Cool Superhero Team Names

Cool Superhero Team Names

If your childhood did not have superhero comics then your adulthood needs it because it’s wide acceptance in Hollywood is a clear indication of how huge the fan base is and when so many people are going gaga over something, they can’t simply be a fool. History has it witnessed, whenever Superheroes have teamed up to beat a supervillain, things have been humongous. Here is a list of Superhero Team Names that shook the comic world with its power.

In a world full of comics and animated movies, kids find nothing cooler than watching their favorite superheroes team up and fight against a common enemy. One of the most important things about admiring their favorite superheroes is the influence they have on children. Their virtues are also important because kids acquire them simply by trying to impersonate their favorite heroes.

If we start enlisting the best or the most popular superhero team names, these 10  superhero group names will be heard of again and again. If you’ve recently seen a Marvel movie and have become a new fan of the Superhero club, these Superhero Group Names are the names you need to remember in the long run and must make a bucket list to either watch or read them to know about them as most of these have been made into movies.

Superhero Team Names Published By
Fantastic FourMarvel
Teen TitansDC
WatchmenAlan Moore, DC
Justice Society of AmericaDC
Spiderman and…….Marvel
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenAlan Moore
Justice League of AmericaDC

When we think of all the Superhero Team Names or the Super Hero Group Names, the creative superhero names shouldn’t escape our minds. Starting from Green Lantern, Flash, Black Widow, Agent Graves, Daredevil, Deadpool and the list is endless. Our very own Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Captain America are the biggest examples of creative superhero names. So when we try to be a superhero in a game or develop a superhero game, we put ourselves under great pressure when it comes to naming the superhero. 

Given the legacy of Superheroes, you cannot name a Superhero Danny or Dumbo, the name itself has to be such that it sets the mood for the story. It is genuinely difficult to find and make heroic team names or cool superhero names that aren’t taken and thus we rely on made-up superhero names.

How to name a Superhero?

It is not compulsory to give a hint of the power the superhero possesses in the name but it is important to choose from the cool superhero names that aren’t taken. So the coolness factor is uncompromisable here when we consider the ‘How to name a Superhero’ part.

There are multiple ways to generate cool superhero names that aren’t taken but the best way is to make a list of new unique heroic team names, superhero team names and to choose from the made-up superhero names to get an absolute new name for your character or team.

Here is a list of some cool superhero team names which you may find perfect for your team-

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  • The Adjective + Boy/Girl/Man/Woman formula like Incredible Woman, Invisible Man, Superman, Wonder Woman. The formula also works well for generating female superhero names, ideas.
  • Human + (Noun/Adjective) formula like Human Torch, Human Watch, Human Saw, Human Shield, etc. 
  • Single-word formula. The rule here is to make a proper noun, so it doesn’t really matter if there is a meaning to it or not. We have had Hulk, Thor, we can easily make Thrust, Baffled, Strike, Hammer, etc.
  • Title + Name/Word Formula. Just like Captain America, Miss Marvel, and Doctor Strange you too can make names like Mister Sinister, Mister Underdog.
  • Noun + Noun is another formula that has been used time and again for keeping cool superhero names like Black Cat, Starfire, Scarlet Witch

Generating Superhero Team Names or character names can be one heck of a time and thus along with the formula, here is a list of cool Superhero Team Names that aren’t taken- Unique Heroic Team Names ideas and inspiration for your fantasy team. 

Heroic Team Names

The concept behind every superhero movie or comic book is the constant battle between good and evil, where good usually wins. By relating themselves to their favorite superheroes, children feel more powerful and learn things such as helping others in need, compassion and learn the big difference between good and bad and right and wrong. There are many publishers who introduced their heroes with a unique set of skills and characters but one thing is for sure that the names are always the coolest when it comes to naming the teams of superheroes.

  • Saviors of the Earth
  • Champion Warriors
  • Cold Blooded Fighters
  • Team Infinity
  • Protectors of the Age
  • Army of the Universe
  • Marvel Defenders
  • Evil Assassins
  • Time Heroes
  • Pack of Rescuers
  • Dark Heroes
  • Protectors of Night
  • Force
  • Supreme Commandos
  • Marvel Team
  • Sons of the Son
  • Fright fillers
  • Light Harbors
  • Guardians
  • Fallen Angels
  • Special Team
  • Captains of the Planet
  • Planet Protectors
  • Earthy Friends
  • Fantastic Friends
  • Evil Eyes
  • Wonder Women
  • Women Saviors
  • Women of Steel
  • Rock Shield

Our list of Heroic Team Names works as a generator for you so that when looking for a name in a hurry for your fantasy Superhero Team League or your Game Character, you don’t have to run your mind unnecessarily. With the list coming handy, you can either directly choose from the unique Heroic Team Names as your Superhero Team Names or take direct inspiration from the long list and come up with your own name making a new set of creative superhero names.


