Top 8 Ways to Promote your Photography Online


    A photography business is not easy to sustain. Sometimes it seems you have already done everything possible to make it successful, yet that was not enough. In a highly competitive sphere of photography, reaching success is not everything.

    Doing your job well and having an excellent portfolio is excellent. However, people should know about you to appreciate your art. The importance of online promotion, in this case, can hardly be underestimated.

    Go-to tools, email signature software, social media channels, networks, and directories help to efficiently share, popularize, connect and get feedback for your work. Here are the top 8 ways to promote and grow your photography business described in detail for you not to miss the opportunities.

    Social media platforms

    Good photography business promotion campaign takes advantage of social media platforms right from the start. As social media has become an integral part of daily life, it is also a powerful marketing tool available everywhere, at any time, and on any device. 

    Undoubtedly social media marketing requires planning, commitment, and strategy, offering tremendous opportunities in return. In the case of photography, social media popularity is worth every effort. 

    Before you even get started on social media, consider choosing the platform with the highest reach and best appealing to your niches. Here are some options to consider: 

    • Pinterest

    Built on images essentially, this platform is for sharing, searching for inspiration, and creating mood boards. 

    • Behance

    The world`s largest creative network made for showcasing and discovering new art pieces. 

    • Youtube

    Second world`s largest search engine, which can make your photography visible around the globe. 

    • Instagram

    A social media space that provides opportunities to develop and define your brand’s aesthetics.

    Professional email signatures

    Some photographers are overlooking the opportunities of the most straightforward promotional tools like an email signature. However, getting sent out hundreds of times a day may be an efficient tool for attracting new visitors to the website or social media portfolio.

    For a photographer, an email signature is an essential part of communication and self-promotion. Therefore it should inform, amaze and attract. Here are several tips for your email signature to work best for your promotion:

    1. Include only essential information
    2. Choose appealing coloring
    3. Font signature to add a creative touch
    4. Add social media, portfolio, website links 
    5. Attach some visuals.

    Email newsletters

    Email marketing appears to be one of the most underrated promotional tools among photographers as well. The truth is, a good email marketing campaign can help to build loyalty, grow your audience, as emails are 40 times more effective than social media at acquiring new customers.  

    An email newsletter is a valuable, easy, and direct way to engage with past and potential clients to encourage them to actual actions. Thus, email newsletters help to convert your social media followers into loyal customers and build trustful relationships. Besides, expanding your business opportunities at little cost and no risk is always a good option. 

    Photo online directories

    Online directories and website listings are excellent places to share your photos under different licenses. Here`s why — people often turn to these resources to find businesses within their geographical area. 

    Websites like Flickr, Bing Places, The Yellow Pages, or Yelp provide free options for online photography promotion. Besides, the help gives Google another online signal that you exist. Thus, if you photograph particular events like weddings or newborns, there is no better option for you than online photo directories. 

    Your own website

    Your professional photography website is your online portfolio, representing your creativity and passion for your work. Your own or studio website should be the heart of your photography promotion campaign. 

    It goes without saying your website should look perfect down to minor details as you will direct people thereby all possible means. Furthermore, a good photography website is also a photo storing space for you. Therefore you should aim at the following features: 

    • Shareability
    • Accessibility
    • Space 
    • Wide audience reach 

    Personal or company blog

    Blogging is another excellent way to promote your photography business. Photography is a service. Thus extensive information and details concerning this service are always interesting to learn about. Having an appealing and engaging blog helps to drive traffic and reach for potential clients. 

    Promoting your photography blog content is essential and sometimes requires multiple marketing actions, especially under highly competitive market conditions. Though blog content creation seems to be a time-consuming task, it is worth the efforts, as far as websites that also have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages.

    SEO image optimization 

    As far as you are dealing with a sphere where images are everything, SEO optimization is crucial. Optimized images give search engines important contextual information and speed up page loading, which increases user engagement. 

    Working with SEO means making sure that search engines like Google will find all your images. To give your photography business the best opportunity to succeed, concentrate on creating and delivering high-quality images in the ideal format, size, resolution, and accurate labeling.  

    Improved customer experience and interaction directly relate to the increased customer engagement, retention, and conversion. 

    Advertising and promotion

    Digital marketing can give your photography business a considerable boost. For many photographers, PPC and Facebook ads prove to be a good investment as they help reach people who don`t even know they are interested in your business. 

    Facebook ads and Google ads are two major options of paid advertisement that can build and grow your business digitally. Having created a powerful and targeted ad copy at once, you will never leave this opportunity behind again due to the high efficiency and total budget control you get. 

    Besides, diving into digital ads with a minimal budget and low risks is an excellent option for beginners.


    The development of an effective photography marketing strategy is a complex and daunting task at first. However, building a successful photography business without accurate promotion is next to impossible. 

    Despite the seriousness of this matter, promotion doesn`t have to be time-consuming and tiring. Just start with applying one or two of the ways mentioned above to promote your business and add more as you go. Be conscious about promoting your photography and put effort into building your business at a comfortable pace. 


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