Unique Yoga Class Names For Your Yoga Studio

Unique Yoga Class Names For Your Yoga Studio

Yoga classes are spiritual, uplifting, and healthy for both the body and the mind. Yoga is definitely not about the workout, rather it is about a happy lifestyle. The yoga practice helps students to achieve calmness, tranquillity, and peace. A perfect yoga class is tailored in the lifestyle and everyone in a yoga class feels included and accepted despite the difference in age or gender.

A perfect yoga class name can create a difference in the number of participants. It can draw the attention of the audience and influence them to join the class. The yoga class names have to be catchy, inspirational and innovative.  Selecting the names for yoga studios can be quite challenging.

The name of your yoga studio must evoke feelings of warmth, strength, and aspiration in the minds of the audience.

Creative Yoga class names

The yoga studio names have to be creative, interesting and original to draw the attention of the target audience.  Here, few of the creative yoga class names are given which can help you, if you own a yoga studio.

You must name your yoga studio keeping in mind the audience and the location of the yoga center.

Yoga and Wellness Psychedelic Yoga
Buddha Belly Health and Fitness Purple
Maternal massage and fitness yoga Asuftah Academy
Subtle Yoga Sacred Rhythm
Urban Asanas Elements Three Yoga
Summer Rain Healer Source
Yoga 108 Cosmic Flow
Kundalini Yoga Yoga House
Spinning Yogis Root to Rise
Yoga Starz Inward Gaze
Yoga has no end Journey of self
Free spirit and wild heart Meditate truly with us
Inhale the future Calm your mind
Welcome to life Sunny mind yoga
Mighty kids yoga The Quickie Yoga
The Yoga Hive Georgetown Yoga
Bikram Yoga Yogi Bhajan
One O Eight Guiding Strala
Essential Yoga Anatomy Yoga Medicine
Omstars Yoga Adriene
Pink Lotus Yogi’s Journal
Core Yoga Orlando Live Yoga

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Sanskrit names for yoga studios

Yoga originated in India. Sanskrit is an Indian classical language which is vehemently used while practicing yoga to define the names of the poses. If you select a Sanskrit name for your yoga studio, chances are that it might indeed become a success among those who love practicing yoga. Here are few of the Sanskrit names for your yoga studios. These might help you to select one for your studio.

The name of your class must reflect your motivation, pattern of yoga practices and how it can help the participants and members.

Moksha Astanga Yoga Parvritta Anjaney Asana
Ardha Chandrasana Mukha savanna, Urdha Savanna
Supta Baddha Konasana Utthita Parvakonasana
Ekam dve Trini Sirsa anga janu
Hasta pada yoga Sava maricyasana
Natarajasana Matyasana O shalabhasana
Surya namaskar Namastey
Namah O Padma Namah
Ananda Atman Shanti Yoga
Atman O Pran Shala Shanti
Drishti moksha Ayurveda Yoga
Chakra Ayurveda Dharma
Karma Mudra
Guru Sadhana Hat-tha
Mantra Mandala Jivan
Om Namaste Gyan Paridhi
Dhyan samadhi Samasta Yoga
Yantra Sadhana Swami
Atman O brahman Japa  Sadhana
Siddha Yoga Nidra
Sadhaka Tantra Dhyan
Guruvandana Paramatma
Shakti Karma Yoga
Omkara Bhakti Yoga
Raja Yoga Hatha Yoga
Swara Yoga Nada Yoga
Kriya Yoga Niyama Gyana O Dhyana
Yama Brahmacharya
Tapa O Svadhyaya Shaucha
Satya Ishwara Pranidhara
Pratyahara Sadhana Asteya
Ida Nadi Prana Jatana
Aparigraha Sushumna Nadi
Dharana Sadhana Anahata
Ajna Mooladhar Chakra


This blog on the yoga class names intends on helping you to select a creative, unique, catchy name for your yoga studio. The name of a yoga class or studio creates the first impression and sets the standard of the class in the minds of the participants. It reflects the quality of the yoga class itself.  Thus you must be very careful while selecting the right name for your yoga class. Most of the names, suggested here are interesting, exclusive and seek to inspire your audience.