Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture


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Is there a child on your way? Are you planning to have a child and planning to think of a unique and beautiful yet meaningful name? We will suggest you with beautiful Inuit names that are best and will suit the characteristics of your child. Inuit names are very gorgeous and distinctive from other names so let’s get into it right in.

Some Inuit girl names and their meaning:

Inuit names are very distinctive and they have many names for the characteristics that are there. So you don’t have to worry about it. Here are some of the names for your girls and their meanings to help you choose.

Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
  1. Ahnah: This name means a wise woman. The characteristics that are bottled in the name is that of a beautiful wise person.
  2. Akna: It is the name of the Inuit goddess of fertility and childbirth so it means a great sign for you to choose a name based on a goddess.
  3. Alasie: The name of this girl means a person who is honest and noble in characteristics so now you know what it means.
  4. Amka: This Inuit name means about a person whose character is that of a friendly and fiery spirit.
  5. Anjij: The name of the person who will be named after anjij is grace. If you see your child having a graceful demeanor then name her anjij.
  6. Arnaluk: This particular name goes for the meaning for someone who is big. There is a myth that goes for a woman who is in the sea.
  7. Arnaaq: This name means ‘woman or ‘girl’.
  8. Asiaq: This name was the name of the goddess who was prayed for to ask for good weather.
  9. Ataksak: This name was given to a mythical goddess who was the goddess of the sky.
  10. Atiktaliq: This name was given to the mythical goddess of the polar bear. So it stands for strength.

Some Inuit boy names and their meanings:

These names are in the truest sense the best of the Inuit names for boys. The meanings go well with them.

Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
  1. Adlartok: this name stands for the meaning of ‘sky’.
  2. Alornerk: this name is perfect for the boys. The meaning is underfoot.
  3. Amaruq: the meaning of the name is the grey wolf.
  4. Input: the meaning of the name was snow. So it will be beautiful.
  5. Atiqtalaq: this particular in Inuit means that of a polar bear cub.
  6. Coupon: this particular name relates to the meaning of coal. We all know how important that is.
  7. Nanurjuk: this particular name means the star.
  8. Nukilik: this particular name will go for those boys who are strong as the meaning is the same.
  9. Sign: the name means the sun.
  10. Tootega: the name means the abstract that is covered in clouds.

Some Inuit female names:

The names that will be discussed here will be characteristically suitable for females. The names are elegant and cute.

Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture

These female Inuit names are the best ones and unique. All these names are extremely conservative and unusual that is why you should choose any one of them.

Some Inuit names girl:

The names are very good for the girls. The names that are mentioned here start from alphabets such as Q and Y and that is why it is unique because not many names that are there in the western civilization that starts with it. That is why it is unique.


Some Inuit last names:

The names that will be mentioned here can be easily used as a last name. Inuit names not only have the capacity to make great first names but also the last names. Here are some.

Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
QammutiqAtkonartok (AkittirqKaretak

Some catchy last names by Inuit origin:

Here are some other Inuit last names that are very catchy.


Some Inuit names for dog:

Inuits not only have some catchy names for girls and boys but also for your cute dogs. If you are looking for unique Inuit dog names then you are in the right place.

Choose The Most Catchy And Unique Names For Your Child From Inuit Culture
The author’s daughter, Rosy.

How to choose the right name for your child or your dog:

The following will be applicable to both your dog and your child. You can easily choose the right name for them if you knew how to do it. The key lies in the characteristics of your child and your dog. Here are some of the ways that will clarify how to name them.

  • You can name them going by the characteristics of the child. If your child is very much spurious and laughs a lot then name him or hear something that would disclose who he or she is or how he or she behaves. Such characteristics will be helpful in choosing the right name.
  • Naming someone right is important as the children will absorb the characteristics of the name. If your child is named after some things that symbolize strength, he will adapt that. So what do you want your children to be? Accordingly, choose that name.


Now that you know how to name your child and how to choose the right one to build a strong character, these are the qualifying best names that will suit not only your child but your dogs too. Make sure that you do this right. Hope you choose the right one. To make sure that you choose the right one, we have made a list of unique Inuit names.

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