650+ Kenku Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Before creating a Kenku character, it is essential to name your character with an appropriate and meaningful name. A good reputation will help your characters seem more realistic and make sure that they fit into the world of your story. Names can also convey specific meanings, and many cultures often choose names based on them.

Kenku Names With Meanings For Your Characters is a list of names, their meanings, and the sort of mood or personality that they give off. Kenku names are often short and easy to say. You can use Each name in many different ways, but they are only suggestions. It’s up to you, the writer, to decide on a name for your character.

Kenku Monk Names

Kenku monk names are all related to knowledge and wisdom; they are imaginative, clever, intuitive, mysterious, and complex. They support intuition to make it appear more rational to others; they make the truth seem weird, but it’s there for those who can see through their lies.

Steel ClankProviderCat PurrCork Pop
Vulture ScreamSaw WobbleNetCastWarbler
Ship CreekNibblesHorse BlowLute Pluck
Spade DigRipperCork PopLute Drop
FlockmanPigeon CooBleaterDragon Breath
BoomerKettle BubbleBook DropCat Swoop
ThunderclapFruit SquishClangerBat Swoop
Lute StringHide SmackSneezesSealer
MangerRat YelpRook RustleBrush Stroke
Grain MillSpade DropMouserBeaver Call
kenku names
Kenku Monk Names
Wood CreekChisel CarveSheep BleatHorse Breath
Rabbit ScreamSail SlapBison CallParrot Squawk
Book SlamTrumpetGoose HonkSifter
Grain CrushFire RoarWalloperDragon Yelp
Jackal CallKettle SplashHisserSaw Pull
Hoe ScrapeDeer RustleDino GrowlSaw Wobble
Chisel CarveWolf GrowlSlicerBird Call
Duck RustlePaint StrokeNeitherBear Yelp
Mouse RustleArmor CrashCobblerSaw Stroke
Dog WiggleSquishedSaw DropFire Cracker
  • Dog Wiggle
  • Grain Trash
  • Hide Smack
  • Snake Slither
  • Parrot Squawk
  • Falcon Swoop
  • Paint Stroke
  • Kettle Bubble

5E Kenku Names

5th Ed Kenku names are fantasy-based and have a magical nature; as such, they support imagination and powers of illusion. They provide the impression that magic has a closer connection to reality, that the truth is more mystical and magical, and that knowledge is demonstrated without stating its strength.

Snake SlitherHog SnortHiccupElephant Stomp
Cow MooDino GrowlPigeon CooBee Buzzer
Falcon SwoopSeal FlopBatherMind Player
Bell DropMewerGnawerBeaver Yelp
Crate SmashArmor ClankCluckerDog Swoop
Hatchet DropBonnerCrocodileBat Fire
Badger RunDog YipRipperBat Call
Owl CallRatterGrillerApe Call
ExplorerRasperCrier BellInscriber
FryerBroilerHog OinkBasher
kenku names
5E Kenku Names
RoaredDrillerSpade DigQuail Call
Dog yelpBasterNet SplashAstute Kenku
Parrot CallOrnanBeggarRising Kenku
Parrot SwoopArmor BattlerLute PluckRunners Names
Bill PooleOwl BurnBison BreathIstic Kenku
Crow RustleDragon WiggleSweetheart NamesWisdom Names
GyrosHarpy PurrLandscape NamesNamadil
Mallet CrashBeaver CallTundra KenkuName city
Ape BreathOrderNamzoidFisheye Names
Parrot CallFeather FlickForever NamesGloss Names

Kenku Druid Names

Kenku druid names are all related to nature and the natural world. They support health and vitality; they bring out the wild side of people and make them more connected to their surroundings. These names also help a persona look more spiritual and linked to nature’s powers without making it obvious.

Drago PurrJackal SwoopNumismaticClimate Kenku
Pigeon CallRat RustleYum KenkuWorth Names
Dog PurrDragon JumpSincere KenkuDisplay Kenku
Parrot RustleHarpy FightIce KenkuFreedom Kenku
Ape PurrBeaver SwoopKenkuologyAdvantage Names
Mouse SwoopCrow FightCrisp NamesDharana Names
AttackerBat StarsGalactic KenkuFrost Kenku
HarpyOwl CryNamelyAttract Kenku
Armor CreatorLion RoarMunch NamesHermes Kenku
Battle CryLion SwoopScribe KenkuFine Kenku
Kenku names
Kenku Druid Names
BurnerPigeon FightArmor KenkuLeopard Names
BarkerRollerAphrodite NamesNirvana Kenku
Book SlamFighterAver KenkuKenkulytical
Leather FlickSheep SwoopPower NamesConcept Kenku
KnockerGoat PurrQuick NamesKenkuara
MimerFighter CrowNamdeckDog Fight
TweeterTigger PurrKenkusySaw String
DrummerCrow TriggerShine KenkuCrow Swoop
BrakerSaw DiggerTrain NamesParrot Fight
PlungerRabbit PurrHatchet PullCat Wiggle

Good Kenku Names

These are neutral names that can fit many different characters in different settings. They make it seem like the character cares about what they do and wants to help others, but don’t make them seem selfless.