Kids these days are very attracted to cartoon characters and mainly superheroes. They also name themselves by relating their character to their favorite superhero. So we have got a list of such superheroes which can make your choice easier. This list includes superhero names for boys. If you want to be referred to some superhero name, below you have lots of names to choose from.

Agent Bob Firestorm Captain Planet Aqua man Falcon
Elongated Man Flash Gordon North star Beak Beast Cannonball
Ant-Man Beast Boy Jade Archangel Franklin Richards
Cameron Hicks Groot Doctor Doom Gravity Ironman


All girls are not the ones who like to play with dolls. Some girls are born heroes and like being named as a superhero. They are inspired by characters like Wonder-woman, Bat-woman, etc. So below are some of the coolest superhero names for girls-

Storm Teen Titans Shadowcat Tigra Batgirl
Zatanna Batwoman Catwoman Wonder Girl Isis
Rampage Destiny Starlight Wonder Woman Xena
Psylocke Mystique Electra Hawkgirl Queen of Swords

Female Superhero Names Ideas

  • Scarlet
  • Iris
  • Magenta
  • Skyline
  • Weather
  • Sunshine
  • Sparkle
  • Time
  • Vertigo
  • Bumblebee
  • Veronica
  • Pandora
  • Panther
  • Flow
  • Dual
  • Power
  • Spread
  • Vinyl
  • Peace
  • Dream
  • Rude
  • Influence
  • Bloom
  • Dark
  • Imagine
  • Tiny
  • Worship
  • Deny
  • Dormant
  • Vicious

While the comic world has seen some amazing and powerful female superheroes with cool names like Black Widow and Miss Marvel, the list above provides you with a list of inspiration for Female Superhero Names Ideas. 

The list is not over yet when we have helped you with a list of inspirations for Superhero Team Names, Superhero Group Names and Heroic Team Names along with sharing tips for How to name a Superhero, it would be unfair from our part to not help you with a list of creative superhero names, cool superhero names that aren’t taken and made up superhero names.

Made Up Superhero Names

  • Freak
  • Hellborn
  • Eye of Evil
  • Insight 
  • Mind Reader
  • Walking Dead
  • Strength
  • Mister Dare
  • Savior Man
  • Willing Man
  • Hate Eater
  • Sucker
  • Blue Light
  • Doctor Human
  • Virus
  • Rhino
  • Flash
  • Mind
  • Mars
  • Fahrenheit

With these creative superhero names, let the world of comics take over your imagination and help you to win over all the evil attackers. May your team with a cool Superpower Team Names succeed in protecting this galaxy.


There are many funny superhero names that can be related to a person with a hilarious character, for someone who loves to crack jokes all the time or someone who makes people laugh all the time with his sense of humor.

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Marvel superheroes have been the most favorites for the kids. Kids go mad over these characters as they see those characters in themselves. The heroes of Marvel are very popular among this generation and thus kids love it when someone relates them with a superhero character. Here is a list of the Marvel superhero names.

Wolverine Spiderman Thor Ironman Hulk
Daredevil Deadpool Silver Surfer Mr. Fantastic Captain America
Gambit Human Torch Iceman Jean Grey Storm


By watching the superheroes, kids make their lifestyle choices healthier, by exercising like their heroes, eating healthier food, and all this happens because they want to be as tough as their favorite superhero.

Kids these days want their teams to be named with some super-heroic name so that they gain the maximum attention among other teams. Whenever they are out to play or playing any group video games, they name their teams with some cool superhero team names. Such superhero group names are suggested below for you to choose from-

Chief Rebels

JusticeLeague   Gotham City Sirens   Green Lantern Corps   Secret Avengers  
Fantastic Force Covert Alliance

Crusaders Challenger Patrol Darkstars
All-Star Squadron

Alpha Flight
Defenders of the Earth Doom Patrol Excalibur


There are many unique superhero names that are not very phony or are known by people. These names are not so popular but are quite interesting. Below is a list of such unique superhero names

The Protector Astroman Captain Thunder The Gladiator The Condor
Samson CaptainVictory Silver Star The Thunderbolt The Wraith
The Avenger Flamestrike Lady Victory The Barracuda The Dragoon

Plenty of creative superhero team names are available from which kids would love to choose as they opt for the one which creates a heroic image of them in front of other groups. Not only kids, but even grownups also name themselves on the basis of good superhero names. While playing a video game or while choosing a social media user name, people do opt for their favorite superhero names.

Another important aspect of superheroes and their influence on children is that they lead to normal human life. Even though they have superpowers, they still have regular everyday lives. They are just normal human beings. This shows that heroes are people just like them. And this means that they can make a good change in the world.