Cholo Names

79+ Classic And Catchy Cholo Names

When I read the origin of cholo names, I got so fascinated that it git me the idea to list down some fun, casual cholo nicknames for my various friends circle to add more fun and shock them with my unique thought process. And trust me, I managed to build up some really fun conversations around it.

So, if you want to try it out! Check out the tips and list created while keeping in mind the insights of cholo origin

Classic Cholo Names

Most often, Cholo names are perfect to be kept as nicknames if you are from the Latino culture.

Cholo names are specially used for people who are from the Latino subculture and their lifestyle has typically originated in Los Angeles. 

So, here are a classic name list of cholo names.


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Cool Cholo Names

 Cholo Names

Cholo names are in general used for men while females in the Latino subculture are referred to as Chola. The history of Cholo community dates back to 1609 and later on emerged as a popular identification during the 1970s.

The names are based on the Spanish language, so names like Teyo or Colorado which sound superior and have a core meaning can be a great option for you. Some popular cool Cholo names are Mia, Ona, and Ercilia, sounds trending, right! Now have a look at the following list of cool Cholo names.

La GreisyCandyBubbles
gataLa babyfaceLa tamalona
La ChubbzSmileyla morenita
TroublesChifla culasWhisper

Catchy Cholo Names 

Finding a catchy Cholo name is not that difficult. When I was looking for Cholo names, I used to be fascinated by all names I had come across. Most names deliver a perfect blend of attractiveness and elegance.

Names like Analia (which means light) are abundant in this culture. Be it a catchy name or a pretty name, the community can offer you all kinds of great names. 

Found that interesting? Then have a look at the following list of names given below!

La morraLil fresablue eyes
TroubleLa lokamichocana
La Blue EyesCruzD glizzy

Best Cholo Names

 Cholo Names

Cholo names are usually used for people of mixed-race origin but now they are widely popular for their charm. Here’s what you can do to come up with the best names. 

Since the names are in Spanish, you might not be well-equipped with the meanings. You can try making a curated list of names with their meaning alongside.

Try to go for names that are not too long and have great meanings. One popular name is Elia which means god has answered. YOu can easily research these names on the web.

However, if you feel the task is a bit too much, don’t worry we have got you covered.

Here is a list of some of the best names for your reference!

La wuerka~N£CI4~Little Sneaky
ChingonaLa diablaSaint
Lil CherryChilaLa Dama
La MouseyLil Triggerangle baby

Amazing Cholo Names

Cholo has a very unique yet exemplary sense of fashion. You will most often find them in Chinos or a flannel shirt with a bandana tied around their forehead. Having said that, you must always look for names that compliment the overall look they are carrying with themselves.

The name should enhance their beauty and charm. Some suitable names can be Solana which means sunshine and Karmen which means Fruitful Orchard.

Don’t worry if you could not come up with one. We have prepared a curated list of amazing names so that you can start on the right foot!

D glizzymousesadgirl
Eza Risueñalul criminaljokey

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Great Cholo Names

Cholo Names

When I was looking for Cholo names, I found abundant lists of names. You can get to choose from cool names, pretty names, funny names, and even catchy names. Cholo community is not fashionable but they are also renowned for their unity among the members of the community and their unique lettering style.

The community loves and fosters its own culture in a way that no one does. Names like Noelia which means born on Christmas can be a great fit for you. When looking for names, always make sure that it carries an essential meaning. 

Now have a look at the list of names I prepared for you!

La santaMesaPatricio
cry babyChanahFerrol