Berserker Names

60+ Cool, Catchy, And Unique Berserker Names

Looking for some cool Berserker names but cannot figure one out? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Whilst I was looking for some Berserker names, one thing that I made sure of was I am well acquainted with the term.

So, if you are clueless about what Berserker is then it is for you to know that Berseker is known to be a member of the unruly warrior gangs that worshipped Odin and usually involved themselves as bodyguards for the royals. Are you a little confused about how a Berserker name would sound?

The name will reflect power, boldness, and strength in many ways and this is why you should keep these names as your first preference.  

Catchy Berserker Names

If you think that Berserker names only refer to something related to rage and battles, then you are wrong. Berserkers were known to be fearless and would give their everything in a war. So choosing these names can be a great option! Here’s what you need to do. Go with names that radiate a royal aura with a hint of boldness. Some popular names are Malami, Sulka, Koraki, etc.

Check out the following list of names for your reference!

KoyetiraZulu & zephyr
MysticDark Ages Alliance
The NorthmenDeath Wish
DraninRune Writers

Cool Berserker Names

Since Berserkers are regarded as fantasy characters, so you need not look for names that are already in use but can also make up some names that go with the aura Berserker reciprocates. You can add any name you like and even include certain famous names of sci-fi characters. 

Check out the following list of names mentioned below!

Sulida FalikhTalisman
StrategyCarry Striker
MuisakiEvada Niopurri
Combat SystemOlandra I-Onemi
Korennisa MazramiThe Sea Force

Best Berserker Names

Did you know that Berserkers used to march into battles wearing nothing but animal pelts? In order to come up with the best Berserker name, you need to choose those that are short, easy to pronounce and have a unique aura so as to stand out from the other names.

Sometimes, people also keep the name with its initials as ‘the’. This in turn brings a powerful and fearless vibe to the name. Some popular names are Sukinos Herima, The barbarians, etc.

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If you found that interesting, you can choose your favorite from the following list of names!

Berserker Names

Awesome Berserker Names

If you are keeping the name for a character, then you must make sure that the name matches the personality of the character. Not only should it be easy to pronounce, but it should also sound unique as well.

As has been mentioned before since these are fantasy characters you can make up anything as a name. If you want a strong or bold name you can go with Azalis Koyezira. 

If you liked the idea of it, then grab a look at the following names given below!

  • Aludi Fanemo
  • Jiha Guera
  • Tuil Kinra
  • Tralina Aizakun
  • Bhulstufram
  • Rhef
  • Svadduy
  • Weath
  • Bhul
  • Drolk

Great Berserker Names

Some of the greatest Berserker names are created by combing perfect proportions elegance and boldness. If you are looking for the names of a fantasy character, then a berserker name will give your character a distinct identity.

The name should resemble the strength if you want to highlight the features of your character. The name should be able to enhance the character’s overall capability and improve its performance by giving it a unique look. Some popular names you can seek inspiration from are Gargi, Bland, Ref, etc.

Now check out the following names!


Amazing Berserker Names

Want to know how you can choose the most amazing Berserker name? By doing s, you will let your creativity and imagination power drive you to get to the best place. Dive deep into the character’s individuality and examine which name suits its personality best.

Still can’t figure it out? Focus on the origin of your character and then check if it has any similarity with the name you have chosen.

Berserker names are common these days in terms of fighting, battles, and fearlessness. If your character has got anything in common with them, then you can go with a Berserker name. 

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Found that interesting? Look at the following set of Berserker names given below! 

Berserker Names

Choosing Your Own Berserker Names?

Are you looking for Berserker names for your own? This might be the best choice you have ever made. Berserker names are not only unique but they help you gain a distinct identity. The names are rare in use and contain an ancient royal vibe with it.

When it comes to choosing your own name, make sure it does not seem too unrealistic and matches your personality. 

Grab a look at the following list of names mentioned for your help!


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