Intimidating Nicknames

Nicknames are always embarrassing and intimidating. These names are generally given either out of love or hatred for the person. No matter, what the case might be nicknames are either given by loved ones or by ones who actually hate you. Irrespective of who has kept the nickname and why it is always intimidating for the person to be addressed by that name in public.

Intimidating Nicknames Ideas

If you are thinking of an intimidating nickname for your loved one’s then read on to know a few such names that are handpicked for you.

Sweetheart Prized One Honey
Hubby Wify Dearest
Love Heart Moon
Angel Guiding Star The one
Angel in disguise Friend Boy Friend
Angel Anchor Girl Friend
Angel Eyes Angel in disguise Cherub
angelic angel Face fairy
fairy dear Adorable One Anchor
Alluring Amazing Hippie
Pixie Hub Nub PuZu
The All in one Little one puku
the knight in shining armor Armageddon the Star
baby face babes the Moon
magic magic light light in life
inspiration Guiding star Shining star
Child the perfect one the better half
the major half the other half the worse half
baby face baby Boo baby name
Pooh mee poo Boo boo
Winnie the winner the champ
The Grinch with my heart the one who stole my heart the star in my galaxy
The heartless one the  amazing star the perfect one
the father My Match the perfect match
the perfect soul the soul mate mate for my soul

Now, nick names can be inspired either by the equation that people have between themselves or it can also be triggered from the circumstances they are in or the history these people share together. There can actually be more than one reason behind these nicknames. Also, each intimidating nick name is unique in nature as they are customized as per the people and their relationships.

In many cases, the intimidating nicknames can also be given with the sole intention of embarrassing the other person. The nick names are often kept with the sole intention of it being intimidating. Here are some example of intimidating nicknames that are often kept with the intention to bully .

The Loser The lost case the Nut case
No brain man Muscle man the mad cap
The Blond the weirdo the macho man
the lanky one dead man walking the dead man
fatso fatty bao fat all the way
rat Dead rat Rubber fat
Big One Big baby Big loser
No brainer Pretty boy fatty one
the lost one the nut one the lost boy
Dumb dumber dumbest the weird person the dumb one
the major in weirdness PHD in dumbness the massive loser

There can also be some intimidating names that are funny and are kept to pull one another’s leg. Here are a few of such funny intimidating names . These names instantly makes one break into a smile .

Angel Slayer Whitewash Cyclone
the saint the mex Vex
Oblique the fatty one the inferno
Pitcher ditcher Safari
Rundown Limerick the kick ass one
Frenzy temp us Temper
voodoo rampage Venom
Crimson Felon Glitch
Optic Nerve Shivers Schis
Snake the eater the hungry one
Flux Spasm Narcissist
Checkmate maniac Mad one
Voodo Omega the fun one
genesis west end bandit the funny bone
felon whistler crypto
the hugger the giver Mad hatter
bear hug the motivator the wisher
The dreamer the lovely one the dream catcher

These are a few intimidating names that are fun to have and keep.