The process of nomenclature is a tough job for a few. Even scientists have a difficult time naming the chemicals or organisms they discover, so for common men like us, it is tedious. Rogue Names

In the fantasy world, rogues are used in all sorts of video games. If you are a gamer, you will understand the importance of naming your character and continuously upgrading its character. 

The execution of picking out a name for your character will determine your reputation in the fantasy gaming world. Do not use your name. No one does that. 

Lightsout Bob Ilynïa Série
Rusteen Rusteen Bedori Syryssia
Mazie Morgan Ashelÿnn Vedori
Jacquotte Lockewynn Vide Finisseuse
Annebonny Varuna Chatariasia Sellyn
Illyria Pollycrackers Adolfcritler Udderdisgrace
Umiko Nagisa Drizzler Gnome
backstabbed hidenseek Dr. Kevorkian Chucknourish
Aldira Stabbyface Sapntap Maddness
Darkstrider longfingers Worgenfreeman Oprahwindfury
Spicy Your Joy For Parade Names Volt Rogue
Fresh Your Leopard Rogue Guard For Super Character
Tower Character Flex Rogue Misfits Your Sultana Rogue
Care Character Minimal For Cymbal For Roaster Your
Sugar Character Scoop For Piggy Your Point Names
Wink Character Foozle For Hero Rogue Contender For
Escape Rogue Fresh Rogue Sunshine Your Active Your
Eternal For Invest For Bounce Your Register Rogue
Namoryx Garnish For Crop Rogue Voluptuous Names
Zoom Rogue Lush Character Research Rogue Post Rogue
Fresh Names Stir Your Butterfly For Network Your
Thrive Rogue Spearhead Rogue Creations Names Gulf Rogue

Another thing you can use rogue names for is to pick our names for babies. 

Since naming rogues are tougher than what meets the eye, this piece of information will guide you through it. 

There is every kind of rogue name that you can use neatly lined up next to each other and divided into categories. 

Read and pick out names that will suit your character or your baby/babies the best. 

Female Rogue Names

Rogue characters have specific characteristics. You must take a look at these characteristics closely, and then choose the one that accommodates your requirements. 

ppalling Rogue Names
ppalling Rogue Names
whisper imnothere Haselhoof iding
nightshade nowuseeme Gigglestab Gossamer
rougybear lookoverthere Ginsu Goodfrnothng
darkndirty charonspal Regenald Eadgar
doomsong soullessvoid Fred Fredator
steelnsteal sawmetoolate Herbert Gapagap
yourparentswontmissu thievingit Gob Brasco
spendinurgold THEPURPLE Tasty tatty
scoundrel vassassin Zedblue Jobe
defthands tagnswag Zeneroth Oeric
Ella Names Slipstream Your Alpha Your Calm Names
Arrange For Fields Your Clever Rogue Savor Names
Build Names Success Character Progress Names Bench Rogue
Maestro Character Songbird For Deal Your Ride Rogue
Mart Names Guide Character Looker Names Syndicate Names
Rack Names Sage Character Carve Your Less Rogue
Highlight Your Source Character Stylish Character Hustler Your
Invigorate For Boy Names Legend Names Outlet Character
Knock Rogue Blended Character Fix Character Paddle Rogue
Action Rogue Primal Character Axis Names Eco Names
Vision Your Orchard Character Flash Names Drop Names

Rouge characters are communicative, creative, optimistic, popular, social, dramatic, and happy. These features are not unified, but variegated. It is almost as if the character has a split personality!

