251+ Amazing Pool Team Name Ideas

This is a call to all those people who prefer to hang out with their group of friends strictly at those places only, which do have a pool table.

Playing pool is an interesting way to meet new people and to develop your skills. 

Let me guess you are not alone; you have your team ready! WOW! You are already a step ahead. 

Participating in a pool league will let your team compete with other teams, thus adding to the exposure and experience. Who knows you and your team could be the next big thing in the world of pool! Well, doesn’t that sound great!

So, what is your team called? Haven’t decided yet? No problem we are here to assist you. 

We understand how important it is to have the right name for your team. After all, the first impression is the last impression!

Naming is the most important section when it comes to some business and sports teams. A team’s name not only provides identity to your team but also gives identity to you as an individual. 
Choosing a name for your team can become sometimes confusing and a bit of a task. But for the better selection of your team name, we are here with our lists of pool team names.


If you are someone who loves playing pool with your gang and want to name your team with some super-cool name, here you go.

 Naming your team is a task as you need some suggestions to find the best name that you can use in front of others. These names should be unique as well as catchy so that people do not forget it.

If you are a person who loves to mark your presence in the mind of people watching your game, you need to choose a name that will be remembered by people over a long time. 

Now you, settle yourself, as we have got several names for your pool team, thus, making your decision easier. Here you go: 

Pokin N’ HopinStick it to ‘EmAll Chalked UpAlpha Cue
Chalk is CheapIn The PocketPocket Pool AllstarsAll Pockets
Rack EmShort Bus All The StarsThe Bus BoysMoney Shot
Blurred VisionTri-SexualWe’re solids, Right?The Hot Pockets
Miss Qshree AmigosRail RidersStriking sticks
Below AveragePool Tang ClanPocket RocketsBouncy Stars
Pull my FingerPoke & HopeShape is Overratedmy dixie wreck
All Balls MatterThe Kiss OffsWe’re Solids Right?Hot sticks
Bourbon LegendsBlack MariahFull CuePocket Munchers
Ounce of FuryClean BreakStick it to ‘EmBalls En Masse
Below AverageRack EmHappy HookersThe Hot Pockets
Pull my FingerThe StormsReaching Third BaseSofa King Good
All Balls MatterRubber and LiquorCue BranchDynamite
Bourbon LegendsCool BuddiesThe English MajorsCue Branch
Ounce of FuryTriple threatBalls to the WallRack Em
Pool Tang ClanThe Hot PocketsSolid 8Sac o balls
Poke & HopeItch You Can’t ScratchBaize of GloryCool in the Pool
The Kiss OffsLeave it to BeaverCheeze ItBaize of Glory
Black MariahCheeze ItPocket RocketsNice Rack
Clean BreakChalk and AweGET FELTThe Hot Pockets
Pocket RocketsReaching Third BaseSticks & StonesAll Pockets
Shape is OverratedSunken ballsGreen Rollers Inc.Miss Qs


Are you interested in developing your skills in the pool and showing off others what you have? Then playing in a pool league can be a perfect opportunity for you. 

To make your team sound even more attractive you need to look for a team name that suits the skills of your team members. 

Below is the list that is compiled with some clever and funny billiard team names. Scroll down and check them out to choose a name for your billiard team –  

The English MajorsChalk and AweSmashing BallsCrazy Balls
8 Balls of FireA Few Sticks ShyPool FoolsBouncy Stars
Back in the WholeBaize of Glory Power BubblesCool Buddies
Scratch ThisThe Kiss OffsBlind BallsSizzling Balls
Frozen CuesChilly ShotsThe Magic 8 BallsThe Third Input
Rack EmThe Hot PocketsReaching Third BaseThe Bus Boys
The StormsItch You Can’t ScratchSunken ballsThree Amigos
Rubber and LiquorLeave it to BeaverQuad CitiesCheeze It
Cool BuddiesCheeze ItOn CueBall Breakers
Triple threatChalk and AwePower BubblesCool In The Pool
We’re Solids Right?Quad CitiesAlpha CueShark Nasties
Full CueOn CueSnookin’ For LoveMoney Shot
Sink or SwimPower BubblesAll Chalked UpSticks & Stones
Stick it to ‘EmThe Bus BoysJust the TipSidewalk
Bouncy StarsThree AmigosScorpionBourbon Legend
my dixie wreckCheeze ItAll Chalked UpRack Lovers
Hot sticksBall BreakersThe Spin DoctorsThe Magic 8 Balls
Pocket MunchersCool In The PoolThe ShockersThe English Majors
Balls En MasseGo Nads, Go NadsPowerballSink Or Swim
Bobbie’s TrapWrecking BallsThe Shotgunland sharks
The third inputSizzling BallsSidewalk ChalkStick it to ‘Em
Full CueCrazy 88’sPocket PoolMiss Qs

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Do you know the difference between snooker and pool? Well, then let me make you aware of it. 

