101+ Most Catchy Night Club Names

Does the sound of music, dim, dark lights, make you feel alive?

If it is true, indeed it can become your bread and butter too?

Crazy idea, right?

Well, if not and if the thought gives you goosebumps along with the excitement too. Starting a nightclub is indeed a rocking deal for you.

So, if you are now in a dream to start a nightclub, what strikes first is the crazy, trendy name ideas. Right?

But, before you begin your search, think, what your club is all about?

A friendly place to chill out or it will have crazy dance club fun.

Well, you can certainly decide the theme , but it will definitely be a place for music, bars, and other entertainment facilities. Right!

So, with the initial stage, crazy, here we are to save your effort. Check out the best Night clubs names and ideas that suits your imagination the best:

Pinnacle Club Progress Club Touch Club Rush Club Swift Club Pinnacle Club
Central Club Able Club Consulting Club Target Club Virtuoso Club Vertex Club
Intellect Club Platinum Club Progress Club Epic Club Rapid Club Perspective Club
Backbone Club Ideal Club Guider Club Immense Club Clubify Eagle Club
Marine Club Relief Club Major Club Dare Club Optimum Club Deluxe Club
Wonderland Ethereal Eight Infinite Rave Gemini Bar
Vagabonds Enigma Project Ethereal Dance Illuminate
T-N-T Rounds Devourer Move For Me Ozone High
Project Bop Hydra Nightclub Jive Lounge Circuit Lounge
Revolution Central Euphoria The Street Beat Dawn DJ
Endless Club Dazy Nights The Big Bang Lucky Hours
The Velvet Room Lil Sombrero Bloom Dance Club The Million
The Satellite Booking Alive Land Crowd Mansion Major Dance
The Mint Rush Club Fire Boulevard Steal Da Show Club
The Larchmont 88 Lounge Groove Sheep City Of Dream

Trending, new search is indeed a task, and so we don’t want you leave without any choice.

So, keep reading for more choices

Names for Clubs Ideas

Night clubs are trending and gaining more attention of all age groups.

But, the deal what’s your audience?

Is this question seems irrelevant to you at the time of searching the name?

If, yes, let us tell you the quick pick!

The answer can instantly narrow down your preference of figuring out your type of name for your type of night club.

Not you will be able to find out the best name, the thought gave us some interesting Names for Clubs Ideas that could go along for all the audience you target.

Check out some catchy,fascinating names for your night club are mentioned as below:

Names for Clubs Ideas
Sax Night Club Boulevard3 SWAAAG Night Club Opera
Tunnel Vagabonds Double Deuce Ball & Chain
Cameo Hakkasan Elevate Lounge Bang Bang
Puff Night Club Basque Encore Entertainment Blue Ocean
Mist Night Club H4CK3R Night Club Ghostbar Blume Nightclub
Anarchy Karma Lounge Giggles Night Club Cameo
Dalton Royal Déjà Vu Night Club Heat Ultra Lounge Castoffs
Seven Night Club Blue Ocean Latin Bliss Chandelier Bar
Deadly Night Club Fluxo Night Club Liberty Station Circuit Night Club
Trexx Waves Little Temple Club Starlight
SWAAAG Night Club Opera Moonshine Flats Conga Room
Ten Thirty Eight The Wave Thrill Studio Island House
Surrender Ruby Room Underground 88 Light Circle
Square Eights Andromeda Club The Level Club At The Beat Club
Sharpshooters Whirlpool Nights Midnight Hawks The Plug
Sand Spurs Giant Spiral The Exclusive Verve Dance
Rockin’ Jokers The Magnitude Nirvana Dance Clarity Dance
Ramblin’ Rogues Lumina Lounge Flex Club Inner Noise
Plan B The Loop Club Vibe Unlimited Dance The World
Piano Bar Collision Space Zen Studio The Night Explorer
Outlaws Capital Market Elite Thrive Doc Dance
Ocean Wavers The Myth Controlla Club Prime One Club
Oaktown 8s Blue Vibe The Pavillion Cyber One

We have shortlisted many, but still kept a separate list to keep your range of ideas wide enough.