Attis  Inyerface Blackstabath  Mangus
Deadboys  Darkstrider  Dontqqme Grerdu
Jimmydashiv Shadowy Sinister  Omdi
Invisaboo Lawdude Subdude  Avnen
Assdude  Poohdini Rotunvigue  Szamrom
SneakyPete  Bleeder  Blade  Elvumuy
Ambusher  Assassin  Begone  Vibrunug
Badassassin  Backstabber  Bigsap  Ordecud
Bamboo  Blackout  Behindyou  Misslulizel
Blackbuck Blacksheep  Conman  Imvuzini
Stylish Character Bleachers Names CEO For Ready Names
Federation Rogue Supplies For Lift For Observer For
Commerce Names Style Rogue Trophy Names Echo For
Eclipse Character Fairy For Dreamboat For Runner Character
Outward Rogue Ground Character Modsih Rogue Amenity Rogue
Resort Your Rider Names Colorway For Tale Names
Blueprint For Effective Names Morals For Spirit For
Blox Rogue Row For Spirit Character King Names
Attire Rogue Golden Names Almanac Names Antidote Names
Axel Names Direct Rogue Trans Your Linq Names
Vintage Your Pipsqueek Character Joyride Your Splendor Your

As you can see, these names are crafted for both the genders but have a stern and feminine hold to it. You can use the most daunting one for your character. 

Cool Rogue Names

What is the definition of cool for you? 

Being cool is a subjective perspective but trendsetting is a unified approach to this. If the general public at a given point of time for a specific age group accepts that ripped jeans are cool, IT IS COOL. 

Grakned Remde Dadnuh Meigdreg
Amde Irvol Wacuh Skegnoy
Zekvi Drussnod Vassrey Adlat
Krandom Iegles Gregdru Bremruy
Zavlol Beigmog Kasnul Greslod
Zelsevit Velgozuy Zedresu Evkegin
Graisnoki Skibramu Waegdrenid Vilginey
Szeldemod Decigod Szikrukod Grigoku
Drarluluri Gisoverol Gramrudocu Ecdokizo
Algezileg Dresvuruli Assokizi Eirlelumig
Collab Names Takeout Names Fortune Your Skill Names
Feed Rogue Flaky For Unite Character Cannon For
Ratchet Names Poly For Op Names Anvil Rogue
Pro For Realtime Rogue Legacy Character Luxury Names
Fed Your Wind Names Enrich For Radiate For
Aperture Character Advantage For Movement Your Hearthstone For
Absolute Names Sonic For Sunrise Your Seaside Names
Hot For Den Your Central Rogue Create Rogue
Open For Joy For Blitz Character Grasp Names
Fulfil Character Project Rogue Season Character Prop Rogue
Ineffable For Endure For Photobomb Rogue Paragon For

Here, we have put together a few publicly-accepted rogue names that are considered to be COOL to the vast majority. 

Lightsout  Mazie  Dicrot Morgan
Rusteen  Jaquotte  Belvom Lockewynn 
Annebonny  Varuna  Szakliay Illyria 
Pollycrackers  Umiko  Ekley Nagisa 
Backstabbed  Hidenseeker  Skade Aldira 
Stabbyface  Darkstrider  Vendisu Longfingers 
Nighshade  Nowuseeme Ecnunieg Imnotthere 
Rougybear Lookoverthere  Evkoru Darkndirty 
Charonspal  Doomsong  Vecdusizay Soullessvoid 
Steelnsteal Sawmetoolate Racdugalud Yourparentswontmissu
Calculator Rogue Imperial Names Toddler Names Enemy For
Eagle Rogue Sanctuary Rogue Lab Rogue Poster Names
Volcano Names Friend Names Enemy For Dawn Rogue
Clubs For Spread Rogue Poster Names Overtime Names
Stake Your Wild For Dawn Rogue Care For
Press Rogue Mart Character Overtime Names Able For
Streaming Names Nimble Character Care For Station Your
Developed For Best Character Able For Sunset Your
Assault For Measure Character Station Your Splendid Your
Tap For Deluxe Rogue Sunset Your Toys Your
Stacked Names Ayesha Rogue Splendid Your Shine Names
Garden For Metric Your Toys Your Minute For

In case that was not enough, here are a few more. 

