Cheerful Baby Names that mean happy

Top 20+ Names That Mean Happy For Boys & Girls

A small baby is called a bundle of joy for a reason. They are someone who makes us happy from within. Just a smile can brighten up our world. A true miracle! So, if you are planning for a baby or when their baby boy or a girl is on their way, you would want to look for baby names that mean happy. Then we are here with a list of names that will definitely help you to choose the best name for your little munchkin.

Girl Names That Mean happy

There are various beautiful synonyms for the word “happy” – merry, delighted, chipper, blissful, content, thrilled, jolly.

But when it comes to feeling happy from within, it can mean a lot of different things for different individuals. And it totally depends on what things bring them joy. Maybe it’s a place to call home or a sense of happiness that comes after watching your baby’s joyful face.

Cheerful Baby Names that mean happy

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  • Farrah – Arabic origin, means ‘happy.’
  • Alisa – Hebrew origin, means’ of great happiness.’
  • Allegra – Italian origin, means ‘joyous.’
  • Halona – Native American origin, means ‘happy fortune.’
  • Naomi – Hebrew origin, means ‘pleasantness’.
  • Nara – Celtic origin, means ‘happy.’
  • Ada – German origin, means ‘noble, happy.’
  • Bliss – English origin, meaning ‘joy, happy.’
  • Edie – English origin, meaning ‘happy.’
  • Joy – Latin origin, meaning ‘delight’ or ‘great happiness.’
  • Rafa – Arabic origin, means ‘happy.’
  • Aida – Italian origin, means ‘happy.’
  • Felicia – French origin, means ‘happy’.
  • Felise – Latin American origin, means ‘happy feminine.’
  • Una – Danish origin, means ‘to be happy.’
  • Felicity – Latin origin, means ‘good fortune, happy.’
  • Ilaria – Italian origin, means ‘cheerful, happy.’
  • Leta – Latin origin, means ‘joyful, glad’.
  • Beatrice – Latin origin, means ‘bringer of joy.’

Boy Names That Mean happy

Every parent’s first desire for their children as they grow is that they’re happy. Yes, their life sometimes will have some hurdles but at the end of the day, they can still find happiness within themselves. If you feel the same, then picking a baby name for your child that means happy can become the best source of happiness for your cute heart.

  • Asher – Hebrew origin, means ‘fortunate, blessed, happy one.’
  • Cayo – Spanish origin, means ‘rejoice.’
  • Fane – Middle age origin, means ‘someone of a cheerful disposition.
  • Felix – Latin origin, means ‘happy, fortunate.’
  • Gale – Old English origin, means ‘cheerful or happy.
  • Hani – Arabic origin, means ‘happy, content.’
  • Isaac – Biblical origin, means ‘laughter.’
  • Zorion – Basque origin, means ‘happy.’
  • Eddie – Old English origin,  means ‘rich or happy.’
  • Peli – Latin American origin, meaning ‘happy.’
  • Naim – African origin, meaning ‘happy.’
  • Denton – English origin, means ‘happy home.’
  • Blythe – English origin, means ‘happy, merry.’
  • Teddy – Theodore origin, meaning ‘divine gift.’
  • Oysten – Norway origin, means ‘happy.’
  • Oron – Hebrew meaning ‘happy.’
  • Alan – Gaelic origin, means cheerful
  • Blythe – Old English origin, means cheerful.
  • Caius – Latin origin, means rejoice.
  • Gauis – Latin origin, means rejoice.
  • Isaac – Hebrew origin, means laughter.
  • Ike – Hebrew origin, means bringer of laughter.
  • Jay – Sanskrit origin, means rejoice or jaybird.
  • Jesse – English and Dutch origin, means gift or gift from God.
  • Jude – Hebrew origin, means praise or thanks.
  • Luke – Greek Latin origin, means light one or bringer of light.
  • Sunny – English origin, means bright, light, cheerful.
  • Tate – Old Norse roots, cheerful.
  • Vito – Latin origin, means life.
  • Xavier – Arabic origin, bright or splendid.

Names That Mean Happy

Giving a name to your baby that has a deep meaning to it is the first best thing you can give to your child, and the great meaning for your kid’s name is none other than “happy”. We think there is no better meaning for your bundle of joy’s name than happy. Be it a baby boy o a baby girl, there are some great names that are just made for your little one and all these names mean happiness.

Cheerful Baby Names that mean happy

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  • Delilah – Hebrew means “delight”, “temptress” and “amorous”.
  • Eden – Hebrew origin, means “delight” and “place of pleasure”.
  • Edith – Old English origin, means “happy warfare”.
  • Edna – Hebrew origin, means “delight”, “pleasure”, and “rejuvenation”.
  • Hana – Various origin, means “flower” or “blossom”.
  • Joyce – English origin, means “cheerful” and “merry”.
  • Kiki – French origin, means  “double happiness”.
  • Maeve – Irish origin, means “cause of great joy”.

Traditional Names That Mean Happy

There are numerous traditional names that have traditionally religious significance. So why not look for names that have lived for centuries that mean abundant joy or happiness? You may also want to consider mythological names that mean happiness.

