So, you have got a dog at home, well, congratulations on that. As let us be honest, you have made the right choice; a bird would never have made the cut. So now you get to decide the most important thing, which is naming your canine friend. Well, do not settle on Bella, Snowy, and Max, as these are too common. Using human names also does not really work.

So, are there rules to name your dog? Honestly, it is up to you, but we certainly have listed here a few things to note that will help in communicating with your dog in the future.

1. Stick with a Small Name:

Long names should be avoided for the simple reason that you need to repeatedly call your dog. Obviously, they respond only after you call them using their name, so it needs to be short and easy to repeat. An easy way to figure out if you are comfortable is by repeatedly saying it over and over.

2. Choose a Name Ending with Vowel:

Dogs can hear frequency much higher than we do; hence how their name end is a big factorin grabbing their attention. Names that end with a vowel are preferable as it gets easy to grab their attention 

3 Don’t Pick Names that May Sound Similar to Commands: 

Keep into consideration the common dog commands you will use to train your dog. Choosing a name that sounds similar to the commands may confuse the dog; hence pay attention to this detail when shortlisting names.

4. Take Your Dog’s Characteristics and Personality Under Consideration:

The name you choose should match your dog’s personality. You just should not name your Labrador retriever as Fluffy as they really have short hair coats. Yes, if you are looking for Labradoodle names, then it may work. Naming a black-colored dog Snowy also does not really feel right. Make sure the name resonates not just with how your dog looks but its personality as well. It will seem more like it fits him.

5. Choose a Name Different from Other Pets:

If you have more than one pet, make sure that your pets name does not sound the same. Though names that rhyme may sound cute for pets, this will only create confusion amongst them. You may call one, and the other may respond. To avoid any confusion, choose names that sound absolutely different.

6. Don’t Change too Many Names: 

You are allowed to change your dog’s name initially once or twice, which works best for your dog but do not shuffle through names much. This is because your dog learns to associate itself with a name fast, and changing it several times may confuse the dog and delay training sessions.

The Bottom Line- Let Your Dog Choose:

After all, you choose your dog’s name; hence you should also let your dog choose the one that he or she loves the most. I know dogs do not really understand names like us, but they would easily respond to the tone of one name more than another. So, test the shortlisted names to see which one grabs your dog’s attention the most, and voila, here you have got your furry friend’s name, both of you love.


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