The main striking difference between snooker and pool is that in snooker the number of balls is 22, including the white ball whereas, in the pool, the number of balls is only 9. Also, there are some table differences too on which both the games are played.

Are you a part of some snooker team? Looking for some good snooker team name? Don’t you  worry because we have got your back. 

Picking an appropriate name for your team is a great start and we have listed down some cool names that you may consider. Below is the compiled list of snooker team names

Just Snookin’Breaking Racks and HeartsCool in the PoolCue Branch
Bobbie’s TrapThe Spin DoctorsCue TipsGreen Rollers Inc.
Ball BreakersCrazy 88’sLounge LizardsOunce of Fury
The Snook of LoveThree in the side/cornerPoke & HopeSnooker Tang Clan
Diamond CuttersPocket RocketsWomen With BallsGot Felt?
Triple ThreatThree Rails57 inches long and hardBourbon Legends
The ShockersSnookin’ For LoveIt’s a Beautiful RackCheeze It
Sticks & StonesSink Or SwimBank N SpanksRock-out with your Chalk
Sidewalk ChalkRubber and LiquorA Tip of LeftSofa King Good
Reaching Third BaseRack LoversRunning for the holeMiss Cues Women Club
Hot Shots Men ClubHappy HookersPocket ProtectorsPocket Munchers
8 Balls of FireA Few Sticks ShyGreen Rollers Inc.In the Bag
Back in the WholeThe Third InputBlurred VisionStick it to ‘Em
Rack EmChalk & AweStick it to ‘EmIts a Beautiful Rack
Long RodsNice DezReaching Third BaseWomen with Balls
The ShockersThe Kiss OffsChalk is CheapScratch This
Chalk is CheapChalk It UpBalls DeepFull Cue
Onions Crew!Pool FoolsSticks & StonesFelt”ful 8
Frozen CuesCheeze ItMoney ShotsDiamond Cutters
Pocket Pool AllstarsThe KaiserChalk and AweDugout Deep Strokers
Scratch ThisPoke & HopeLounge LizardsRanked By Length
Reaching Third BaseThe ShockersBank N SpanksGot Balls
Big SticksBilliards Wizardsstick-e-ballsOunce of Fury

Do you Know?

The pool has been played from ancient times but the craze of pool or snooker is growing day by day. 

Nowadays many pool Leagues are been conducted for the pool teams to play and win some cash prize. 

So, if you are thinking of taking part in these leagues with your team, then it’s better to go with a clever team name to attract people. We hope that our list of pool team names will make your selection of team names easier. 

Also, if you have some other good snooker team names, then you can comment below.


Your team name should sound cool and should be easily remembered by others, and for that, the name of your team should be funny and humorous. 

Here is a list of some funny, cool pool team names for you to choose from:

Crazy 88’sBank N SpanksBaize of GloryStick it to ‘Em
Cue BranchThe English MajorsBall BreakersPool Tang Clan
Rack And Roll
The Bus BoysChalk and AweGot BallsRack Lovers
Diamond CuttersChalk It UpCool in the PoolRail Riders
Full CueCheeze ItSticks & StonesSnookin’ For Love
Go Nads, Go NadsThe Third InputBalls to the WallGET FELT
Wrecking BallsHappy HookersSolid 8Sticks & Stones
Sizzling BallsReaching Third BaseBaize of GloryAlpha Cue
Crazy 88’sCue BranchCheeze ItSnookin’ For Love
A Few Sticks ShyThe English MajorsPocket RocketsAll Chalked Up
The Snook of LoveThe PistolChalk-O-HolicsThe Third Input
In The PocketLounge LizardsScratch ThisJust the Tip
Sizzling BallsPokin N’ HopinBall ScratchersRubber and Liquor
Hot sticksLucky 9 – takenPocket Pool All-StarsSunshine in My Pocket
Right on CueA Few Sticks ShyRail RidersBourbon Legends
Ounce of FuryYoungbloodThree RailsPool Tang Clan
Nice RackChalk and AweAll Chalked UpGot Felt?
A Tip of LeftBaize of GloryLittle HandTriple threat
UnstoppableJust Snookin’No Regretsoff constantly
Don’t Overestimate UsPoke & HopePool Tang ClanChaulk it up
8 Balls of FirePool SharksThat Was QuickRail Riders
Cool in the PoolSmashing BallsOunce of FuryBreaking racks and hearts

Playing pool is something people do in their leisure time with their mates. And naming your team with some cool names is important to make your team look cool in front of others. 

