5 firms with fantastically simple names

Names mean business. But when you stop to think about it, in their early histories, the company names of global giants like Apple and Amazon wouldn’t have provided many clues to customers about the products and services they offered.

Your company name should be catchy and concise – but if it also signposts exactly what you do in no uncertain terms, it provides clarification for consumers and helps you differentiate yourself in crowded online and offline marketplaces.

To help you get your brand brainstorming off to a flying start, take a look at these five firms with fantastically simple names.

  • Webuyanycar.com

If you’re positioning yourself as an online car dealership willing to consider buying practically any car, choosing a name that straightforwardly describes your business model is a stroke of genius.

You can sell your car on webuyanycar.com in a simple, three-step process on a clear, uncluttered website.

This is one brand whose name has become synonymous with simplicity and good service.

  • Size?

Single-word brand names can be memorable – and a punchy punctuation mark is a final flourish that might just seal the deal.

UK sneaker chain Size? follows this formula with a name that conjures up the transactional conversation customers have with staff when they’re selecting their favorite sports shoes. It’s catchy and active yet subtle, so deserves top marks.

  • The School of Life

Modern life can be fast-paced, demanding and exhausting – so it’s no wonder so many of us seek solace in inspirational ideas from famous thinkers throughout history.

If you attend classes at The School of Life at campuses around the world, you’ll elevate your emotional intelligence so you’re better equipped to deal with the slings and arrows of life, work and relationships. Consequently, this brand’s name perfectly reflects the mix of intellectuality and inclusivity that inspires its mission.

  • Rentokil

If you’ve ever had a major pest control problem in your home or workplace, you’ll probably be familiar with the name Rentokil.

It immediately evokes the exact image of its service offering – you’ve hired the firm to exterminate vermin. Interestingly though, company founder professor Harold Maxwell-Lefroy initially wanted the name to be ‘Entokil’, a combination of the Greek term ‘entomon’ meaning insect and the English word ‘kill’. When the Board of Trade rejected the name it became ‘Rentokil’ and the rest is history.

  • Looking4Parking

Finding a parking space at the airport can be a nightmare, so this comparison site has made a success of providing travelers with peace of mind since it was established in 2009.

The name meets this customer pain point head-on and the service delivers on its promise to customers around the world – making it easy to find airport parking on Looking4.com for LAX, London Gatwick or anywhere else. 

These examples prove that there’s nothing wrong with hitting the nail on the head with your company name – to achieve immediate brand recognition, there’s no point making customers guess what you do. 

That’s our list! Share your own brand name tips in the comments section.