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Creative and Unique Magazines Name Ideas

Nowadays, with so much development in technology and mass media, the popularity of magazines has increased at a steep rate. Magazines are extremely popular periodical publications which are available both online and offline.

They contain various spicy or informative stories, essays, articles, interviews, and images, depending on the type of the magazine. All type of magazines has different kinds of subscription facilities. The subscription varies according to price, the month of the issue and other criteria.

Not only paid, but there are also many magazines in the market which are non-paid. These magazines have various types of readers. of all ages, genders, and nationalities. There are magazines particularly for young people, certain specialized topics such as journalism, sports, films, and others. 

If you are searching for interesting magazine names ideas, then you should follow certain tips for selecting these magazine names. This article will help you find the names of the most interesting publication.

The Online Magazine Name Generator 

The name is an important thing for any magazine. Thus, one must come up with a very creative name. Nowadays, you can find many websites on the internet which can generate new names for your magazines. These sites are created to act as magazine name generators only.  You can select the names of your magazine, based on its topic and readership:

Cosmo ClanCampus DroneBright Life
Mend ViewLark StormMental Catalyst
Trend CrusadeDorm RoomAtlantic Turnaround
Mind BendRook AlertLearning Curve
Tech BotsMind Marathon
Right Track
College CountsCosmo SocialMind Ride
Vivid ReflectionsRational TankBackpacker Brew
Cyber TrinityStride AwakeningTalk Motive
Mind FieldsCollege MattersGrey Area
Literati BytesAristotle LifeIn Today
All For YouClick CrewMind Organic
Campus JamPrime CampusOpen Heart
Youth BrigadeBe the ChangeBlackboard Bulletin
GravityClick SpeakBuzz Alumni
Big LifeTech StalkLight My Fire
Spiral MindSocial RideInside Outside
No LimitsCorner ShopHope Matters
Strong FoundationTime is NowNew World Order
Bridging GapsHeart ConverseLife Cycle
Blu EssenceMind CrescendoBuzz Desire

Interesting Names of Magazines 

Finding the right name for your magazines is both vital and challenging. You must know your audience and their choices very well. The name of the magazine should reflect the topic and quality of the magazine. Here, some of the interesting magazine names are listed just for you:

Ladies’ JournalMind EscapeOutdoor LivingBig BrotherPrevention, Not CuresTrack and FieldScientific MindsSmart Computers
This Old HomeConspiracy MindsTrailer LivingTiny Home LivingTraditional HomeHome CookingTelescope in the SkyScience Now
Backpacker’s Guide to the EarthSchool and Family ReunionsGardening the Organic WayGuide to New Car CostsWorld TravellerEnlightenmentInspired RootsGrass-Root Level
Open HorizonOpen HorizonMind SpeakerGiga ChroniclesThe WeekenderAbout YouThe Final EdgeAbout Us
Tech ChronicleFinding YouLike SpeakWordy ArcMindsparkBuzz HerdCampus ChroniclesMind Splash
Blend Trend SpeakLife QuestOpen MindSummit DiariesCreative SpeakBloom BudsMind MirageSteep Road
Bright FutureCampus PulseFull CircleSelf AccessLife AbsorbStrange ShadowYour StreamClear Skies
Weekender ChroniclesTalk MatterPulse BeatSkill UnderClimb The LadderSun ConnectOsmosisDwell Domain

Creative Magazine Publications Names 

Magazines can have publications and each publication’s name is unique. The name of your magazine has to be creative to draw customers and increase followers. Here, some creative names of magazines are listed just for you:

Sound FilesOceaniaThe Rat RaceTech PulseSense N’ ScienceMind Art
UnzippedEpistemeShift MusingsTech EraOver YonderShift Musings
Chalkboard BulletinLight EntityMind ExploreEveryday ChroniclesThe BendTalk Trends
Thinkers N’ BlinkersStreamsQuad ZoneVivid OutlookBliss MagicOver and Under
Essence of ScienceYouth DigestQuest WorldPractical SolutionsStrange BrewOpine Digest
Comp StompReflect TonesMind-SwitchFinesse FuturistCampus TalkSimple Living
Organic ThoughtsNew AwakeningShadow CultivateWhat’s CookingHappen BytesMuse Ponder
PendulumInspire ZoneBetter ThingsArch OzoneChat EmpireQuest Chronicles
Loud StreetMind AlertBuzz QuestTrek TechWord TripUpskill Clan
Hone ZonePit StopCrossroadsThe BeginningEdu PackOpen Stitch

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Unique Magazine Name Ideas

You cannot select a magazine name which is not original. The name of your magazine has to be fresh, unique and complete original to draw the attention of the public. Some of the unique magazine names are given here:

Fitness DailyTech ThingsSplash CollisionCountry LifeFor KeepsakesMentor Vision
Entrepreneur NowIn the Bowl-Tech EraExtemporaneousMartial Arts NowFlash QuarterPrep Academia
Hunting in AmericaGreet PointStage WagerThe Heritage of the StatesTorchbearerGreat Escape
Money TalksHorn PleaseThought QuestFilm FansLoudmouthTech Titan
Cyclist’s WeeklyEco SpinDorm TalkDialogue and DebateStudent ChronicleKaleidoscope
Climber’s LifeAspire TrendsEco MagnetLight on CookingOpine MattersReflections
Architectural MagazineBeat HorizonZoomsparkTeach a Man to FishBrew SpewTowards Tomorrow
Birds & FlowersTech TripCram DigestDance MagazineEdu TribeShoal Dom
Crochet WorldChat NationFlush ChroniclesEntertainment NowLyceumUnlocking Minds


Magazines are very popular amongst today’s teenagers. They are attractive, colorful and grabs the reader’s attention. The name of the magazine must reflect its content and quality. This article will help you choose interesting magazine names for your magazine. 

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