100+ Watch Company Name Ideas And Suggestions

100+ Watch Company Name Ideas And Suggestions

Watches are loved by both men and women, and thus small watch business owners have quite a big target audience to focus on. Since this is a very personal accessory, and people have their unique taste about it, making a business out of watch selling requires both product knowledge and fine sales ability. 

While you have the choice of opening an offline store, online stores are always a notch higher. Due to the advancement of technology and our inability to find out time to go out for shopping, online businesses are having a fine time. All you need to do is set up an e-commerce site, rank high in the search engines and you are ready to go! 


However, no business exists without competition. For instance, if you are planning to set up your small watch business in the US, you are sure to face a lot of competition since this is a very popular business idea. But no competition can stop you if you have laid out your strategies well. If you have a clear business concept and have developed a route to achieve it, nothing can stop you

In addition to good business concepts and strategies, it’s important to pick out the correct name for your watch business. A good business name can take your business to great heights if you know how to promote it. 

Indeed some fine tips can help you select the ideal name for your watch business, but before going into that, let’s look at a few names: (Also Choose A Good Name For Your Agriculture Company)

Watch Brand Name Suggestions:

OlydrielLyraSignox WatchesVirtual
AbbbrideAmidOperaEgisjo wrist
OmaggioBruteItaly MussBene Watch Co.
Etint Time MachineJackThree SecondzBlackWater Watch Co.
Osse stoxNoteMadrigal Watch Co.Cabaletta
TsursaOpus Watch Co.OttavaAdagio Watch Co.
VespersNocturneTocsin Watch Co.Glissando
Krisbass Advance WatchesQuintus Watch Co.AvesslaySkinox
ScotputtLexxivKrateurErieire swiss watches

Process To Select The Best Names:

Brainstorming ideas:

Begin the process by brainstorming ideas and names that fit into the business model. For instance, are you looking to sell luxury watches? Or will you like to focus on the fun and flexibility? Once you have decided on the tone of the business, then you can select from watch-related words like dial, timeless, tick-tock, wrist and much more. 

Watch Business Name Generator
NssiloVivace Watch Co.RhythmForbeFest Watch Co.
Erubert men’s TimeVerxe SpotMedleyMelisma
BrioMarciaForte Watch Co.Demi Watch Co.
RustetCelestaSonore Watch Co.Rittok
FlyTap WatchesCarol Watch Co.TempoViola Watch Co.
KAIROOpgloUS BiteSka
SonatinaJazz Watch Co.IwashiCappella

If you take a closer look, these words do not only talk about the watches in particular but can also enhance the life of the buyers in some way. The primary idea here is to select a name that is somehow related to watches. However, if you are stuck and cannot come up with such a name, then use a Watch Business Name Generator. (Choose Names For Spice Company)

Shortlisting process:

Once you have created a possible list of the names, run an analysis of the ideas.  It’s a good idea to remove any such names which are hard to spell, pronounce or write. The idea is to select names that are brandable, easy to write, spell and overall, sounds great. 

The following questions can make this step easier. After shortlisting the names, ask yourself:

Does the name convey the right meaning?

Is the name easy to read and pronounce?

Is it easy to spell?

Does the name use rare words?


When you have a few names on your list, take suggestions from a few people in the industry or your potential customers about the names. It’s a good idea to avoid taking suggestions from friends and family as such feedbacks can generally be biased. 

While these steps can help you come up with better names, here are a few more suggestions that can come in handy:

AllegroStanza Watch Co.NeraMeteslay
GosdidyElhifyJackie Dalton’s WatchesElssiz
Odyssee TimeIdylinn watches hubDot Watch Co.Hype
TrimreddAlleyAex WatchesKey Watch Co.Alto
LibrettoHarmonyZipsbier watch and moreLegato
Cyclic Time shopHosteeHarpSerentte Watch Co.
Reggae Watch Co.ZestjoltDorianCadence Watch Co.
Symphox Watch Co.Lyric Watch Co.VespersNODA


A watch business will always be lucrative if you know how to run it. In that light, come up with names that are cool and catchy. All the best!