59+ Butler Names That Will Give Your Home the Perfect Touch of Class

I am a writer presently I am writing a story of a butler who has a strong personality, is well-mannered, and has a sense of duty. I thought of keeping his name memorable, unique, and appropriate for the theme of the story.

The name of the character should be memorable and believable. It should also sound like it is the perfect name for a butler. I don’t want the name should be too generic or obvious. So, I brainstormed a lot, and finally few names I shortlisted like Jeeves, Nigel, Reggie, Giles, and Barrett.

Finally, I considered Reggie as the best fit for the character. The name was welcomed by all readers and remained on the top list for five weeks.

Amazing Butler Names

Butler Names

My son started working as a butler. He wanted me to decide his professional name for him from his list which included Chester, Fisher, Smith, Sheldon, Bartholomew, and Joey. Among these, I found Joey the best fit for him.

Chester FrobisherClara PagetHeather SalterElias Eliza
Fisher GabrielPagey NataliaLily DwarfRoderick Lush
Smith CooperLisabet StonierKathlyn StewartRimtek Bhutani
Sheldon LeonardoMac EdraceHandy BazosSinclair Voss

Popular Names For Butlers From Pop Culture

I was going through a pop culture where I learned Popular Names for Butlers from Pop Culture Reginald Jeeves, Alfred Pennyworth, Lynn Belvedere, and Edwin Jarvis were a few.

Among these, I found Edwin Jarvis most interesting.

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Bartholomew CarpenterNatalaia TillerNaomi DayBahadur Bajno
Joey BankSharlin LincchenJeff AmazonAbraham Arkwright
Godfrey PaigeEleanor ArrowsmithLillian WarfLopa Tricks Road
Philip PageBetty BatsuKozie KexterTobin Sexton

Funny And Spooky Butler Names

I along with my friends did a funny skit for our annual function. In that, we played the role of butlers. The names of the butlers were very funny and spooky apart from our dresses and dialogue. Chives, Brewster, Igor, and Mosquito were our character names.

All people enjoyed it a lot and we received a theater offer which changed our lives forever. Today also when we recall that day it brings lots of joy and enthusiasm.

Anslo SealesCharlotte BacchusLorelei FowlerSamey Gangtrik
Geoffrey GodsonHolly RobertTrimpot TrialasAlbert Butler
Benedict TavernerDelilah CandlerRose DyerGeorge Seagull
Resevir RuntakChandler BeanDaney DeityRupert Chaffer

Awesome Butler Names

Butler Names

For my internship, I joined one of the best hotels. There I found all the butlers were having awesome names.

A few of the ones I remember were Stephano, Remington, Casper, and Lynn Belvedere.

Abner ColemanAnnabelle StringerHeather CrowtherBrave Slave
Nixon ChadPhoebe Sobu TanCrownhall RebelMortimer Tanner
Preston RedmanNicolette FaulknerJudith PaigeMax Morrell Box
Benfish CurryJijut Sima BonRobby DownhallCaldwell Hooper

Unique Butler Names

I got a new project of writing stories of butlers. The story was creative so thought of unique butler names which included Charles Cook, Benfish Curry, Robi Bankson, Stuart Smythe, Milton Sawyer, and Tul Pakron.

Among these Benfish Curry names, I gave to the main character.

Stuart SmytheSerena FearsonCharlene CarterTranjit Pisto
Trene Sis RockTerrrece FatehiCadet Max RobinHenry Tabor
Remington StewartNaomi SpencerHelga ButlerHoneydrip Consal
Omni Bazz BobKabil RehemmaHooda RockstarAbbot Voss

Best Butler Names

My friend who started working as a butler decided to change his name and asked for my advice. I suggested a few names like Barnabas, Elliot, Caldwell, Fester, and Norton. Among these, my friend liked Elliot the most.

As the name means “The Lord is My God” he followed God’s path and in a short period he achieved great success.

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Geoffrey WayneEma PoseyWilkins ThatcherKelly Cuckoo
Robi BanksonWatson ThatcherMiss Blue BekarBaxter Bowman
Charles CookTyler DylanLucious TrappJim Parsons
Trinkas ForemanHenry SealTriviani SasemeOlin Tillman

Cool Butler Names

My family appointed a new butler. He is cool and trendy but my family and I find his name very difficult to pronounce. So, I decided to call him by a cool name. For this, I did brainstorming and shortlisted a few names like Orson, Carlton, Alaric, and Gideon.

Among these he liked Orson meaning “Bear Cub”, the most so we finalized it and did a party for his new name, which he enjoyed the most.

Bailey ForesterFiona TexterHarold MilnerNoel Fisher
Trip Lee SinBeauregard BergerJoin Bank LopezAlexander Heard
Gideon WallerFrank Bar HudsonHenry BakerMegan Rockxi
Johny BoyrunBeauregard VossAshton VossHudet Loki Fuzz

Famous British Butler Names

Butler Names

I was reading a novel in which a butler named Nathaniel, played the main character. He was very well-versed in his work along with that he was the key person who solved the mystery. I found his name and character very interesting and searched the Famous British Butler Names in stories.

Baldwin, Harold, Caldwell, Edward, Rupert, Walter, and Hubert were the few I found. Next, I planned to read Walter’s story.

Beauregard KantorCamilla AldermanKingsley ParsonMadliv Hugo Win
Tevetri BinasiTerry CrewKaley Bunsai HujoBaxter Tyler
Carter CrowtherJuliet SextonHubert SealesCarolina Carter
Robin TutsooAndy BergenSisty Binky TramCindra Boss

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