Besides, the happiness of holding your little one for the first time is incomparable. Then you also might be looking for names that mean happy because it is the beginning of their new experiences. So if you are hunting for a perfect and deserving name for your bundle of joy that is priceless, then we have compiled a list of names that are specially connected with them.

  • Ajay – Sanskrit origin, means happiness or joy.
  • Ayo – Yoruba origin, means full of joy.
  • Dilshad – Hindu, Islamic origin, joyous or happy heart.
  • Gale – Middle English origin, means giver of joy.
  • Gil – Greek origin, means joy.
  • Gilon – Hebrew origin, means joy.
  • Ilarion or Illarion – Greek origin, means joyful or happy
  • Macario or Makarios – Spanish, Portuguese origin, happy or blessed
  • Oron – Hebrew origin, means joy or light
  • Radman – Croatian and Serbian origin, means joy
  • Saeed or Sa’id – Arabic origin, means auspicious, lucky, or happy
  • Whelan – Middle Irish origin, means joyful
  • Xing-fu – Chinese origin, means joyful or happiness
  • Yuki – Japanese origin, means happiness
  • Zorion – Basque origin, means happy
  • Abigail – Hebrew origin, means ‘my father is joyful’.
  • Ada – Hebrew origin, Means ‘happy’.
  • Asher – Hebrew origin, means “happy one”, “blessed”, and “fortunate”.
  • Beatrice – Latin origin means “bringer of joy”.
  • Bonnie – Scottish origin, means “cheerful” and “beautiful”.
  • Carol – French origin, Means “song of happiness”.
  • Caroline – English and French origin, means “joyous” in English.

Unique Names That Mean Happy

Parents always hope their kids are happy and cheerful, so choosing a name that means happy or joy is the right thing to do. Select a name that describes your little one’s positive outlook on life and also bestow those same characteristics upon through their name. To celebrate your baby’s birth we have made a list of names that signify joy and happiness. Continue reading!

Cheerful Baby Names that mean happy

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  • Alaia – Arabic origin, means “happy”, “joyful”, “joyous” and “happiness”.
  • Alisa – Hebrew and Russian origin, means “great happiness”.
  • Arcadia – of Greek origin, Means “happiness” and often makes one think of “great happiness”.
  • Bayo – African origin, meaning “joy has found us”.
  • Beeja – Hindi origin, meaning “happy” or “the beginning”.
  • Behati – African origin, Means “she who brings happiness” or “blessed”.
  • Bliss – English origin, means “perfect joy” and “extreme happiness”.
  • Blythe – Old English origin, means “happy, cheerful, and carefree”.
  • Cayo – Spanish and Latin origin, the meaning of the word is “rejoice”.
  • Dita – Indonesian origin, Means “happy” and “prosperous”.
  • Duscha – Russian origin, meaning “happy”.
  • Eda – German origin, means “happy and wealthy”.
  • Falisha – Muslim origin, Means “happy and fortunate”.
  • Giaconda – Italian origin, Means “the happy one” or the “lighthearted woman”.
  • Halona – Native American origin, meaning “happy fortune”.
  • Hani – Hawaiian origin, Means “joyful”.
  • Kalea – Hawaiian origin, Means “happiness”.
  • Laticia – English origin, means “happy” and “joyful”. Letitia is a variation of this name.
  • Luanaa – Hawaiian origin, meaning “happy”.

Famous People Whose Names Stand For Happy

If you are a hardcore fan of a celebrity, then you might want a similar or the same name as your favorite celeb that signifies happiness. And there are many other beautiful names around the world that mean happy.

But make sure how these names are pronounced in different languages before you select one. Besides, these male baby names have multiple meanings and will always remind you of your favorite celebrity all the time.

  •  Alan – Gaelic origin, means cheerful
  • Alanna – Irish/ Old High German origin, means “precious” and “child”
  • Anand – Indian origin, means happiness or joy.
  • Arcadia – Greek origin, meaning “region offering peace and contentment”.
  • Bonnie – French, Scottish, Latin origin, means pretty, attractive, and good.
  • Charmian – Greek origin, meaning “joy”.
  • Delicia – Latin origin, meaning “delight”.
  • Eden – Hebrew origin, meaning “place of pleasure.”
  • Felicity – Latin origin, meaning “happiness”.
  • Gwyneth – Traditional Welsh origin, meaning “happiness.”
  • Hana – Various origins, means to shine, glow, give out love or radiance.
  • Hilary – Latin origin, meaning “cheerful”, “merry”.
  • Isaac – Hebrew origin, means laughter.
  • Naomi – Hebrew origin, it means “pleasantness”
  • Sunny – English origin, means bright, light, cheerful.
  • Sachi – Japanese origin, means Girl Child Of Bliss.

Cheerful Baby Names that mean happy

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means joy and happiness?

Farrah is a cute name of Arabic origin that means joy and happiness. This name is mostly used in Asian and American countries.

2. What girl’s name means delight?

Here are a list of names that means delight:

  • Alisah
  • Allegra
  • Amia
  • Anabila

3. What Spanish name means happy?

Felicidad is a Spanish name that means happy or happy. 

4. What name means spirit for a girl?

Kachina is a name of Native American origin that means the spirit of a girl.