The Perfect Gift: Naming A Star After Someone

Christmas is the time of giving. All of us have great memories of Christmas, running down the stairs and searching around the tree for a box with our names on it! As we grew older though, we stopped buying meaningful gifts; however, we can change that!

This Christmas, I spent several days at overcrowded malls scouring through different stores, trying to find the best gift for my loved ones. As Christmas approached, I wondered if I could ever find the perfect present. However, one day a friend introduced me to a website that allowed me to name a star after someone.

Naming rights can be a great gift for the holidays. If you think about it, there aren’t many meaningful gifts you can give to your loved ones. When you look up at the night sky, you can have the privilege of pointing at your very own star.

If you want to learn more about naming a star after a loved one, continue reading the article. We’ve covered all the basics of this heartful present!

Naming A Star Is Very Simple, And Anyone Can Do It

If you’ve watched a cliché romantic movie recently, you may have seen the actors naming stars after their loved ones. Most people are left wondering, could they really do that? The simple answer is yes! There are companies around the country offering you the ability to name a star, and the process is truly special!

It’s impossible to ignore the romance of naming stars, regardless of your stance on the process. For thousands of years, humanity has gazed up at the night sky. Knowing that somewhere up there in the vastness of the sky is something you’ve given a name to may be a source of comfort.

When compared to the size of the cosmos, we humans seem infinitesimally little. There’s no harm in giving stars names if it helps us understand our place in the universe. Furthermore, it is by far one of the most romantic gifts you can give to your partner.

How Can I Name A Star?

Naming a star has never been easier before. If you search online, plenty of legit websites give you the ability to name a star after someone – for example Furthermore, you’ll be delighted to hear that the price of naming a star is quite affordable! Not only are you getting a good deal, but also a memorable present that people will talk about through different generations.

To name a star, you’ll need to select from a list of packages the business offers. The price of the package can depend on the visibility of the star and the level of service you opt for. Either way, you get to name a star after someone you love, which is pretty cool if you ask us!

When you buy a package, you’ll get access to paperwork, certificates, and a handy application that identifies your star. Naming a star isn’t just a gimmick, as it will be registered on an online star catalog.

Furthermore, the purchase gives you access to a star map, which will help you identify the exact location and coordinates of the star you’ve named. Moreover, it will include an application that will make identifying your star in the night sky a lot easier! However, it doesn’t just end there!

Many companies will send you customized confirmation letters as well as star certificates that display the name of your star and a personalized message from you! They may also include a star atlas in the package, helping you display all the star constellations in your home.

There Are Millions Of Stars In Our Galaxy

Do you want to know a cool fact? It is estimated that there are over 100 thousand million stars in our galaxy! The number is so big it is hard to imagine. However, that presents you with an opportunity to name your very own star.

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase a star; however, you can name it. In the end, giving a star a name may be a very meaningful thing to do. Even while changing a star’s scientific name isn’t feasible, the International Star Registry allows you to have a personalized name written on a ceremonial star certificate.

Takeaway: Owning Naming Rights To A Star Is A Cool Gift Idea

If you haven’t noticed, we’re huge fans of the idea of naming the star after a loved one.  We can’t think of a better Christmas present you can give to someone this year. Everyone’s had a tough year, and towards the end of it, a meaningful gesture like this can keep people motivated.

If you’re thinking about naming a star, don’t hesitate! For the price, we’re sure you’re getting a great deal. Purchase a package that gives you access to this highly symbolic act and honor your loved ones!