30+ Wiffle Ball Team Names

Wiffle Ball is a simplified version of baseball which can be played both as an outdoor as well as an indoor game. The modern version of Wiffle ball came into existence in the year of 1953. Wiffle ball is considered as the easiest game as it just required one plastic ball and one plastic bat. Well this game is good to played on some holiday to spend some good time with your family or friends.

Are you planning to go on some holiday trip with your large group of friends or family? Well, there is a lot of stuff to do that can let you spend some good quality time with your loved ones. But what about planning for a Wiffle ball match to create some fun activity during your holiday? I guess most of you might have loved the idea. Selecting your team members can be easy but has anybody of you thought about your team name?


30+ Wiffle Ball Team Name
30+ Wiffle Ball Team Name

 Naming plays a significant role in any matter. Giving a team to your team will provide your team identity and you can be easily recognizable as your team. So here we come up with some amazing wiffle team names that are sure to be loved by you al30+ Wiffle Ball Team Namel. Scroll down to have a look at them so as to select an apt one for you.

Wiffle House Breaking Ballers
Pitches Gone Wild Swerve Balls
Wiffle Iron Aces Of Bases
Scared Hitless Odd Balls
Wiffle Squad Walks With 4 Balls
ScrewballsSmokin Bases
Wifflers in TrainingPitch Slaps
A Case Of The Wiffles Bad Axe Hatchets
Wood Chuckers Leather and Lace
Buttered WifflesLucky Strikes
Wiffle WafflingBomb Squad
 Wiffle WarriorsBatter up
Thrashers Home run Hitters
 Heavy Hitters Ice Cold Pitchers
Line Drivers Hit For Brain
 Pocket Full of SlidersMultiple Scoregasms
Blue Ballers The Abusement Park
 One Hit WondersStrike Out Mafia
Yager Bombers Ball Busters
AlcoballicsSons of Pitches
Balls Out Wii Not Fit
SyrupmakersBolton Wanderers
Butternut MidgetsHoney Nut Ichiros
High HitBanana Slugs
Ham Fighters Check Your Lumps For Humps
 Sticking AroundColorado Crush
Rounding ThirdLugnuts
 Grim SweepersThe Quiffle Balls
Caught Lookin’Mighty Morphin Wiffle Hitlers
Jeters Never ProperVillage Idiots
BeetdiggersBrew Crew
Unfrozen Caveman LawyersIntoxicated


Wiffle ball is a fun game, but there is more to it. To outsiders, it seems like a simple game where you just hit a plastic ball with a plastic bat. In reality, there are different strategies that can help make this game quite competitive and fun sport. If you are planning to play it as a team, then the following are some of the best Wiffle ball team names that can help you brainstorm the right idea. 

Butternut MidgetsWiffle SquadWood ChuckersStickin’ around
There’s No Place Like HomeHoney Nut IchirosThrashersColorado Crush
The Abusment ParkWalks With 4 BallsBanana SlugsSpecial K’s
Scared HitlessObezagsBalls OutOld Enough to Wiff
IntoxicatedBad Axe HatchetsHam FightersHeavy Hitters
Odd BallsOne Hit WondersChicago SkyPocket Full of Sliders
ClerksBreaking BallersHit for BrainsSons of Pitches
Strike Out MafiaScrewballsCheck Your Lumps for HumpsBrew Crew
SyrupmakersHigh HeatRounding ThirdGhosts
Line DriversMultiple ScoregasmsFighting KoalasLugnuts


If you are someone who likes to keep their team name which sounds funny yet easy to remember, then here you. Here are some of the funny Wiffle ball team names for you, so pick the best out of it.

Wiffle HouseAlcoballicsSoup-A-StarsWaffle Squad
Breaking BalllersRounding ThirdBalls OutThe Abusement Park
Grim SweepersSons Of PitchesScared HitlessOne Hit Wonders
Banana SlugsYager BombersStrike Out MafiaWifflers In Training
Brew CrewVillage IdiotsOdd BallsSyrupmakers
Bad Axe HatchesBalls To The WallBlue BallersClerks
Ball BustersBat AttitudesBrew CrewDirty Divas
Balls DeepBeerly LegalButternut MidgetsGhosts
Balls OutBeetdiggersChicago SkyFighting Koalas
Base-ic PitchesBig Test IciclesCaught LookingLugnuts


There are Wiffle ball tournaments where different teams play against each other. If you are looking for some Wiffle ball tournament name ideas, we have got you a list full of them to choose from. We have compiled some of the best Wiffleball team names for your team. Scroll down to check them all.

Scared Hitless TournamentNine Inch Males TournamentRed And Pink ClassicHit For Brains Tournament
Inglorious Baters TournamentPitches Be Crazy TournamentYank-Deez TournamentQueen Bees Tournament
The Soft Serves TournamentDiamond Divas TournamentSwingers TournamentYager Bombers Tournament
Leather and lace TournamentThe Lazer Show TournamentBrokebat Mountain TournamentBat Attitudes Tournament


In the above article, we have compiled some of the best Wiffle ball team names for you to choose from. We have a list of crazy Wiffle ball pitcher names too. So that you are completely prepared if you are planning to play the game of Wiffle ball. It is a fun game, so the names had to be funny. So, check them all, and pick the best out of it.