Warehouse NamesNamlyticalStudios KenkuDefy Kenku
KenkunestNamiumUtopia KenkuBot Kenku
Pay NamesNiyama KenkuCache KenkuMeditation Kenku
Loan KenkuCottage KenkuYoke NamesFast Names
Planet KenkuEagle KenkuTerra KenkuHerald Kenku
Shares NamesLane NamesFabled KenkuSupply Names
Poster NamesStir KenkuSwitch KenkuPassion Names
Alliance NamesInk KenkuMerge NamesSolution Kenku
Melancholy NamesCrown NamesJape KenkuKey Names
Think KenkuKenkuyaGang NamesProfessionals Names
kenku names
Good Kenku Names
Blitz NamesIcon KenkuVibrance KenkuSpots Names
Quality NamesAsh KenkuMeta NamesSurge Kenku
Dope KenkuLibra KenkuDragonfly NamesNitro Kenku
KenkuneticGrinded KenkuMotion KenkuAgents Kenku
NamexGenerate NamesVibrance NamesMania Names
Share KenkuSwarm NamesRage NamesPebble Names
Viewpoint NamesMatte NamesAfterburner KenkuBlend Kenku
Push KenkuNamtasticDistrict KenkuLucious Names
Aroma NamesMoon KenkuLytical NamesHero Names
Mount KenkuLiable KenkuMovement KenkuSwel Names

Wizard Kenku Names

Wizard kenku names are perfect for a character that is both intelligent and magical; they are magical, thought-provoking, and complex. They also encourage people to believe in magic and think about how strange it is, making them appear mysterious at times.

Rogue NamesIntegration KenkuExchange NamesFreedom Kenku
NambiaCarousel KenkuCustom KenkuStork Kenku
Control KenkuElation KenkuNumber NamesSpeak Names
NamgenicsNamorzoGoods NamesMentor Kenku
Fine KenkuTitan NamesMare NamesSkylark Names
Aspect KenkuKite KenkuIntuition NamesAcclaimed Kenku
Handsome NamesLove KenkuToot KenkuLink Kenku
Capital NamesClub NamesGrip NamesBotanical Kenku
Ready KenkuPoe NamesEssence KenkuBug Names
Shore KenkuMage KenkuBeltline KenkuAspect Names
Kenku Names
Wizard Kenku Names
Mortar KenkuNatural KenkuSoundwave KenkuIntensity Kenku
Apex KenkuTog KenkuSilo NamesJockey Kenku
Flow KenkuGuides NamesSupplies NamesCannon Names
Inspire KenkuProject KenkuAgena KenkuParadox Kenku
Focus KenkuSteamy NamesProphecy KenkuWarm Names
Mystic KenkuSpark KenkuTop KenkuPortrait Kenku
Ly NamesFair KenkuPalette NamesBoost Kenku
Dudes KenkuSwish NamesMinority NamesTicket Names
Busters KenkuStallion NamesBones KenkuAegis Kenku
Mesh NamesMob NamesNamah NamesAtom Names

Kenku Bard Names

Kenku bard names are related to music, poetry, singing, and other things. They support creativity and communication at a higher level and make people believe that music can heal. These also make them appear more free-spirited and artistic.

Remedy KenkuReady NamesCrossroads KenkuLogic Names
Repair KenkuPorium NamesHardy KenkuDrift Names
Heart NamesFog NamesElements KenkuSentinel Kenku
Planned KenkuKing NamesMonsters NamesExcalibur Names
Glitz KenkuEagle NamesParamount KenkuMoisturise Names
Amber KenkuInvincible NamesRewind NamesShares Kenku
Miner KenkuHatha KenkuFrumptious KenkuNeutral Kenku
Boost NamesABC KenkuBard NamesMill Kenku
Airball Names100 KenkuMeadow KenkuClimate Kenku
Golden NamesDream NamesSolid NamesSmart Kenku
kenku names
Kenku Bard Names
Tales KenkuGenic KenkuNight NamesIndicator Names
Lift NamesMantra NamesCrank NamesFantasy Names
Coda KenkuSeascape KenkuHerald KenkuAid Kenku
Nourish KenkuNon KenkuEstate KenkuMagazine Names
Dwell KenkuRunway NamesAchieve KenkuLocker-Room Names
Meadow KenkuFood NamesQuake NamesHydra Names
Aloha KenkuPleasures KenkuScouts NamesCombo Names
Elite KenkuVixen NamesOmega NamesLab Names
Trim KenkuDart KenkuLuxe KenkuAir Names
Simple KenkuHeart KenkuConnect NamesPitch Kenku

Kenku Mystic Names

Kenky mystic names are related to spirituality and the unseen things. They support the idea that magic is real and make a character seem mysterious without making it seem obvious that they’re magical.

