Top 4 Signs That You Have a Magnesium Deficiency


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Magnesium deficiency is a health problem that is often overlooked. Low levels of magnesium are otherwise known as hypomagnesemia. Although fewer than 2% of Americans experience magnesium deficiency, studies suggest that a vast majority are not meeting daily nutritional requirements.

In certain cases, magnesium deficiency may not be diagnosed since the obvious symptoms do not appear until your magnesium levels become extremely low. There are many causes of magnesium deficiency, from inadequate dietary intake to magnesium loss in the body. 

If you are not getting enough magnesium, it is crucial to get supplements. One option is to order magnesium chelate online. Aside from being highly absorbable, it is also gentle on the digestive system.

Muscle spasms and cramps

One sure sign of magnesium deficiency is tremors and muscle cramps. At its worst, magnesium deficiency may even cause convulsions and seizures. Experts believe that the symptoms result from a greater flow of calcium into the nerve cells, which over stimulates the muscle nerves.

Keep in mind that sudden muscle cramps may also point to other causes. For example, it may be rooted to stress,  a side effect of certain medications or even a neurological disease symptom, such as neuromyotonia.

Although occasional twitches are normal, you should consult your doctor if these symptoms happen regularly.

Mental disorders

Mental disorders are another cause of magnesium deficiency. These include feelings of apathy, which is described as mental numbness or lack of affect. When the magnesium deficiency becomes worse, it can even lead to delirium and eventually coma. 

There are also studies that show that low levels of magnesium promote the onset of depression and anxiety. One study concluded that supplementing with magnesium can benefit people with anxiety disorders.

Overall, the lack of magnesium is directly related to nerve dysfunctions and mental problems in some people. It will help if you order magnesium chelate online and supplement it daily to improve your mood and functioning in all areas of life. 


Osteoporosis is a health problem characterized by weak bones and increased risks for bone fractures. The risk of getting osteoporosis can be traced to numerous factors. These include advancing age, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition that lacks essential Vitamins D and K.

Magnesium deficiency can weaken bones and lower the blood levels of calcium, which is the bones’ main component. A study of mice confirmed that a lack of magnesium results in bone mass reduction. Studies have also associated magnesium deficiency with reduced levels of bone mineral density.

  • Fatigue and muscle weakness

Fatigue is described as physical or mental exhaustion, which is another consequence of lack of magnesium. It should be noted that everyone becomes fatigued now and then. Typically, it simply means you need to rest and relax. However, severe persistent fatigue may be a symptom of health problems.

Fatigue cannot be traced to any one health issue. Its causes are impossible to identify unless other symptoms accompany it. 

Final thoughts

It is crucial to have optimal levels of vitamins and minerals in your diet. You may not be getting enough from the food you eat. In many cases, the heat needed in processing food can cause components such as magnesium to degrade so it is not taken by the body optimally. 

Magnesium supplements ensure that you are getting the recommended daily amount. Lack of magnesium can result in symptoms that can interfere with your daily functioning, causing you to perform poorly at work and other areas of your life.

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Top 4 Signs That You Have a Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is a health problem that is often...
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