The Most Welcoming Girl Names in Japan

Japanese names are one of the prettiest and adorable names amongst all. For the Japanese girl infants, there are so many names that are not only beautiful but also have contacting implications. Among all the names given to newborn girl babies, the top child names are Isla and Mila that has found to be the most interesting names. If you have an infant baby girl in your home, then we have listed some adorable names that you can choose for her. SO, have a look:

1)    SUKI

Suki is the most recognizable name for the Japanese girl especially in the western region of Japan. It has a meaningful significance and that’s why people prefer this name majorly. The reason for its significance among Japanese people is that it is the name of a very famous and popular English performing artist and model whose complete name is Suki Waterhouse. If we talk about its traditional importance, the meaning of the name is an ‘adored one’ and some people regularly utilized as this action word meaning ‘to cherish’.

2)    SAKURA

Sakura is another notable name in Japan that has given major importance in all over regions of J

Japan. The name mainly signifies a girl who resembles a cherry bloom. Most people couldn’t be aware of the fact that the cherry bloom trees are regarded and believe to be imperative in Japanese culture. Additionally, it signifies magnificence and everybody believes that girls with the name ‘sakura’ are alluring to other people and also extremely imaginative. They always will have met their objectives and viewed as promising employees. They are always loaded with excitement and cherish everyone’s mood with their adorable qualities.

3)    REI

Rei is a girly name with extremely delightful qualities about it. According to the wife choice, It is a short cute name that can be given to Japanese girl infants that means ‘lovely’ just as ‘tinkling of jade’.  It tends to sound a name of a boy but this attribute only makes it special and encouraging for the families who like to think out of the box.  The girls with name Rei believe to be defiant in nature and they always look for new revelations and carry on with her life depends upon the experience. They have a charming personality with versatile qualities and caring nature. It’s a solid independent name that will make an impression for the people who love Japanese culture and art.

4)    HIKARU

Hikaru is one other name that is suitable for either boy or a girl baby. It is an ideal name for the parents who want their child to be academically very sound. The literal meaning of the name Hikaru is ‘shining brilliance’ which signifies that a baby named Hikaru would always shine educationally. The name is perfect for the baby who is born in scholar family that always wants their offspring to learn and impart the passion for education in them. It is believed by the people that children with this name have an analytical and logical mind. They always analyze the situation with practicality and are able to manage the things beautifully.

5)    HARU

Haru is one extremely cool name for a baby girl which signifies ‘sunlight’. In different interpretations, it incorporates the meaning ‘born in the spring’. The name Haru is a refreshing name that is a practically much-needed refresher to cherish one’s mood. People tend to believe that the children with the name Haru is accepted to move in nature and they have unique positive energy in them. This attribute makes this name perfect for the families who believe in positivity and keeping their heads up in any type of situation regardless difficult or great.

6)    MAIKO

Maiko is a name that goes to every artistic person born in this world. It is such a dazzling name for a baby girl which signifies ‘a child who has the love for dance’. People with this name believe to have a graceful personality. They have perfect moves that bring out satisfaction, delight, opportunity and positive energy in surroundings. They are viewed to be sentimental and merciful to others as they find it joyful to help others.


So, these were some cute and meaningful names that are most welcoming ones for the girl child in Japan.