Mastering the Art of Facebook Views: Strategies Every Social Media User Should Know

Facebook with billions of active users and a wide range of marketing tools has become a game-changer for individuals and businesses looking to improve their branding and connection with the required audience. Moreover, it has plenty of user information and can be adapted for customized advertising.

Rather than targeting large groups, marketers can create advertisements mainly for individual users. Also, they can monitor and manage user activities across various applications and websites. If you want to expand your Facebook page presence, emphasize mastering the art of Facebook views. Boosting views will help you improve your social media marketing success. 

Why views are important on Facebook?

Facebook focuses on the engagement rate on the specific page before showing it on the users’ feeds. View is an important metric that shows how your post is being adopted by Facebook users. The views on the Facebook page are the number of times a profile or a post has been viewed by users. Whenever any Facebook user watches a video for at least 3 seconds, it will be considered a view. Rewatching a video or multiple views from the same person for 3 or more seconds is also counted as a view.

Facebook offers different types of campaigns to social media marketers and advertisers. Views on videos are one of them. Running a video views campaign sends an important message to the algorithms of Facebook – encouraging users to watch my content is my main motive.

As a result, the platform will optimize your ad delivery to bring your videos in front of users who tend to engage. However, in today’s time, getting more people to view your content is highly difficult as myriads of marketers or social media users are coming up with proven tricks to get more video views.

Let’s dive into effective strategies to drive more views and engage your target audience.

1.     Competitive research

For a successful video view campaign, social media users need quality ranking which means more views on videos at lower costs. The quality ranking determines the ad quality in comparison to competitors trying to reach the same audience.

Earning a quality ranking helps in getting your ads delivered more favorably and frequently than that of your competitors. Furthermore, it will provide you with discounted prices for optimization events and impressions. So, do some competitive research to determine who your competitors are and what they are doing with their ads. Never make the mistake of copying what they are doing.

2.     Facebook-specific content

Facebook values originality. Nowadays, this platform emphasizes limiting the distribution of repurposed or unoriginal content. So, focus on creating the original content that is specific to Facebook. Use a Facebook video marketing strategy that needs additional effort but is worthwhile.

Put your effort into creating content that best matches the audience’s demand and meets the policies of the video ranking algorithm. Remember, the users you are trying to reach on Facebook are unique, so the content you are creating must also be unique for them.

Using the same approach for everyone will result in losing the opportunities to bring engagement and boost Facebook views. To ease this process, you can ask your followers about the type of content they expect from you.

3.     Give value to your users

To measure the loyalty of your viewers, Facebook considers if users are regularly watching your content; if they regularly search for your videos; and if they will like and share your content.  The more loyal your audience is, the higher your original content will rank. The higher your content rank, the more real views you will gather.

Providing value to your audience is the ultimate key to developing loyalty. Ask yourself how you can provide your audience with valuable content. For example, for marketing an educational institute, you can deliver value in terms of testimonials. The rule is simple, consider the value your business offers generally and then convert it into a compelling video.

4.     Don’t miss out flexibility

Just like fashion, social media platforms keep evolving with the launch of new features, guidelines, policies, etc. No matter whether you are a social media marketer or an influencer, to successfully grow on the platform, you need to be flexible in your approaches. Strategies that are driving more views today may not necessarily bring real views tomorrow.

Long-term growth and success depend on the ability to adjust. Keep evaluating your content’s performance and turn it into an optimum direction. Assess the worst as well as the best posts to determine what works and what does not. The boosted performance over time will be rewarded with immense flexibility. This eventually brings more video views.

5.     Optimize for mobile-first video viewing

Most of the followers of the Facebook page view videos on mobile devices. More than 80% of users on Facebook use mobile phones to see their content, according to Statista. Just 1.5% of users view content exclusively on a desktop computer or a laptop. However, less than 17% use a mobile and a desktop device to view Facebook content.

These figures are the main proof that you must emphasize optimizing your video content for mobile users. Create content with a portrait orientation as it spans most of the screen, allowing users to easily view the content without changing the settings or adjusting mobile devices.  

6.     CTAs in the Caption

Before watching your videos, most users pay attention to the caption to quickly determine what the video is all about. A compelling caption hooks viewers and persuades them to view the video to learn more. To entice users instantly, add actionable CTA (call-to-action) in your caption. For example, watch to know what happens, tap play to see how you can save $15 per day, etc. 

So, these are all effective strategies that you can use to master the art of views on your Facebook page and ensure long-lasting success. Keep analyzing your performance and stay informed about the latest updates.