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Excellent guide on funny and street weed names

Weeds are the most popular and well-known recreational drugs, which are otherwise called marijuana, pot or cannabis. It is illegal in many countries, so weed gains lots of slang names.   When it comes to cannabis, it is the drug which is used and sold around the world. The huge dispersion of weed further gives many slang names to it. It is significant to know that the weed names are related to an array of things.  It includes the effect of a drug, product quality, strain name, originated language and much more.

THC or Tetra Hydro Cannabinol is a key component of weed that is evolved as the botanical self-defence chemical. It is available in the subset of hemp plants family. These kinds of plants offer certain plant materials which are rich in this THC component are hugely dried before smoking. In some instances, it is used as the medicine for certain chronic ailments, so it is considered safe. Though, the use of marijuana can impact the judgment and perception of people. Both heavy and persistent use can contribute to several social problems.

Why do weeds have nicknames?

The increased level of popularity is the main reason why weeds have many street names and nicknames. It is important to know that there is possibly no other drug with several alternate names than weeds. Weeds are used by different cultures for several years. Hence, there is an endless range of names for weed. Now, it is legal to buy in certain states. There are thousands of names available for weeds. If you want to know the other names for weed, you can read this post carefully. It shares you an extensive list of other names for cannabis. It includes:

Names for Weed

Acapulco Gold
Amnesia Haze
Astro Turf
Bag of Bones
Bubba Kush
Cambodian Red
Hindu Kush
Cambodian Red
Christmas Tree
Da Kine

Slang names for cannabis

There are many ways available to get better insights into the weeds, so you can follow the best one carefully. It is always helpful to know the slang names of weeds because it not only brings you weed insights but also let you avoid the unwanted hassles. Though cannabis has thousands of slang names, few of them are listed below.

Bruce Banner
Ditch Weed
Critical Mass
Charlotte’s Web
Gorilla Glue
Grape Ape
Crazy Weed
Alice B. Toklas
Alligator Cigarette
Durban Poison
Dirt Grass
Happy Cigarette
Good Giggles
Good Stuff
Bubblegum Bud
Blunt Broccoli
Green Goddess
Blue Sage
Blue Dream

Importance of guiding your children about weeds

According to many students, up to 10% of approximate 1.4 million young individuals with stuff abuse issues receive treatment. You never allow your teens to be another worst statistic.  It is important to take immediate action if you are finding that the teens are drinking or using drugs. If you address these issues in advance, it will reduce the possibilities of drug addiction and even drug abuse. In addition to that, you can start to monitor the activities of your children very closely. The properly monitoring process helps you to create reasonable consequences and rules which are enforceable. In any instance, if the issues are unfortunately beyond your handling ability, you can look for better assistance. There are lots of alcohol and drug treatment facilities available which are specially tailored to young individuals.

Street names for weed

You can try to ensure that your teens be aware of the street names for weed. It helps your teens to easily identify the weeds and avoid them with caution.

Jolly Green
Aunt Mary
Mary Jane
Baby Bhang
Bobo Bush
Joy Stick, Joy Smoke
Dinkie Dow
Dona Juana
Giggle Smoke
Flower Tops, Flower
Good Giggles
Hot Stick
Good Butt

Be aware of different weed names

In the present world, the weeds are available in different names. It leads to an increased level of drug use. If you want to ensure that your loved ones are not using drugs, you can let them know about the different names for weed. The proper listening to these names brings people a fantastic chance to avoid using them.  

Loco Weed
Left-handed Cigarette
Love Weed
Magic Smoke
Stink Weed
Mary Jane
OG Kush
Sour Diesel
Spak Brus
Northern Lights
Magic Dragon
Panama Red
Maui Waui
Strawberry Cough
Phatty Pinner
Reefer Righteous Bush
Purple Haze
Rainy Day Woman
Sticky Icky
Mexican Red

Everything about weed strains

The cannabis strains refer to the varieties which have medicinal and recreational use. They are cultivated for containing an increased level of cannabinoids. Different types of cannabis varieties include a minimal level of cannabinoid content. They are otherwise called hemp. It is always helpful to know the weed strain names while learning about the weed strains. The following list let you know different names of cannabis strains.

Gorilla Glue
Blue Dream
Amnesia Haze
Bubba Kush
Critical Mass
Durban Poison

Funniest weed strain names

There are lots of guides available to choose the right kind of weed strains. Some of the good weed strains help with anxiety and few others help with even sleep. Certain kinds of weed strains are simply for an extremely chill time. It is wonderful news for people that these weed stains are having lots of funny names. If you are interested in knowing the funny weed names, you can read this passage properly.   

Most of the individuals smoke weed for either medical or recreational uses. Some of them do not recognize that there is an extensive range of various strands and blends of weeds that are available. According to the study, many individuals throughout the globe have actually lip up the favorite plant. Still, weeds are not legal in several nations, but they gain more fame among people across the world. The increased level of popularity will give many funny names for weed.  

Alaskan Thunderf*ck: It is a popular strain that has the best name in Mary Jane’s history. It hails from exactly Alaska, obviously and features the fruity taste which leaves many people salivating for a huge amount. It will also hit people strong, but leave them happy.
White Girl OG: It is the suitable strain for a white female who needs the marijuana story which she can always tell at the parties for several years
Laughing Grass: It is a warning, so one should avoid using it as an alternative before dental surgery
Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien: You can try to answer the usual questions with this weed strain
Charlie Sheen: It is excellent weed strain ideals for individuals who desire to live the lifestyle of Charlie Sheen with no indulges in nastier habits.
Barck O Bubba: You can consider the tepid endorsement of Obama of the medical marijuana in this overall presidency.  It looks weird for naming the strain after Obama. It will aid you in escaping the fact of the world at least after he is completely left office.
Zombie Killer OG: In fact, smoking this weed strain is probably not boosting your ability to kill undead in real-life, but it probably helps more in video games where it is the main requirement.
Bob Saget OG: The funniest home videos of America are a show which stoners show and enjoy that showcases many stoners. So obviously the greatest host of the show has the weed strain called after him.
Girl Scout Cookies: The good thing about the weed strain name is that you are able to speak regarding buying it even in front of parents with no worry.  Actually, they are possible to applaud you to buying an increased quantity of these weed strains.
Purple Urkle: Though it’s doubtful that Steve Urkle ever smoke the joint, but his name is ideal for naming the weed strain
Schnazzleberry: It is not obvious where the overall name of this strains one arrived from, however many trusts it is a few homage snoozzberries of Willy Wonka. It is a particular strain that is told to be useful for making hash, relaxing or vaping.
Dopium: A plus pun name exactly here
Poochie Love: It is the name created after the most popular Simpsons episode where the Homer becomes a voice of “Poochie” on the Scratchy and Itchy Show.
Lucky Charms : It is the mellow weed strain directly from the amazing Colorado state. Smoking this strain may leave people chasing after the rainbow. It is not essentially a bad thing.
Cannasutra: It is very simpler and needs better flexibility when compared with Kama Sutra
Green Crack: It is less dangerous, less addictive and method more fun when compared with standard crack
Afgooey: It has the sillier of names available for weed, even though the origin of this strain is clean.   This weed strain is very popular, so the sugary version turns the stressful time into an extremely sweet excitement in the place of better relaxation.
Purple Monkey Balls: It is one of the weed strains that you actually pull out of friends and when they request what it is named, you say them and all of them giggle for 5 straight minutes.

Final words

In simple words, weeds have lots of names that show its increased level of popularity. If you find that anyone has signs of weed use, you can help them to know the different names of weeds with this post.

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