100+ Coolest Names for Ice Cream Shop Ideas

100+ Coolest Names for Ice Cream Shop Ideas

As the summer strikes in hard the call for ice cream eventually increases. The hot sunny day makes people demand for mouth licking ice creams.  Those ice cream bells being ringing by the ice cream vendors across our colonies makes us run down the lane and makes it difficult for us to choose the best ice cream among the all. Ice cream serves the need of each one of us be a child, a youngster , an adult or an elder person. Summer season is said to be the peak season for ice creams demand because at every another shop of ice cream the queue is long and the ice cream sometimes fall in short of. If you are fond of dessert than ice creams is your requirement even in winters.

Starting up an ice cream business can be a bit difficult task but when the idea strikes that your giving up of ice cream cones to those young hands will make their day the difficulty offsets itself. It is always advisable that one should think of starting up an ice cream business during off season and should plan for it and than finally start doing its business after all the set up in summers.

100+ Coolest Names for Ice Cream Shop Ideas
100+ Coolest Names for Ice Cream Shop Ideas

Naming up of a business is really a tiresome task through which every new businessman as to go through and naming up a business is equally important because without it you do not have a  stand in the market and customers may not know you. Some of the tips that will help you in naming your ice cream business are as follows-

  • USE YOUR NAME- It is always advisable to pick up and keep your name as your business name as people will know you by your name for a longer period of time.
  • CAPTURE THE LOCATION-  You can also keep up a name which is related to the location in where you are going to start up your business.
  • BEING FOODY- Always be captive, you can make use of your food and its ingredients and can name your business accordingly.
  • KEEP IN MIND THE ICE CREAM PARLOUR LOGO- Also you have to keep in mind about the logo when you are keeping up a name try keeping up a name on which a logo can be created which is fancy and creative.

Ice Cream Shops/Stores Name Ideas

Serving ice cream serving happiness to many. It is your product that will often unite a family into  frame where they will all be having an ice cream in their hands along with funny expressions being captured in camera. So keep a name wisely the various ice cream shop name ideas are as follows-

A Bit NuttyIce VillaMeltFrosty Desserts
Alphabet ScoopRefreshiaPinkberryFroSnow Desserts
Berry Bear FrozenI ScreamThe Frozen StoreSwirl n Twirl
Cherry on TopScoopy SmileIceBookKreamology Lab
Coco RolledFrostBiteCreamLandFrost Freak
ConesSweet RewardsScoopy SpoonFrozen Hour
Crunch TimeSweet berryColdFusionWe R Scoops
Custard CreameryColdStoneFrozen Fantasies7ce cream
Dream SpoonPinocellafizzy flavorsCryo Frio
Easy BreezyLick PointTasteeWazeFlash Bites

Coolest Names for Ice Cream Parlor

When you are keeping up the name of your ice cream parlor think like a consumer. Think that whether the name which you are thinking to keep would have fetched you to the shop if some other businessman would have kept the same name of his parlor and then you will definitely get an answer in form of a cool name for your ice cream parlor. Some of the coolest ice cream parlor names are given below

Famous Oasis Ice CreamFrostbitzTinypopFainting Goat Gelato
Five Star ChocolateFroZenSationsBlueBlissFlavaboom
Frost2 ScoopsIce galaxyFull Tilt Ice Cream
Full Tilt Ice CreamFroLiqsIce CreamistryFrozen Spoon
Gelato BarIcream CafeFrozen SwirlGelatiamo
Island CreameryDream SpoonTastee LicksLush Gelato
Kustard KonesThe FluffyFrosty DotsMagical Ice Cream
Tasty HousePink DotsDairy DelightsMootown Creamery
Lil’ Pop ShopFunTailCrazy CherryNomadic Ice Cream Rolls
Little Man Ice CreamDream ConesDippin CotsPied Piper Creamery

Cute Ice Cream Parlor Names Suggestion

Sometimes it is also good to select  a name which is fancy, cute and kiddish because kids are the regular customers to your shop so when they will be happy with the name they will try to stop again and again at your shop. Some of the cute ice cream parlor names are as follows-

Pink’s Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream FoundryThe Ice Cream BarThe Rustic Cow
Italian Ice Desserts Yummey ParlorThree Twins Ice CreamThe Screamery
Sketch Ice CreamAntarctiCreamTutti FruittiTic Toc Ice Cream
Snow Junkie CafeIce HouseMr. & Mrs. CreameryWhat’s the Scoop?
Stuffed Ice Cream i luv Icecream Snow StationYoung Vibe Ice Cream
Sundae FundaySketch Ice CreamThe Waffle Bowl7 Degrees Ice Cream
Sundaes & ConesSprinkles Ice CreamThe Waffle ConeAfters Ice Cream
Sweet Treats Sundaes & ConesThe Vanilla BeanBerkey Creamery
The Drippity ConeSweet RetreatCone GourmetBlue Ice Gelato
The Fluffy Ice CreamSweet Rose CreameryCREAMCarvel Express

Ice Cream Truck Name Ideas

Nowadays, ice cream trucks are widely being used in order to deliver ice creams from home to home at the convenience of the customers. In order to make your parlor more profitable, you can name your ice cream trucks as well. Some of the ice cream trucks names are as follows-

TIT – That Ice Cream TruckThe Crunchy TacoDairy GoddessFarmer’s Ice Cream
FruckHighway HeartColdDrippity Ice CreamFive Faces Ice Cream Shop
Hit n Run Ice TruckScoop BusExtraordinary DessertsFresh N’ Roll
The Tasty truckFuel Up Ice ScoopLittle Giant Ice CreamFrosty Frills
Drifters CafeSmiles 4 MilesLuv it Frozen CustardGolden Gate Market
WTF Ice cream TruckDessets on the GoMeltHoney Honey Cafe
TruckistaWheelywayMoo Time CreameryHoney Hut Ice Cream
Icy JunctionTwist on WheelNourish CreameryIt’s All So Yummy Cafe
Yummy TummyTrukyTwistOasis ConesKing Kream
Mood TruckPioneer Ice CreamPenguin Ice CreamLighthouse Ice Cream

Ice Cream Shop Names Indian

It is generally said that Indians are much foody. Well personally i feel proud of it because of the rich resources that are indian farmers and businessmen provide us that are turning our flat bellies into a round one. Keeping that in mind we should keep up a name that has an Indian touch in it. So some of the indian ice cream shop name ideas are as follows-

Kulfi PointIce Cream FaloodaQueen Bee Ice Cream5 Below Creamery
Cool Cool ZoneKulfi JunctionScoop and Joy LoungeAddicted
Scoopy WhoopyThe Ice Cream DistilleryServing Thrifty Ice CreamBanana Splitz
Licker’s PointThe Mochi StoreSilver DipperBlue Skies Ice Cream
Kulfi WalaTip Tap Ice CreamSplitz CandyBrayson’s Ice Cream Parlor
Thaggu Ki kulfiWatertyme Desert SkySundaes and ConesChocolate & Ice Cream Delight
Kulfi Garma GaramDouble Rainbow Gourmet Ice CreamSweet Lo’s Ice CreamCold Cones Ice Cream
Ice Cream BoxFatty Daddy’s Ice CreamSweetiesCool and Hot Zone
kulfi WorldFreezing Point Ice CreamThe Dreamery CreameryCream City
Kulfi TreatFrost N’RollThe Fountain on LocustDesert Dream


Starting up your ice cream business in the summer season will surely bring you profits so do not give it a second thought and start up your own ice cream parlor as soon as possible.