The Most Unique Christmas Cards for the Holiday Season

No one wants to be the unfortunate half of two people who sent the same Christmas card. The holiday season is an incredible time to relax with family and take a few needed days off work, but the lead-up to the big day can be riddled with stressful tasks. Few are more tedious than the process of buying and packaging Christmas cards for family and friends.

Thankfully, the days of working as a one-person postal service are comfortably behind most people, with the addition of digital websites and retailers that complete the process for you. In this article, we will help take the pressure of planning off your shoulders by showing some of the most unique Christmas card ideas for the coming season.

Unique Christmas Card Ideas & Methods

While most people are happy to waltz through Walmart and find a few quick and easy cards to seal and ship, the generic holiday greetings are quickly forgotten and trashed. Thankfully, there are many different ways to customize and concoct several wonderful Christmas cards that will impress everyone.

Make sure you know the address of everyone you are sending Christmas cards to ahead of time. Otherwise, you may have a few cards for other people lying around this holiday season. If you’re not sure how to find someone’s latest address, this helpful guide on how to find an address will tell you everything you need to know.

Family Picture Collage

If you aren’t sure where to start when choosing your upcoming Christmas cards, it is hard to go wrong by showing off photos of your family. Several websites now offer personalization that makes including various pictures of your festive family easy, simple, and unique. Get a few of your favorite Christmas sweaters, throw a Santa hat on the dog, and snap a few photos.

A Christmas card with a small collection of family photos is exceptional for distant relatives who don’t get the chance to see you and yours as often as either of you would like. Instead of a card with a colorful illustration and fun lettering, you can send a collection of pictures to reassure everyone that your family is excited and ready to celebrate the holidays.

Put a Wax Seal on the Envelope

Christmas comes around just once a year, and the vibrant colors and elegant packaging of gifts, goods, and envelopes are half the fun. So, while a Christmas card should be appealing and thoughtful on its own, a wax seal can help add a level of quality and care to the package.

Wax seals are multifaceted and can be placed on envelopes given to coworkers, family members, and friends. Everyone will be impressed with the extra step, and you can even choose details to push into it, such as a family crest, Christmas wreaths, and much, much more. They can also help spruce up a Christmas card that sits on the simpler side.

Make the Card Ornamental

Genius is rarely appreciated in its time. Similarly, many fantastic and well-made Christmas cards get thrown into a pile of season greetings that quickly resemble a colorful novel. To avoid having your Christmas card thrown into a pile of well wishes, make it into an ornament that can be hung from a festive fir tree.

The ornamental Christmas card can have a picture of your family, kids, or the cutest pet in your household and gives people a personal touch added to their Christmas decorations. It can also be as simple as a happy holiday card with the backside featuring who it is from. Your friends and relatives will enjoy the unique idea and appreciate the added decoration.

Last Ideas for Unique Christmas Cards

The great thing about the ideas above is that they can all be combined into one incredibly unforgettable Christmas card. That doesn’t mean more standard, established methods won’t work quite as well, though they can be lost in the dozens of other cards people will receive during the season.

For folks who want to stand out, the wax seal is a great way to get your Christmas card in the forefront of someone’s holiday letters. To ensure that a card doesn’t get quickly trashed, give it versatility by allowing people to hang it from walls, stockings, and Christmas trees. Finally, make the parcel personal by including a few photos of the family in their holiday best.