Here is a tip!

You can name your team by making up your creative names too by combining different names from our lists. 

As the pool is a team game so for that you have to name your team in a way that reflects your team spirit. Showing off your pooling skills is cool if you have got them in you. 

These skills should be visible to others by listening to your billiard team names.


If you want to build your team for pool game then also, you need some Funny Pool League Names so that you can announce the league. You need to be involved in other things as well so allow us to assist you in selecting a very interesting and catchy name for your team. 

Here is quick glance:

The Magic 8 BallsPocket Pool All-StarsReaching Third BaseBank N Spanks
Bourbon LegendCheeze ItRubber and LiquorSink or Swim
Pool Tang ClanMoney ShotBreaking Racks and Hearts8 Balls Of Fire
The Hot PocketsCool In The PoolSidewalk ChalkA Few Sticks Shy
Scratch ThisChalk And AweThe ShockersPoke & Hope
Just the TipPowerballDynamiteBaize of Glory
ScorpionThe ShotgunCue BranchNice Rack
All Chalked UpSidewalk ChalkRack EmThe Hot Pockets
The Spin DoctorsThe Hot PocketsSac o ballsAll Pockets
The ShockersSofa King GoodCool in the PoolMiss Qs
Stick it to ‘EmA Tip of LeftBack in the WholeFull Cue
Reaching Third BaseBank N SpanksRack EmTequilla Mockingbird
Cues & CushionsSafety FirstAll PocketsThe Snook of Love
Three AmigosSticks & StonesPool SharksSticks & Balls
The Third InputJust Snookin’Cue BranchRack Em
Pocket Pool AllstarsChilly ShotsThe Kiss OffsPool Fools
Our NemesisCheeze ItFull CueChalk is Cheap
Snookin’ for LoveThe Spin DoctorsScratch ThisPatriots Pool
Hungry HipposOunce of FuryThe Bent CueAll Balls Matter
Ball BreakersBig SticksRack LoversKing Pong
Diamond CuttersOne Shot WinnersMoney ShotBaize of Glory
Pool StormScratch ThisTeam AlphaScratch This


Pool league will indeed increase the team’s involvement and you will enjoy the game thoroughly. 

So, the name should worth shout aloud with fun!

Having said, that, we have prepared a list with the help of Pool Team Name Generator and you should check it below –

Baize of GloryBall BreakersPool Tang ClanThe Kiss Offs
Scratch ThisThe Magic 8 BallsAll Chalked UpAlpha Cue
Chalk and AwePocket PoolRack EmPool Tang Clan
Pocket RocketsBank N SpanksCheeze ItThe Shockers
The Snook of LoveFull CueReaching Third BaseGot Balls
Money ShotThe Magic 8 Balls8 Balls of FireFrozen Cues
Sticks & StonesThe English MajorsBack in the WholePocket Pool Allstars
SidewalkSink Or SwimLong RodsScratch This
Bourbon LegendBobbie’s TrapChalk is CheapReaching Third Base
Rack LoversThe third inputOnions Crew!Big Sticks
Crazy BallsLittle HandPoke & HopeWe’re Solids, Right?
Lounge LizardsThe third inputThe third inputSunshine in My Pocket
The Magic 8 BallsChalk and AweThe Pool PunksScorpion
Pokin N’ HopinLounge LizardsRelentlessPocket Rockets
Billiards WizardsBaize of GloryChalk and AwePinot More.
Rack N RollRack LoversSidewalk ChalkCool in the Pool
Nice RackCookie MonstersThe Hot PocketsGot Balls
The Kiss OffsBilliards WizardsAlpha CueYoungblood
Triple threatCrazy 88’sLucky BreakCue Phoria
Bobbie’s TrapMoney ShotSunshine in My PocketAll Chalked Up
Just the TipBreaking racks and heartsPocket Pool AllstarsThe Shockers
Smashing BallsThe Hot PocketsAll Chalked UpThe Kiss Offs


Do you want to make your team? Then the first thing you will require is, Pool Team Names List. Well, there are a lot of names available however, the unique ones are indeed rare. 