Because we know, concept can be many. So, roll you eyes on another list for a new concept of your business.

social club name suggestions

If you are eager to own your set up where people can chill out, interact and have a good time.

Then we are certain that you are looking forward a social club.

Well, as mentioned earlier, concepts can be many, and so the suggestion.

We value your ideas and happy to contribute in a best possible way that is by sharing social club name suggestions. So, here you go:

Club Everest Tinder Club Ice Cubes Club CloudNyN
Mood Night Club Paara night Club Square Eights Ocho Live Bar
Dilemmas Night Club I-Kandy The Bridge Odysea Lounge
O3night Club Posh Club The Chestnut Club Pattern Bar
Circuit Night Club Sin-X Club The Grand Posh Club
Club Ramala Sin Q Club The Hole in the Wall Quality Men
Club Rush Mambo Liza The Lions Den Red Dots
Tito’s Night Club Medusa The Loft Right Track
Club Cabana Chameleon Night Club The Tipsy Crow Rusty Pelican
Fitoor Club Aura The Velvet Room Southern Junction
My House Viper Nightclub Electric Elite Dance Again
Little Temple We R Heroes Melody Ultralounge The Cosmo Club
Liquid Kitty The Alchemist Club Ocean Wave Club Planet Graffiti
Las Deux Comet House Star Light After Mob
Krazy 8’s Oracle Lounge Because Dance Urban Se7en
Huggin Hearts DawnBreaker Temple Beats Avalanche Hip-Hop
Honey Bees Clockwork Lounge The Trinity Dance The Freestyle
High Cs Sirens Night Rising Motion Cypher Lounge
Green Door Ancient Club Epic Groove The Dollar Club
Genesis The Phantom Virtual Motion Hip-Hop Tribe
Funsters Apparition Lounge The Melody Always Rising
Foxy’s The Black Mask Pendulum Club Ignition Club
Fantasy Island Target Nights The Faded The Drip
Déjà Vu Flame Nightclub D4NCE Monarch True Anthem
Cosmo Dusk & Dawn The Outlaws Southside Noise
Club Vodka Stage Eight Hey Bros Sleek Club
Club Soho The Orb Liquid Dance The Genesis
Club Couture Infinite Rave Dance Cloud Nine After Dark

Hope the, lists till now clearing the picture in mind.

But, don’t be so quick because the list is long!

Cool nightclub names and disco club name

It is rightly quoted that dancers don’t need wings to fly.

But we believe, they certainly need a place to enjoy.

Considering the name, your idea of cool nighclub and disco can be their favourite place.

But, the real deal is, the good music can certainly be enjoyed once they encouraged to explore.

If you are with us, don’t worry, because we have already thought of best, Cool nightclub names and disco club name that can crack the deal for you. Check your quick:

The Wild Rover Ocean Wavers Elite Entertainment AM to PM
Wall Lounge Oxford Social Club Florentine Gardens Arena Known
Whiskey River Pavillon Nightclub Green Door Blackbird Ordinary
New Creations Prohibition Restaurant Groove Inches Bluefoot Bar and Lounge
Regima Pure Nightclub Imperial Avenue Bounce Sporting Club
Rise of the Fit-ians Rhythm Room La Sierra Nightclub Catch One
Sound Nightclub Round Up Saloon Liquor Lounge Charlie’s Angels
Spin Nightclub Edge Steak & Bar Melody Lounge Circle Bright
Starlite Electric Pickle Mynt Ultralounge Club Sapphire
The Blind Spot Project The Boardroom The End Up Deadly Night Club


Read More: Walking Club Names ideas

List of  Top 10 Night Club  in 2019 |Best Nightclub in the World

List of  Top 10 Night Club  in 2019 |Best Nightclub in the World


Rank  Concept Name  Website Location  2014 Total Revenue 
1 XS Nightclub xslasvegas.com Las Vegas, NV $403 MM – 105 MM
2 Hakkasan hakkasanlv.com Las Vegas, NV $380 MM – 103 MM
3 Marquee Nightclub marqueelasvegas.com Las Vegas, NV $280 – 285 MM
4 TAO Las Vegas taolasvegas.com Las Vegas, NV $250 – 255 MM
5 LIV livnightclub.com Miami Beach, FL $240 – 245 MM
6 Surrender Nightclub surrendernightclub.com Las Vegas, NV $240 – 245 MM
7 LAVO New York lavony.com New York, NY $230 – 235 MM
8 Story storymiami.com Miami Beach, FL $225 – 230 MM
  Hyde Bellagio hydebellagio.com Las Vegas, NV $225 – 230 MM
10 LAVO Las Vegas lavolv.com Las Vegas, NV $200 – 250 MM

