Interesting and Catchy Names for Test Prep Company

Having your own business is an exciting and awesome experience. You get to be your own employer, and there’s no need to report to anyone, which is lovely. However, as it always is, there are some complications on the way to doing your business. I think that coming up with a name is one of them. Believe me – sometimes, it is quite frustrating to come up with an interesting and catching title for a company.

Choosing an interesting name for a company is one of the most important things when it comes to creating the first impression for a potential customer. The same applies to test prep companies – those constantly appear due to growing demand! So, I decided to provide you with some ideas about interesting and catchy titles for your test prep company.

Name matters

In almost every novel and book, each character has a name that is tailored to represent one’s unique features, whether they are good or bad.

The same applies to a test prep business. You can get inspired by the examples of some of the top-rated SAT prep courses on a review website, for starters.

Begin thinking globally

First of all, try thinking globally about what caption would be the most suitable for your company. Considering that we’re talking about test prep business, anyone should start with an analysis of possible titles that reflect the very nature of what you can offer.

That is quite a simple yet powerful concept, to begin with. With this in mind, the most obvious choice would be to use “Prep” or “Tutor” in the wording of your company – works great as a keyword and gives a clear understanding of what’s going on your website.

Next step is to think through your format

Now, you should begin thinking of other aspects – is your test prep company a fully online service or there are face-to-face options available.

This is quite important as students are considering online or traditional types of education nowadays, you can read more about that here. With this in mind, you could consider using words such as “online” or “remote” in the caption of a company.

Think of a title that will be future-proof and always relevant

This may be hard, actually. For example, a website dedicated to gaming has a quite catchy title, but it explores topics that may sound quite disconnected from the gaming industry yet manages to stay relevant; you can find more info here about what I’m talking about.

We’ve got a website clearly labeled after the type of content it is about, and the caption will be relevant in the future, even if technologies change. That’s the goal for your test prep company title as well!

Think of a name that might be niche-specific

If you’re going to target a specific part of the student audience, or even create your own niche, try to reflect this in the label of a company. For example, this article is about technologies assisting students with disabilities.

If we imagine that your test prep company decided to serve students with special needs, it might be worth reflecting on the caption! In such a case, it would be a good idea to name a company something like “Inclusive Tutoring” – think in that direction.


As you can see, properly naming a company is important. Your test prep enterprise name should reflect what you’re doing and for whom! These are some of the basic concepts behind the process of creating catchy and interesting titles for your company. Also, don’t forget that your company name should be at least similar to the domain you’re going to use, good luck!