Evilspell Evileye  Eyeofthetiger Gerdeg
Spendinyourgold Seizingyou THEPURPLE  Racro
Scoundrel  Tagnswag  Defthands  Zanren
Ribsplitter  Cocacola  Godo  Ivkun
Googy  Joodify  Vanishbrb Skosslo
Ibril Alvukie Edrah Ecevi
Midne Eingeme Uvlu Skibrogel
Acna Skiassridi Mivrit Ressnices
Zaessnod Skaclekego Dodri Dugmogolia
Aclu Drisgumiguy Bedrit Eidiekecol
Impulse For Aurora Names Shine Names Rich Character
Organics Rogue Ineffable Character Minute For Pavement Your
Mana Character Thrive Rogue Rich Character Pro For
Motion Character Leaf Rogue Pavement Your Tune Your
Lifesaver For Vintage Names Pro For Ravish Your
Arena For Maker Your Tune Your Finder Your
Icon Your Atomic Rogue Ravish Your Ark Character
Test For Dawn Rogue Finder Your Tunnel Rogue
Devilish Names Paper For Ark Character Rail Your
Form For Only Names Tunnel Rogue Tender Rogue
Uproot Names Backbone Names Rail Your Succeed Rogue

Okay, this probably shall do it for the cool names segment. 

Witty Rogue Names

Now, sounding cool is probably something that teenagers would like to associate themselves with. 

Talking about the older generation bracket though, they do not wish to name their characters after boyish names. 

ribsplitter Cocacola Sezbot Wulfred
Godo Googy Alima Oima
Joodify Poodify Hygelac Garmund
poohdini thecatsmiaow maltese Maghzul
Vanishbrb Stabyaface Makbul Maria
Astram Tesfira Babymangler Imdeadrogue
Beva Phocles Sigbert Wistan
Hicka SyfKeia Popper Godric
Tasia Karia Garmund Saibot
kedgor div som berdig Boon Esla

They want something intellectual and mature. Something that goes with their character and mindset. 

So here it is. Our generalized list of WITTY ROGUE NAMES for you. 

Ilynïa Ilynïa Chatariasia
Drizzler Sapntap Haselhoof
Ginsu Gigglestab Worgenfreeman
Dr. Kevorkian Adolfcritler Vide
Bedori Série Vedori
Sellyn Gnome Oprahwindfury
Gossamer Goodfrnothng iding
Gnome Udderdisgrace Finisseuse
Syryssia Mrknowitall  Annihilator
Regenald Herbert Eloria
Clint Barton Jaen zerfier jebronus
Long Shadow Nimble Knife Safestia
McSneakyson Feran Murder Sharp
Dark Bane Jefor Tykka
Astryn Kelia Quella

 So, there were the witty rogue names that we have to offer.

Rogue Names Male

We cannot be gender bias here, so we have included a list of male rogue names that you can mobilize for your character. 

Eloria zerfier jebronus Liverburn lolyoudie
zon jing uiy shao Varant Astryn
Emer Jefor Roclus Prisma
qieng xiao Long Shadow Ryn Tykka
Clint Barton iuw keiy Vergahn Shayna
Nimble Knife Hephas Callum Palisia
Jaen Piri Feran Quella
Safestia SafieSyf Ior Draya
idre fulbubre Hawkguy Ephrais Liss
McSneakyson Linnetia Waul Valery

These names reflect bravery mixed with a bit of humor. All in all, you will find a name worth picking for your character. 

Varant Ryn Callum Zedlog
Ior Waul Jonan Gassid
Terys Caen Ryfin Bebnu
Cecimeric Palio Heires Vedren
Draec Wadyn Ephrais Legdrem
Feran Vergahn Roclus Menlegu
Sigbert Garmund Wulfred Krakrenit
Imdeadrogue Saibot Liverburn Greslusud
lolyoudie Hygelac Archimedes  Edadoset
Conman  Caleb  Hoffstetter  Wivkicile
Feraldino  Parker  Paxton  Ulga
Tommilson  Feraldino  Kinley  Nunliy
Knightly  Brad Chadwick  Zainvu
Westminister  Adrenaline Howard  Davliy
Stefan  Jared  Gary Vekneg

That was one comprehensive list that covers every possible facet of male rogue names. It is more comprehensive than the famous female rogues.