So these were certain fancy, cool and creative names which you can keep for your brand new night club to which you can give a successful opening by throwing up a party so that people may get to know about your night club.

Trendy Nightclub Names

If you are someone looking of believe in becoming a trend setter, the trendy night club name is what it will take.

So how about a considering Funky Nightclub Names.

Are you nodding your head and agreed with the bet?

Well, hold that thought, because we also figured out the Trendy Nightclub Names that could certainly win the deal of being trend-setter.

Pattern Bar Moonshine Flats The Hangar Altitude Sky Lounge
Loyal Trendy Worldwide Trendy The Melting Pot Basque
Clubster Clubx The Owl Drug Blok
Safeguard Club Beacon Club The Three Clubs Blu Leaf
Club deck Boost Club The Virgil Brick
Conga room Wall Lounge Velvet Lounge Chee Chee Club
Motion Club Reflex Club Wet Deck Lounge Cliff Hangers
The Chestnut Club The Tipsy Crow Wild Fun Club Rush
Posh Club The Velvet Room Dolso Club Space
The Grand Whiskey River Elevating Nightlife Group Dames N’ Games
Trendy Nightclub Names

Popular Nightclub Names

Friday night, weekends fun are the inspiring factors for our nigh club.

Then definitely, your nightclub is targeted towards the younger crowd!

Having said that, its certain needs popularity.

So, we worked upon the thought and curated some of the coolest and best club names. Let’s have a look at some of the dance club name generators.

Street Vibes Dreamland Fluxo Night Club Prime 8’s
Double Date Cat Club Foggy City Dancers Purdy Lounge
The 2 AM Club Bright Night Grizzly Rose Pure Up & Down
Glitz and Glamour Clubbers Hydrate Redemption Nightclub
Sound Bar Dare to Enter Infinity Right Wrong
The Merrow Orchard Block Lounge Ivy Nightclub Seaspice
The Pool After Dark The Bouncy Las Deux Silver Stars
The Satellite Booking The Edison Mambo Liza Southern Railway Taphouse
The Scorpion Bar The Lash Monarch Surreal Nightlife
Treehouse Trexx Nightingale Plaza The Apartment

Funky Nightclub Names

Searching for some funky, hot, and happening nightclub names, then your search might end here. Here’s a look at some of the coolest club party names and nightclub names.

The Crossword Group The Night is Long Dragonfly Bar Affinity Nightlife All Ages Club
The French Fries Night Float Bellas Cabaret The Ferrari House Club Funky Night Club
Fuse Nightclub Blue Goose Lounge The Magic Club Three’s Company Gossip Grill
Bongo’s Nightclub Groove Inches Dance to the Beats H4CK3R Night Club Brick’s Night Club
Joy Palace The Vampire Club Huggin’ Hearts Checkmates   Upps
My House Ice Cubes Club Club Cabana Vagabonds Opera
Krazy 8’s Club Ramala Project Club Outlaws Loft 25
Dalton Royal Racket Plan B Medusa Déjà Vu
Party All Night Heels and Shoes The Mint Reverie Where’s The Party Tonight?

Unique Nightclub Names 

Looking for some unique names for your nightclub then here we have is a list of unique and the best nightclub names in the world.

