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240+ Best Pirate Ship Names {Updated 2023}

Have you ever thought about keeping the name of your pirate ship? Well, it is always a big decision to choose the best pirate ship name so that you can always feel confident and it will set up a tone for your success. Pirate Ships have always been considered a symbol of freedom and adventure.

However, a pirate ship is always incomplete without a unique and memorable name that can build fear in your enemy’s mind. So today in this post, we will explore the best pirate ship names, which are inspired by pop culture. Here’s what we have got covered for you. 

Best Pirate Ship Names

pirate ship names

Best Pirate Ship Names are those, which keep you memorized with adventure and make the name unique. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best Pirate Ship Names that enhance the value of your ship. 

The Jolly RogerBlack PearlMaria ElenaTreasure Chest
The HispaniolaRoyal FortuneSweet RevengeThe Golden Hind
The AlbatrossGolden HindThe Glorious DeathThe Black Dragon
Sea MistressCSS AlabamaThe Crimson DragonBlue Dolphin
The QueenHMS RevengeSlippery EelCannibal Rex
  • Sea Serpent
  • Black Pearl
  • Stormbringer
  • Leviathan
  • Dreadnought

Good Names For A Pirate Ship

We would always like to keep a good name for our pirate ship that could create some fear in the mind of enemies. A good name is always essential for your pirate ship and here are our best suggestions for you. 

Sea ChuckleThe Sea QueenOne-Eyed JacksCutthroat’s Fancy
Rake’s EndThe Sea HawkSea DuckTrident of Poseidon
Dolly the SheepThe Sea WolfElizabeth’s JewelPrivateer’s Prize
Siren SongThe Black ArrowThe Flying DragonShipwreck Cove
Blackheart’s RevengeThe Sea FuryWhat a WenchMorningstar of the Sea
  • Stormbringer
  • Blackbeard’s Fury
  • Sea Serpent
  • Dark Revenge
  • Neptune’s Vengeance

Cool Pirate Ship Names

pirate ship names

A cool name for your pirate ship captures the essence of adventure, power, and mystery that resonates with your pirate ship. A cool and dashing name will make your adventure more amazing. So, here are some cool pirate ship names. 

H.M.S. Unsinkable IIThe Ghost ShipWicked WenchPiece of Ship
The Red HerringThe HellfireEquivalent ExchangeBlack Kettle’s Revenge
Moby DuckThe ThunderboltBold MaraudersCaptain Ahab-o-tat
Revenge of the MolluskThe VengeanceBrazen BuccaneersGolden Hind
X Marks the SpotThe Dark RiderThe Flying DutchmanMary Read
  • Midnight Marauder
  • Corsair’s Pride
  • Blackbeard’s Legacy
  • Rogue Wave
  • Ironclad Destiny

Badass Names For A Pirate Ship

The badass names for a pirate ship showcase the indomitable spirit. These names will surely set your pirate ship on a voyage across the high seas. You might have numerous names in your mind but here are some amazing Badass names that will amplify your journey beyond. 

A Quick EscapeDragon’s EggRoyal RubyRose Pearl
Black FlagHammerhead HippoThe Regal JewelThe Fearless Fish
Emerald JewelFlying PigletThe Valiant GullThe Executione
Golden FortuneCrazy DuckGolden DragonThe Hell’s Fury
Hazel WindsWacky FoxThe Chicken GodThe Bloodbath
  • Skullcrusher
  • Death’s Embrace
  • Savage Sea Mistress
  • Grim Reaper
  • Infernal Raider

Unique Pirate Ship Names

Uniqueness is what we all believe in and no one likes to keep their pirate ship name common. A unique name defines identity and embarks your journey towards a lavish adventure. Here are some of the most unique pirate ship names that will bring a lot of confidence while diving into this landscape.

The Kraken’s FuryThe Sea Horse’s GallopThe Sphinx’s RiddleThe Phoenix’s Flight
The Leviathan’s RoarThe Sphinx’s EnigmaThe Sea Otter’s PeltThe Minotaur’s Labyrinth
The Sea Serpent’s FangThe Sea Urchin’s SpineThe Gorgon’s GazeThe Sea Turtle’s Shell
The Mermaid’s SongThe Basilisk’s GazeThe Sea Lion’s ManeThe Chimera’s Breath
The Siren’s LamentThe Sea Elephant’s TuskThe Harpy’s TalonThe Sea Hawk’s Cry
  • Starstrider
  • Whispering Galleon
  • Eclipse Voyager
  • Serenade Siren
  • Astral Buccaneer

Catchy Names For A Pirate Ship

Catchy pirate ship names are those that stick in your mind and make a lasting impression. These names are clever, and imaginative, and often evoke a sense of mystery and excitement.

