that is quite funky. So here is the list of some special funky names for your new salon business-

NailCandy by Your Name like NailCandy by Nicole Everything Nails Get Nailed! Harmony Nail
Nail Art Decor Nabi Nail Pamper Nail Spa Nail Envy
Get Nailed! Angel’s Nail & Spa Island Nail Bar Fingers 2 Toes
The Nail Box Nail Flower Sin City Nails Kim’s Nails
Graffiti Nails Patio Nail Spa TipToe Nail Salon Bellacures
Polish Me Pretty Pampered Hands Twin Nails Raise a Hand
Raise a Hand The Painted Nail Yen’s Nails Santee Nails Spa
Liquid Glamour Fantastic Nails Model Nails Nails By…….
Nail Atelier Perfect Polish Nail Nation & Spa Sweetly Nails
Sun Nails The Nail Parlor Nail Place Tip Y Toes

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Starting up your own work is always overwhelming and a difficult task so do not make hustle and bustle with your work and select the name appropriately because it is the name as well that earns money along with your skills and abilities.


You must be wondering at what point you should think of the name for your salon. Well, the answer is before you start with registration of your business, you should have a name ready in your mind. Many people will already have a name in their minds, but in case you need some ideas, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here are some catchy nail salon name ideas for you to pick one from.

Center nail Nails On 88th Street Dream Nails Filed Away
Sin City Nails Fantastic Nails The Nail Box Fingers To Toes
Holy Nails House Of Nails Infinity Nails Cute-Icles
Designer Nails Infinity Nails Get Tipsy Nail Salon Get Nailed!
The Golden File Nailed It Nails on 88th Street Filed Away
Vina Nails The Nail Designer Dream Nails Sin City Nails
Pinkies Nail Spa House of Nails Fantastic Nails The Nail Box
Fleur Nails Polish Me Pretty Pinky Toes Nail Salon Fingers 2 Toes
Beauty Box Graffiti Nails This Little Piggy Nail Salon Holy Nails!
Hand Model Manicures Nail Art Little Piggies Nail Spa Graffiti Nails


A nail salon is one of the most fruitful kinds of businesses which one can come up with. If you are willing to start a nail salon of your own, it will be a great idea to do so as there are a number of opportunities in this market. 

Women nowadays cannot survive without getting their manicure and pedicure done. And as nails are the most important factor in this, it needs to be got done. So, for that, women need to visit a nail salon. Here are some clever nail salon names for you.

Studio Chique Lucky Nails Richmond Nail Salon Glamour Girl
Silk Nail Salon La Petite Nail Shop Mani-Pedi Blossom Bee
Sunset Nails Creative Nail Care The Nail Room Be Fine Nail Spa
Hand Model Manicures Tipsy Turvy Nails Infinity Nails Sweet Feet Pedicures
House of Nails AAA Nail Salon Nails, Nails, Nails! Happy Feet Nail Salon
We Love Tips Nail Salon Hands Down Nail Services All Season Nail Salon Manis and Pedis Salon
Serenity Nail Salon and Spa The Nail Designer Posh Nails Polish Me Pretty
The Nail Place Designer Nails The Golden File Twinkle Toes Nail Salon
Glitter Girls Nail Salon Sweet Feet Pedi-Spa Nail Art Cute-icles
Glamour Girls Nail Spa Pinkies Nail Spa The Nail Artist The Nail Garden



If starting a new business, you have to look after a number of factors. All the legal and technical issues should be taken into consideration. But, first things first, you need a good, memorable and catchy name to establish your brand’s identity. Here are some popular nail salon names we got for you to make your choices better.

Pamper You Nails Beauty Box The Nail Parlor Sassy Nails
Nail Envy Atelier Cuticle Spa Nail Korea Tip Y Toes
Nail Place The Painted Nail Model Nails Nail Nation And Spa
The Nail Room Thi Spa & Nails Silk Nail Salon Tippity Toes Nail Salon
Mac Nail Spa Spectrum Nail Spa Sunset Nails TipToe Nail Salon
Pretty Feet Nail Salon Blue Bliss Nail Salon Lucky Nails Tips and Toes Nail Spa
Adorna Moon Brilbynn Nail Salon Richmond Nail Salon Everything Nails
Beyond manicures be Fine Nail spa La Petite Nail Shop Mandy’s Manicures
Dellisimo Paris Dream Forever Nails By Kim Raise a Hand
Mad Click Soul bella nail Saloon Sweeties Nails Salon Creative Nail Care


If you want your name to be funny and humorous, we have got the best quirky nail salon names for you. These names not only add humor to your name, but it also makes it easy to remember. So do check them all.

Bellacures Raise A Hand Pinky Nail Oh My Nails
Blue Bliss Get Nailed Ginger Slam Nail Bar The Candy Vault
Naughty Nails Polish Me Pretty Nailed It Tipology

There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind if you need to choose a good business plan along with a good business name which will help your business in getting success more easily. You need to check the present market scenario in a particular field. This will help you understand what changes you should make in your business further. 

Best Nail Salon Names
55+ Best Nail Salon Names

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that you need to choose a good name for your business in order to please your customers. So, this is an important factor which you should always consider before planning for your business.


In the above article, we have tried to help you out with choosing the creative name for a nail salon. Choose a name from the lists above, as these are some unique nail business name ideas. Pick a perfect name for your perfect business and make it catchy so that it attracts more and more ladies who need to get their nails done.

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