You NamesRetro NamesEnd KenkuAssociation Kenku
Extraordinary NamesRoma NamesRakish NamesSurge Kenku
Polished NamesReverence NamesHazel KenkuVapor Names
Companion NamesScintillant KenkuSpectator KenkuExchange Kenku
Flatland NamesApex KenkuProject KenkuRenown Names
Nexus NamesExpat NamesBuild NamesSynthetic Kenku
Standard KenkuLink NamesVanity KenkuBooth Kenku
Laneway KenkuRide NamesExpand KenkuTreat Names
Blurred NamesCloud KenkuSierra NamesSavor Names
Mountains NamesWater KenkuDiscover NamesPunish Kenku
 Kenku Names
Male Kenku Names
Sturdy KenkuCertain KenkuMaster NamesBeta Names
Frame NamesKashmir NamesCrop KenkuCulture Kenku
Marker NamesNidra KenkuGenerate KenkuProminent Names
Visit NamesFrill NamesGraceful NamesSeaside Names
Conspiracy NamesGrow NamesBlitz NamesCrazy Names
Ineffable KenkuDais KenkuNational NamesLine-Up Kenku
Possible KenkuGang KenkuTested KenkuTread Kenku
Sunshine KenkuExchange KenkuMattress NamesHall Names
Alliance NamesAmaze KenkuExquisite NamesSultana Names
Top NamesRomeo NamesCapture KenkuBed Kenku

Male Kenku Names

Male kenku names are all fantasy-based and masculine and masculinely powerful names. These names make it seem like the character is physically imposing and can protect themselves without being too obvious.

Sturdy KenkuCertain KenkuMaster NamesBeta Names
Frame NamesKashmir NamesCrop KenkuCulture Kenku
Marker NamesNidra KenkuGenerate KenkuProminent Names
Visit NamesFrill NamesGraceful NamesSeaside Names
Conspiracy NamesGrow NamesBlitz NamesCrazy Names
Ineffable KenkuDais KenkuNational NamesLine-Up Kenku
Possible KenkuGang KenkuTested KenkuTread Kenku
Sunshine KenkuExchange KenkuMattress NamesHall Names
Alliance NamesAmaze KenkuExquisite NamesSultana Names
Top NamesRomeo NamesCapture KenkuBed Kenku
kenku names
Male Kenku Names
Intel KenkuHonest NamesAdmire NamesEnvy Names
Tire KenkuSprightly NamesTelegram NamesDestiny Names
Boy NamesBoss NamesClan KenkuElevate Kenku
Delish KenkuRadiance KenkuSubtle NamesPop Names
Engage KenkuNiche NamesOxen NamesShape Kenku
Wedge KenkuButterscotch KenkuGlorious NamesLeader Names
Scribe NamesOutpost NamesSmack KenkuDomain Names
Shack KenkuKingdom KenkuSuave NamesSumo Kenku
Yap KenkuJack KenkuSource KenkuPalace Kenku
Elysian NamesAppetite NamesStinger NamesFootprint Kenku

Frequently Asked Questions(faq)

1. What class is best for Kenku?

Kenku characters can be played multiple ways, and so the best way to decide what class it is best for depends on what you’re looking for in personality. Kenku characters can act as the main character, a supporting role, or be played as a magical sidekick.

2. Who cursed the Kenku?

The Kenku themselves are not cursed; they were cursed by others who took advantage of their power. The only way to undo the curses is for the Kenku to master their abilities and be able to use them for good instead of evil, however.

3. Can Kenku speak?

Kenku characters can speak, but they don’t always need to. With that being said, it does help if their voice is different from the familiar voice of the people around them. Otherwise, it sounds weird that a Kenku would have a voice like theirs.

4. Can Kenku be clerics?

A Kenku can be a cleric, but it depends on the god they follow; if they believe in a god of nature or a god of knowledge, then they could be clerics.


Kenku Names With Meanings For Your Characters’ is a list of names, their meanings, and the sort of mood or personality that they give off. You can be as imaginative as you like, drawing inspiration from any aspect of your personality. Natural creatures and the sounds they make could inspire a nice Kenku name.

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