So don’t delay and select a great one quickly.

 You do not have to look further for some amazing names. Rather we would just suggest you choose a name that would be connected to you. Let’s check out below –

The PistolMacThe BladeStraight Arrow
Django The StormScorpionThe Spaceman
The ShotgunDynamite The Kaiser Youngblood
Cash Money The RocketSurigao Robocop Rusty
DynamiteRobboThe MagicianThe Snooker
Cash MoneyThe Siberian Express RustyLittle Hand
The Snook of LoveLounge LizardsPocket Pool All-StarsThe Kiss Offs
Pocket PoolBank N SpanksRail RidersPool Fools
Blurred Visionstick-e-ballsThree RailsThe Kaiser
Balls DeepChalk-O-HolicsLittle HandPoke & Hope
Money ShotsBall ScratchersNice DezBilliards Wizards
The ShockersStar BurstsMaster’s ClubBig Cheese
Shape is OverratedJust the TipCue TipsRack Breaker
Masters CueRubber and LiquorThree railsBouncy Stars
Safety FirstBobbie’s TrapThe Snook of LoveChalk is Cheap
Pool Tang ClanPocket Pool AllstarsStick it to ‘EmAll Pockets
Pinot More.Safety FirstCue WoodChamber of Secrets
Gimme a BreakPocketsMoney ShotCue Branch
Chafing the Dream.Power BubblesSourdough Starters.The Storms
Bad to the Bone.The PistolRosé All Day.The Bus Boys
The Rat Pack.Pocket RocketsThe Hot PocketsRack Lovers
York PoolroomBourbon LegendThat Was Quick.We’re Solids, Right?
The Bus BoysHammer Time!Volume 0%Cookie Monsters.
Milwaukee Talkies.Cheeze ItPizza of my Heart.Rack Breaker

9 Ball Team Names:

9 ball pool game is very popular and the young generation loves playing this game for numerous reasons. We have seen that in some of the restaurants or cafes they keep a pool table for people to have fun.

 If you are planning to make your team then you need some Funny Pool Team Names that are not only amazing but also attractive. 

The Pool Nicknames should stand out and you need to check out the list below –

In the PocketAll Chalked UpThe Snook of LoveBobbie’s Trap
Just Snookin’Back in the WholeThree in the sideStick it to ‘Em
Rack EmCue BranchChalk is CheapThe Spin Doctors
Full CueWe’re Solids, Right?Pocket RocketsBall Breakers
Breaking racks and heartsDiamond CuttersAlpha CueCrazy 88’s
The PistolSmashing BallsDiamond CuttersSunshine in My Pocket
Pokin N’ HopinA Tip of LeftDugout Deep StrokersPool Tang Clan
Lucky 9 – takenIn the BagRanked By LengthGot Felt?
A Few Sticks ShyWomen with BallsOunce of Furyoff constantly
YoungbloodIts a Beautiful RackRubber and LiquorBreaking racks and hearts
Green Rollers Inc.Got Felt?Don’t Overestimate Us.Tight Pocket Billiards
Pink Parrots.Reaching Third BaseBleacher Bums.Rehab is for Quitters.
Rack LoversBack in the WholeOur Nemesis.One Shot Winners
Prowlers.Chalk is CheapGeek Tragedy.Poke & Hope
Star Bursts.Cool in the PoolBank N SpanksWe Got Degrees.
Murder of Crows.In the BagWomen with BallsSavage But Average.
Cue Can DoPokin N’ HopinChalk is CheapRaccoons.
Big PocketsClean BreakPool SharksHammer Time!
Safety FirstCrimsonNice DezIce Gators.
Pool Tang ClanTeam Alpha.Master’s ClubCheckers.
Pinot More.Babes Lincoln.Marlins.Soul Sistas.

8 Ball Pool Team Names:

8  ball pool is even more popular than the 9 ball pools and common as well. Although they do not have any major differences, you can try both.

If you are planning to make your team then you might add both of them and the other thing that you will require is Best Pool Team Names and according to us, that’s the most important thing. 

However, we have listed a few Funny Pool Names to catch your attraction. You should check out the below –

Triple threatWomen with BallsMoney ShotChalk and Awe
Sticks & StonesGot Felt?Cool in the PoolRack Lovers
Poke & HopePocket Pool57 inches long and hardBourbon Legend
A Few Sticks ShyRubber and LiquorGreen Rollers Inc.The Shockers
Sidewalk ChalkThe Magic 8 BallsThe Bus BoysChalk is Cheap

Cool Billiard Team Names:

If you are a pool fan then you, of course, love playing billiard as well. In fact, how much difference is there? 

