How To Prepare For Bank PO Exams While Doing A Full-Time Job?


    Bank PO is a competitive exam and with each passing day, as the number of seats is decreasing and the cutoff is getting higher, the competition is also increasing. Any and every bank exam is all about hard work, and endless practice, and a bank PO is no different. The bank PO exams generally have three stages namely the Preliminary exam, Mains exam and the final interview. The first round that you need to clear to move ahead is the preliminary exam. This preliminary exam has Quantitative and Qualitative Aptitude and English Language. And all these parts need immense practice in order to crack it.

    Usually, you will need to devote your entire time of the day to prepare for this exam. But if you have a full-time job at hand, your time will get divided. In such a scenario, you will need to wisely plan your schedule of study. You will have to maintain a work-life balance, take out time for studies and also for yourself. All these will require immense determination and effort. You will need to give your hundred percent effort without any compromise. The entire thing might seem impossible but you will have to make it possible. Read further to know more.

    1. Firstly you need to make up your mind that you have to crack the exam and that you will study with determination. You will have to settle it in your head that you will have very little time for your personal work and recreation. And also that you will have to give equal attention to both your job and studies.
    2. It becomes difficult to shift your mental state from working to studying. But you will have to master this. You need your mind to be flexible enough to simultaneously fluctuate between work and study.
    3. Make a timetable and follow it sincerely. What you can do is wake up early in the morning and study for your bank PO exam. It is said that morning studies are best since we have a fresh mind and our brain functions way better at this point in time. So say you wake up at 6 in the morning and study till 9 and then get ready and leave for work.
    4. When at work, in your free time, you can go through some short quizzes, etc., or practice something relevant whenever you get time. This will help you keep the balance.
    5. After you return from work, make sure to take at least half an hour off and spend time doing what you love to do. After this, you should fix a schedule that you have to stick to no matter what. 
    6. What you have to make sure of is that you give a minimum of 6 hours of devoted study time for your bank PO exams in order to crack it. And since you are a working professional, you will have to divide these 6 hours into two time slots before and after your work.
    7. Now, coming to your preparation, bank exams mainly depend on your level of accuracy and speed. And both these things come from practice and only practice. You need to buy books that have these topics covered properly and practice from those.
    8. But before solving the problems, you must make sure to have all your concepts clear. It is very important to be well versed in all the topics. Only after that, you should try to attempt the questions.
    9. Once you get accustomed to the concepts and the way of solving the problems, you must try and solve as many questions as possible. This will broaden your ideas and understanding.
    10. Solving and referring to the previous year’s questions are also a must. This is because you get the proper idea of what kind of problems you are going to face when you appear for the exam. According to this, you can plan your preparation.
    11. There are several options available online like Oliveboard where you will find shortcuts to numerical and reasoning questions, various tricks, online free mock tests, chapter wise notes, etc., from where you can practice and brush up your skills.
    12. Appearing for mock tests is very important. These tests will give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. And always remember to point out your weak points and work on those even more.
    13. Since bank exams are time-based speed tests, you will have to be very careful about time management. This is a critical factor that determines your fate in the bank exams. You must be able to finish your mock papers on time. For this, you will have to push hard and bring yourself to that level where time will not create any problem in your result.
    14. For the language paper, you need to be very good with your English vocabulary and very appropriate with the grammar. This will be possible if you concentrate on reading. Reading newspapers, good novels, articles and magazines will help you gather a lot of knowledge on this aspect and help you score marks in the exam.
    15. Do not feel demotivated during your preparation because keeping up with a positive attitude is very important at this point. When you have a full-time job and you need to cater to all the employee responsibilities alongside maintaining your studies, it might be possible that you feel mentally exhausted. And at this point in time, you will need to take a break and maintain your sanity so that it doesn’t affect your goals.

    If you are sincere enough, you can crack it even with a job at hand. So do not lose hope and do not feel demotivated. Just keep your calm and keep working towards fulfilling your goals. Be mindful about your diet and health so that it doesn’t betray you at the last moment. All the very best!


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