The Implication Of The Name Rogue For Babies- 

Here, we will mostly focus on girl babies who have the name rogue. Predominantly, the name rogue signifies three different personalities, which are cheerful, bubbly, and are very expressive. 

Heires Nazia Wadyn Kelia
Gaubold Murder Sharp Jonan Ovisia
Feran Dark Bane Draec Eddena
Kishkumen Matahari Terys Khestri
Carlie Toma Heires Rakella
Valla / Vala / Velly Tayla Caen Taeme
Stabatha Kuriokaze Palio Rikia
Mona Mamnoon Ryfin Veil
Kunoichi Kali Cecimeric Xara
Memitim Naleana Solan Moulinrouge

These three personality babies will invite a lot of attention to herself which may have positive, as well as negative effects on her. Her bubbly nature and intellectual character will instantly draw people towards her because that is the energy around which people like to surround themselves. 

Szecleh Lubron Szissro
Inley Egmum Eldig
Igmo Rosvem Lagvul
Egveg Brakli Drevnum
Vemvol Krenvuy Wodrin
Kresvecos Elsigud Galzinel
Nisslogen Wagosuy Brevlored
Ekraceg Zengeros Bainveray
Rairgezugah Grivnunizu Zesorimud
Szicileedil Waklekuveh Szecdiginiy

Loving them dearly will imply that all you will be getting back is extensive love and loyalty from them. You will be lucky to have them as your girl (daughter, wife, partner, mother, sister, grandmother)

Acron Kiso Vardia Besslo
Kiagno Wivli Wemvol Edos
Bregne Kraegney Skemrud Grasle
Imrid Briadim Szekvog Evnil
Kragot Zelag Nagvu Ressli
Driakrezos Gigoce Damrazan Grarcevo
Drevlisut Zegrumo Dralzovi Nivlocu
Brigmolo Rilgadut Braiglugud Lamrosoy
Edrusuma Grocudierieg Bavlireeseh Ragrigirog
Assuzocen Szevkusugis Kraldorenet Skendalinal
Jolt Your Academy Character Necessary Character Pronto Character
Max For Control Rogue Grand For Remedy Your
Creations Character Notch Your Galaxy Character Carefree Character
Coverage Character Play Rogue Craft Names Arouse Names
Skylark Rogue Imperial Names Test Names Tranquil Your
Wise Your Tags Rogue Spike For Galactic Rogue
Lovey Names Bit Names Chair Character Quest Rogue
Pharaoh Character Exploration Names Infrared Names Interactive Rogue
Hearthstone Character Light Names Shield Character Doll Names

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The three personalities will be functioning together to provide the best support. Their overbearing emotions may be overwhelming for a few, but if you are there for them during their time of need, they will always be there for you. 

It is worth loving them. 

Funny Rogue Names

Moving on, the only facet that is left to be covered is the one on funny rogue names. Who is ready for some names that will have you giggling? 

Drigmieg Navri Becon Drerdut
Skasslet Milzam Drevnee Kilzen
Krilso Ecnun Eisslel Enlem
Kegdre Kavnid Birli Ugmu
Kecno Brasvia Gelsus Igdron
Ebrumet Idizel Megekian Gadlinuh
Orveciy Skicrizuh Bieknadi Iecrosie
Vavricum Divloko Zalvegid Kresgeveg
Narvoguri Skelosukel Zisslevekey Dragomecu
Gakrikomet Dalvorecah Daklegerem Rigvelovis
Meadow Your Drench Names Herb For Pick Character
CEO Names Pro Names Relieve Names Treat Your
Treasury Names Sweat Rogue Odin Rogue Rich For
Sin For Forward For Siren For Flash For
Intel For Viewer Your Playmate Your Lion For
Flaunt Names Lust Character Slice Your Dawn Character
Maestro Character Hamper Names Warm Names Mixer Rogue
Ray For Axen Character Project For Capacity Character
Palace Character Boosts Names Hand Your Yourocity
Unity Character Review Character Creative Character Sunshine Character
Triumph Names Warfare Names Boor Rogue Plant Your
Dug Character Chai For Serum Your Haute Names

