Pharmacy Quotations

150 + Pharmacy Quotations

The pharmacy business is one of the evergreen business which stays unaffected by the rise and drops in the economy. Plus, anyone can open a pharmacy business if they have the passion. However, it’s important to do so in the right niche and the right location. With the popularity of healthcare units and hospitals, pharmacies too have grown in popularity.

In addition to being lucrative, the pharmacy business is a service to mankind. A lot of pharmacy owners take pride in the fact that their business can help many ailing get the right medicine at the right time, thereby helping them cure. So, if you are one looking forward to getting a business that is directed towards humanity this is the business for you. 

However, in addition to a proper location and the right name for your business, you will have to come up with a few catchy taglines or quotations about medicine. This will go a great length to attract your customers. Writing unique medicine quotations is an amazing marketing strategy and must be followed by all those in the business. 

  • Wishing for well being
  • Trust care pharmacy
  • caring people more
  • Caring beyond drugs
  • More than just drugs
  • Saving is a beautiful thing
  • Live happily, Choose wisely
  • A pharmacy with world-class service
  • Your favorite pharmacy
  • Locally loved for all

However, coming up with slogans can be indeed difficult so to make things easy for you, here are a few to help you get inspired. 

Pharmacy Tech Quotes:

A Moments of Caring HealthGiving your Health a new LiftBest Medicine, Best RateThe joy of Buying MedicineNo adulteration 
Pharmacy with AimGood Medicine for Good healthMedicine at your Door StepHealth meets a new SpaceMaking You more healthy
Adorning your Health BetterThe pharmacy you trustFor every patient’s needMedicines at cheap rateYour trusted drug store
Rare medicines only for your needIt is much beyond prescriptionsWe believe medication can cureA place with a motiveLooking after your health
Get what you needFor your happinessServing with careHealthcare made easyMeet the new druggist in town

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While these are a few to mull over, we have yet another list of pharmacy slogans that might be of interest. Remember to select one that reflects your idea. However, do not plagiarize the slogans. That will create a bad impression of your business to your clients. Come up with a slogan that inspires you. 

Pharmacy Quotes

Pharmacy Quotations
Pharmacy Quotations
Proud to serve youYour health is our concernIt’s your own pharmacyBest services available for the best customersA pharmacy that never breaks your trust
A pharmacy that believes in making familiesExceptional in drugging sellingMore than just a shopThe right pharmacy is right hereOffering expertise since
We care for your wellbeingA pharmacy that you can trust blindlyLeaders in servingNo one does serve better than usYour betterment is our concern
We do it for youPure pharmacyAll you need is right hereWe care beyond what your doctors have prescribedAll we do is honour our customers
Healthily and happilyWe let you feel goodCoz health comes firstWe are the one, the one you can trustMeds on the best prices

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Tips to follow for writing medical quotes:

medical quotes
Pharmacy Quotations

No matter what business you are in, if you do not partake in marketing and advertisement, your business is sure to fail. The most common form of marketing strategy is to come up with slogans that are unique and catchy. Slogans play a very important role in attracting customers and keep profits soaring. The same applies to the pharmacy business. Additionally, you can also take the quotes a notch up and come up with a unique anti-drugs quote. This will add to the social cause and also keep your business in the limelight 

The following tips will help you come up with better slogans for your business:

  • Keep the slogans short
  • Make sure people can remember them
  • Use the slogans to highlight a unique trait about your business
  • Make a thorough research and make sure they are not being used by someone else

Though the rules are pretty basic, they go a long way to ensure that your slogan is catchy, unique, and inspirational. 

Funny Drug Quotes:

Feel good with usChoose the right pharmacy, choose usHealth cornerYour health mattersMore than just meds
Amazing deals on buying medicines from usUsing the right chemistrySave drugs. Use as per your needsWe want your wellnessSpend on the right place for the right meds
Take the right pillsNothing works more than a pharmacyWe respect our customersA Pharmacy that understands youYour trust, our achievement
Get medicines at the best priceThe trustworthy and reliable drug storeMedicines worth your moneyWith us, expect more than just a pharmacyYour deals with us are personal
Coz medicine is the world to usOne pharmacy for the whole familyA better way for medicinePharmacy with motiveFor all cure, one pharmacy

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These slogans are sure to give you a fair idea about the sort of taglines that you should be looking into. However, do not go blindly copying the names. Use them for inspiration only.