Billiard is the oldest version and your grandpa loved playing it. Previously people used to own a billiard board to show their wealth but nowadays the pool table has been common. Anyway, in case you want to make your team your give rest to your mind.

We have your back and the most important thing which would be Funny Pool League Names as well. Let’s check out below –

Ounce of FuryPool Tang ClanRail RidersThe Kiss Offs
Baize of GloryThree railsThe third inputCue Tips
It’s a Beautiful RackLounge LizardsScratch ThisPocket Pool Allstars
The Hot PocketsBank N SpanksChalk It UpReaching third base
Gimme a BreakThe Uncalled Four.Double KissAll Chalked Up
Chafing the Dream.The Spin DoctorsRimrocks.Cue Branch
Bad to the Bone.Cue PhoriaIron Pigs.A Few Sticks Shy
Sandbagger Saloon!Gallop Gang.Cottonmouths.Sunshine in My Pocket
The Rat Pack.A-Town BilliardsLost Boys.King Pong.
York PoolroomHilarious SelectionsWise Words.The Pool Punks
The Bus BoysCrunch.off constantlyRubber and Liquor
Milwaukee Talkies.RacketeersSticks & StonesWorkout Warriors.
Green Rollers Inc.Ball BustersBobbie’s TrapBig Cheese.
Pink Parrots.Patriots PoolSpin Doctors.Smartinis.
Rack LoversRight EnglishBanana Slugs.Bushwacker’s room
Star Bursts.Ranked By LengthAlpha CueA Running Joke.
Cool Billiard Team Names

Pool Players Nicknames:

We are sure that now you ready with your Pool Team Names List. Few more amazing names are listed below –

Just the TipThree AmigosBlurred VisionIn the Bag
8 Balls Of FireSnookin’ For LoveThe Bus BoysSunshine in My Pocket
Sink or SwimCheeze ItA Few Sticks ShyItch You Can’t Scratch
Sofa King GoodPool Tang ClanPocket Pool AllstarsBalls to the Wall
The English MajorsThree railsThe third inputWe’re Solids Right?
Murder of Crows.The Felt TablePocket PoolLittle Hand
Cue Can DoBig SticksSink or SwimMoney Shot
Big PocketsSandcrabs.Reaching Third BaseRack Em Up
The Break RoomRoadrunners.Lucky BreakSmashing Balls
Rack EmBall ScratchersBourbon LegendsBlue Collar Billiards
Sticks & BallsBack in the WholeCheeze ItWorst Pace Scenario.
Fighting Fins.Cue MastersDiamond CuttersDream Crushers.
The Pool PunksScared Hitless.Black Jelly Beans.Mighty Rockets.
Chamber of Secrets.Crimson.Guardians.Olympic Pool
Mission Possible.Near Right CornerEight Clean BallsDeep Pockets
The Break RoomFlaming Marshmallows.Longhorns.Right on Cue
Sticks & BallsFighting Fins.Ale to the Chief.Lucky Shot Billiards
Pool Players Nicknames
Mercuries.The Pool PunksBall BreakersMagic Mikes.
Just Snookin’Earthquakes.Always Hungry.Full House.
Bruce Willis was dead.Pied Pipers.Back in the HoleBlurred Vision
Superiority Complex.The Bent CueCues & CushionsPool Storm
The Machine.Tight PocketsBarack, Paper, Scissors.Straight Shooters Pool Hall
The Hole in the WallSprint Squad.Golden BreakApocalypse.
Styx and StonesDads Without Direction.Hammerhead Sharks.Black Widows.
Lumberjacks.Just Pool EmporiumSnooker PlanetThe English Majors
Cue WoodPocket RocketsHot Dog Water.Big Tuna.
Cue Ball Actionland sharksThe Last BlackHeadhunters.
251+ Amazing Pool Team Name Ideas
251+ Amazing Pool Team Name Ideas


We have covered all the possible names for you. But, we suggest, selection of name by applying the strategy of categorize them will make task far easier.You can choose the name you like and can flaunt your pooling skills in front of others to mark an impression. 

The pool is a game where you need skills to play and if you have them why not show it off. Most importantly choosing a name for yourself and your team is not a tough task now. 
These lists of pool league names are surely going to help you find the coolest names. Whether you play pool online or playing it in real, you can use these names for sure.
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