The Ways Slot Machines Have Been Reinvented Online

The humble slot machine is thought to have been invented in the late 19th century. The exact date is unclear, but most sources trace it to between 1887 and 1895.

What is known for sure is that the inventor was a man called Charles Augustus Frey. His machine boasted five icons and three reels, before the five-reel format with fruit icons took over early in the following century.

That led to them becoming known as fruit machines and they gradually became a popular addition to casinos, but also to venues like pubs. Since those early days, slot machines have remained the most widely-played type of casino game.

Indeed their reinvention in this era of online casino has supercharged that popularity. But how have the slots changed?

More Games to Choose From

The very first slot machine online appeared in 1998 and was called Splash Cash. It was created by Microgaming and that company remains at the forefront of online slot development to this day.

However it was very basic by the standards of today, with 2D visuals and fixed reels. It was a success though and sparked an online slot explosion that saw thousands of these games hit online casinos.

Customers nowadays can choose between innumerable games. That ever-expanding choice of slots means that they remain fresh for casino customers and helps to keep them as the most popular games.

The Emergence of Themed Slots

The main way in which the developers of online slots have been able to keep coming up with new variations is through themes. This is one of the things that really separates online slots out from what came before.

Whereas most of the physical machines of the pre-digital era stuck with the standard fruit reel icons, online slots have multiple different themes. These range from the Irish flavour of the long-running Rainbow Riches slot franchise to games based on the latest Marvel superhero blockbusters.

Those who place bets regularly at online casinos love themed slots but they have also helped to expand the customer base for the games. After all, whether you are a fan of superhero movies or Taylor Swift, if there is a slot game based on that passion, there is a good chance that you will want to try playing it.

Almost all slots have a pop culture theme in the modern era and that has made them interesting to more than just dedicated gambling enthusiasts.

The Development of Video Graphics

Naturally technology is at the heart of an online slot. Therefore, as that technology has advanced, the creators of the games have been able to add new features.

One example of that is the appearance of video slots. These offer not just animated graphics but moving images that augment the play for slot gamers.

That has helped to make slots that are based on hit movies more vivid for the players by enabling the inclusion of clips from those movies. Equally slots inspired by top pop stars now frequently feature the official music videos and live performance footage by those stars during the games.

Many physical machines also now have video graphics. It is one of the most important ways that the games have progressed in the modern era, because it makes the experience of playing them immersive.

The Launch of Mobile Slot Gaming

Another way in which slots games have been reinvented online is the launch of mobile slots. This represents the latest adaptation, as technology has moved forward to the extent that mobile casino is now viable.

Each of the big online casino sites now also has its own app that fans can download to a mobile phone or tablet. These apps feature all of the latest slot games that are available at the main site.

Mobile casino makes playing them even more convenient though. That is because mobiles and tablets are smaller and thus inherently more portable than computers, so fans can access slots on the move rather than just at home.

This suits slot games more than other types of casino game, because they are simpler and quicker to play. That makes them ideal for dipping into during breaks in the day, so mobile slot gaming has left them even more popular than they were before.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Finally, modern slots feature larger jackpots and bonus prizes than the old physical fruit machines. Many have progressive jackpots that build up with every play until someone finally wins, with those winnings sometimes totalling millions of pounds.

Meanwhile most online slots also come with at least one bonus game that gives players the chance to multiply their payout.

Slot games have been reinvented radically without sacrificing the essential format and will change many more times in the future.