Fuse Nightclub The Prada Double Club Rumba Lounge Done and Dusted Sunrays
The Quarterdeck Secret’s Bar Lofty Heart The Fiery House The Sandy
Solve Who Moonlight Trinity Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Get Grooving
Rock the Night Up Wings Surrender Club Everest Aerial Nightclub
Wild West Ten Thirty-Eight Color Me Wild Anarchy World Crawl
Counterpoint Better Days Celebrations Nitelife The Factory Disco Labs
Bootjack Stompers Circle Eight The Holy Cow El Dorado Night Club Surrender Yourself
Gossip Hour Fantasy Island Progress Bar Hot and Cold The Monkey Club
Cliff Hangers Cloud 8 Bar Odyssey Club Mob Effect
Circle Eight Five Galaxies Virtual Motion Rebel Hood
Charlie’s Angels The Happy Elixir The Melody Club Fellas
C-Gulls Omega Lounge Pendulum Club Night Explorers
Boulevard 3 Fly Guys The Faded The Good Times Club
Bootjack Stompers La Fantasia D4NCE Monarch The Hip-Hop Affair
Blok Club Lava The Outlaws Club Outlaw
Basque The Wild Ones Hey Bros Infinite Mob
r Blues Night Spirit Liquid Dance Cloud 9 Studio
Super Nova The State Club Dance Cloud Nine Soul Vibe NightClub
Draco Bar Rewind Lounge Odyssey Club Gold Crew
Midnight Group Epic Dare Rhythm Eight Urban Mob Club
Fortune Palace The Upside Down Tap In Style The Notorious
Zodiac Club The Influencers Dance Polar Dynasty Kids
Project Cloud Nine White Noise Happy Region Dope Blvd.
Red Shift Cave Lounge Eighth Step The Eighth Hood
Night Explorer Channel Eight Club Wonder Feet Juicy Club
The Infrared Terrace Night Swing Beat Club Flava
Eternity Club Bedazzled The Stereo Freaky Bop
Disruptor Nightclub Aurora Club Club Core Hip-Hop Thrive
Meteor Lounge Xtra-Ordinary Miami Air The Art Movement

Kickass Nightclub Names

Your cray, unique ideas can be the inspiriation for some but definitely going to be the brand with all the fun and food.

Keeping the thought in mind, investing the time little more to give a sound of brand to your night club is what undenying demand.


But, we have made your job easy. We acknowledge the fact that the name today will be a brand tomorrow. So we have shortlisted few more list that suggest the essence of brand and are considered as Kickass Nightclub Names.

Check yourself!

Float at Hard Rock Pump Room Bar Ruby Club Dance Blues Goldfingers Gentlemen’s Club
Ramblin’ Rogues Divine Club The Vodka House Hard Ware Studio Rockin’ Jokers
Heer Ranjha The Office Club Honeycombers Sand Spurs Romeo and Juliet
Karma Club LA 5 Star Club Crawl Seven Night Club Solve the Puzzle The Holy Cow
Liquid Kitty Silverlake Lounge The Airliner The Larchmont Monarchy
Story Nightclub The Continental Club The Nines Mood Night Club Temple Nightclub
The Falls Pearl Champagne Lounge Onyx Lounge The Hangout Spot Winking Night
Free Force The Liberty Avenue Havana Lounge Prime Jam
Astral Nightclub Knight Nights Club Satellite Furious Squad
Club Eden Dream Mode Classic Vibe Hip-Hop Elixir
Happy Pulp Hello Outcasts The Mist The Infrared
Ethereal Nightclub Future Streets Radio Dance Midnight Pistols
The Youth The Skyward 88 Dance The Ninjas Dance Floor
Night Agenda Street Sass Star Killer Legend Bots
Midnight Junction Club Garage Regen Club Boom Bap
Sun Station Hybrid Lounge Dance Fellas The Triplet Flow
Lucky Leaf Wonder Anthem Emerald Lounge Grand Emcee
Random Nostalgia The Happy System Splash Nightclub Rapper’s Lounge
The Good Dimension Project Bright The Dance Palace Indigo Disco
Disco Cosmo Prime Infinite Rhythm Lounge Kaleido Disco
Edge Nightspot Fly Guys La Macarena Daddy Rich’s
Most Catchy Night Club Names
Most Catchy Night Club Names


Naming your business is exciting but it does brings in the deep thought So, you’re your choice wisely. Keep your facts intact so you could closer to the name that suits the best for your business. Read more Starting a Motorcycle Club? Here are Coolest Motorcycle Club Name Ideas