6 Signs that it is Time to Change Air Filters at Home

Air filters are normally installed on the AC unit’s blower compartments or air ducts. Their main work is restraining air-containing contaminants and allowing clear airflow in the house with cooled air. Filters accumulate a percentage of dangerous pollutants and can be blocked over time.

When the air filters of your AC get more jammed, grime and dust will start entering the appliance, showing signs of wear as well as tear on various components. Some of these signs may include the following:

  1. Increase in Electric Bills

The peak summertime in many places needs homeowners to depend on their AC more than they often do. However, this doesn’t mean that they need to pay high electric bills.

If your electric bills spike for no reason, the problem can be traced back to clogged air filters, making your AC work harder than usual.

  1. Uneven Temperatures

Basically, uneven temperatures in your home are a clear sign that there is something wrong with your AC unit. Properly maintained AC units are able to keep rooms in a home at the required temperatures consistently.

Even when it isn’t time to replace your air filters, you still have to inspect your unit with the help of a reliable and professional technician when you notice this issue.

  1. Accumulation of Dust and Dirt

When the air filter is clogged, it starts releasing contaminants and dirt into the system. Dirt and other contaminants will be expelled through vents if nothing is done.

Dust and dirt accumulating around vents don’t always mean that you need to change your air filters. But if you constantly notice this problem, you must replace your filters with a new custom air filter Miami.

  1. Your Unit is Hot

Clogged air filters can make your unit work overtime as it needs to use a lot of force to push an equal amount of air through the filters. If you realize your system is too hot to touch, check your air filters immediately.

If you replace your air filters and the system still doesn’t work as it should, contact a professional technician to come over and look at it. You might be dealing with a bigger problem.

  1. Increase in Breathing Problems and Allergies

If you start noticing a sudden increase in respiratory illnesses or allergies among family members in the household, it could be a sign that your filters are clogged or are not able to filter out particulates aggravating those conditions. Clogged air filters can as well reduce airflow in a space, complicating the problem even more.

  1. Bad Smell

If you notice a foul odor, which wasn’t there before, there might be microbial growth or a bacteria buildup in your home’s air filters. As air is blown through your filters, the unit pushes bad odors through the ducts and directs them to your home. If you notice this, change your air filters.


Whether you have an AC window system or a central heating unit, it is important to notice warning signs requiring changing your air filters. It is easy to replace air filters. All you need to do is pop out the old filters and add new ones.