A catchy pirate ship name will always bring some amazing adventure to your mind. Here are some catchy pirate ship names suggestions from us.

The Jolly RogerThe Treasure TroveThe Booty BanditThe Pillager’s Pride
The Buccaneer’s BladeThe Riches RascalThe Riches RunnerThe Loot Llama
The ScallywagThe Fortune FinderThe Treasure SeekerThe Treasure Raider
The SwashbucklerThe Booty BoosterThe Gold RushThe Gold Digger
The Corsair’s CutlassThe Riches RoverThe Jewel JumperThe Swag Ship
  • Fortune’s Folly
  • Buccaneer’s Bounty
  • Rogue Rascal
  • Silver Surfer
  • Buccaneer’s Gambit

Famous Pirate Ship Names

pirate ship names

Many people have already used famous pirate ship names that build a new identity. Here famous pirate ship name means that could easily stay in mind for a long time without forgetting them. Some of the best and most famous pirate ship names are –

The VasaThe Cutty Sark IIThe HMS Bounty IIThe HMS Victory
The Royal FortuneThe Cutty SarkThe TitanicThe USS Monitor
The Golden HindThe HMS WarriorThe LusitaniaThe CSS Alabama
The CSS AlabamaThe USS MissouriThe Andrea DoriaThe HMS Beagle
HMS BountyThe HMS BelfastThe Queen MaryThe USS Arizona
  • Queen Anne’s Revenge
  • The Golden Hind
  • The Fancy
  • Adventure Galley
  • Ranger

Historical Names For A Pirate Ship

Historical names for pirate ships are rooted in the rich tapestry of maritime history and the golden age of piracy. These names evoke a sense of authenticity and connection to the real-life stories of daring pirates and their infamous vessels.

The Mary CelesteThe Queen MaryThe USS ArizonaThe Golden Hind
The HMS BelfastThe Cutty SarkThe HMS Bounty IIThe HMS Victory
The MayflowerThe Santa MariaThe VasaThe USS Monitor
The TitanicThe HMS WarriorThe LusitaniaThe CSS Alabama
The Cutty SarkThe USS MissouriThe Andrea DoriaThe HMS Beagle
  • La Concorde
  • The Black Prince
  • Queen’s Delight
  • La Resolue
  • Royal James

Female Pirate Ship Names

Female Pirate Ship Names are the celebration of those fierce women who have shown courage and dignity while becoming a pirate. All these names are homage to all those fantastic women who commanded their own ships while leading crews of fearless pirates. 

The Lady JanePort de PaixThe Fiery DragonThe Blood Thirsty Molly
Lady RevengeThe FancyMary Read’s ShipThe Deliverance
The Lady MaryThe PearlCrimson SirenBlack Swan
The Pretty MaryLittle RangerThe Sandy KingCalypso’s Fury
Dancing SerpentDread MaidenGilded SeraphHell’s Fury
Hydra’s MawPandora’s BoxMidnight TemptressLilith’s Lament
Ivory PhantomQueen Anne’s RevengeNebula’s VeilMaelstrom
Jade EmpressRaven’s ClawObsidian QueenMarauder’s Mistress
Kraken’s EmbraceSapphire’s WakeOracle’s WhisperAmethyst Tempest
  • Crimson Maiden
  • Seraphina’s Revenge
  • Scarlet Tempest
  • Rogue Queen Anne
  • Lady Blackheart

Funny Pirate Ship Names

Funny Pirate Ship Name always brings a smile to your face. These names create some humor and always remain easy to keep in our minds for a long time. Here are some of the funniest pirate ship names. 

The Sea ScoundrelSeven SeastersScuttlebuttNo Mutiny Here
The Bloated BellyKraken’s CurseSwashbucklerShark Bait
The Laughing LadyThe Loch MessAll Hands HoayBooty Fools
Black HeartMermen AhoySea Dogs UniteBootyfull
The Bloody BansheeCurse Like A SailorPoop DeckClap of Thunder
Black ThumbAvast YeOld SaltPeg Leg
Ghost RaiderShiver Me TimbersMan-o-WarPirate’s Ghost
Ill FortuneDead Men SailingFull Of BootyRusted Rumor
Reckless HeartScallywagsDoubloonsJagged Blade
Blue HurricaneWalk The PlankBounty HuntersMisty Morning
  • The Fluffy Buccaneer
  • The Ticklish Trident
  • The Jolly Fisherman
  • The Mischievous Mermaid
  • The Cheeky Sea Monkey

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