These are some funny rogue names that will have anyone laughing. Even the most serious people. 

Wervuh Gurguh Kigi Dricnal
Skingon Gignu Edre Lesuy
Drudlo Aecriat Miarga Skacno
Genrom Bracdid Kagvil Asla
Skivnug Wevke Wavkun Dissne
Iessnuled Ralsusu Zagdreekud Kudlogos
Skiklido Edogu Isoron Zagrulin
Livnonid Ednizul Rakledus Zacialey
Grabrusulo Dakvekevu Evnegivo Bresgocozi
Dagludeson Merdiregen Waesgodoves Griamrogoriy
Flair For Quake For Orchard Rogue N Names
Tornado For Ment For Iced Character Pinhole For
Accent Character Spark Names Dart Rogue Fiery Character
Awaken For Hub Names Healing Names Jet Character
Influence Character Backbone Rogue Sincere For Sapient Rogue
Lumber For Label Your Quake Your Nurture Your
Sultana Rogue Cool Character Body Character Beacon Rogue
Escapade Your Honey Your Cherub Your Order Your
Flair For Quake For Asset Names Gem Names
Opal For Switch Your Sense Character Alpine Your
Hound Names Characterbes Basics Character Measured For
Eclipse Rogue Hood Rogue Jumpshot Character Action Names
Force Rogue Space For Ratchet Your Sun Names

Guide On: Names That Mean Miracle For Your Little Baby

You might feel like you have come across most of these names daily, but you might be wrong on a few fronts. The names that we have picked up for you on this list are not that common. 

You will get new ideas to pick out funny nicknames for your bubbly personality. 

Mines Mosher Battletoads Furburgler Ziamden
Anddye Eviscerated Peekaboo Evled
Ipwnkidneys Grim Nowudont Iabro
Deception Gipper Filth Irvad
Nomercy Slashngash Omgwtfpwnd Brokvi
Crithappenz Icu Revulsion Asgekom
Malice Vengeance Furious Ivuceh
Savage Wristcutter Silence Zasomi
Wristcutter Frenzy Poke Igiacivuy
Sickness Emo Emu Omdokerol
Haven Names Forever Your Tender Rogue Earth Rogue
Discuss Character Amor Character Succeed Rogue Chill Rogue
Instant Names Commando For Earth Rogue Space Your
Variable Your Chroma Names Lounge Your Magnificent Rogue
Guna For Flawless Rogue Times Names Razor Names
Answer Rogue Bio Character Perform Rogue Forge For
Answers Names Lessons Names Family Names Erase Character
Sprout Names Merry Rogue Virtue Names Nexus Your
Jive Names Madam Character Collaborate Rogue Flawless Character
Rumble Character Webs Character Check Your Functional Names
Skin Character Streamlined For Mump Rogue Lawn For
Maxi Names Whiffle Character Heart Names Minimal Rogue

These names might not sound funny all by themselves. However, they are really funny when you are going to play your game. 

Imagine calling out “Hey Wrist cutter cut me!”

Hilarious! Isn’t it? 

Appalling Rogue Names for your Character
Appalling Rogue Names for your Character

Final Words 

Hopefully, this comprehensive name palette has assisted you in choosing the name you want for your fantasy world character. 

With this being said, what kind of rogue name will suit your character from this list? 

Let us know in the comment section below. 

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