A close friend comes to you and opens up about her cheating husband, and as a curious friend, you ask her why she would feel that way. She begins to explain whatever happened with her and how she was able to catch him red-handed.

You give her a shoulder to cry on, but your mind starts wandering someplace dark. Some of these signs aptly depict your husband’s recent behaviors. What if he is being unfaithful to you right now, and you have no clue about it?

That’s where you bring in additional help, but hiring a private investigator could be a bit expensive. There’s a less costly alternative to your problem. You can use various apps for the same purpose. They can assist you with different types of equipment, such as you can spy on someone’s Facebook.

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Simple signs that you might be missing

With the rise of social media, multiple doubts are raised. Most people are either actually clueless, or they just pretend to be blind towards the actions of their partners. In their defense, they’re trying to protect their relationship.

However, in reality, they are putting too much pressure on their mental health, and soon they are headed to an emotional breakdown. Now, you can save yourself a whole lot of damage, pain, and probably years of therapy if you be a little vigilant about the pointers given below:

  • Too many locks on the phone should be your first red flag.
  • Following too many unknown people of the opposite sex and constantly liking and commenting on their pictures.
  • Daily texts and calls between you and your spouse reduce drastically, even though they are always on their phone.
  • Their plans don’t include you anymore, or they cancel your plans frequently.
  • The ex makes a return, and they talk about meeting in person all the time.
  • Being unaware of the different accounts that your partner owns and operates regularly.
  • Additionally, if your partner refuses to follow you or let you follow them, then you should get a little more aware of the situation and take action immediately.
  • They stop posting pictures with you or remove the ones you have right now.
  • Your partner would text someone till very late in the night and keep giggling all the while.
  • Your spouse becomes angry, irritated, or starts shouting when you ask for their phone.
  • They deliberately try not to access their social media accounts from a common-use device.
  • They again start dressing up and clicking extremely attractive pictures to post on Instagram.

How to confirm your doubt?

Before you jump to the conclusion, it’s always better to be completely sure about these things. These are very sensitive matters, and one wrong step can jeopardize your whole plan. Moreover, if it turns out that your spouse has been faithful to you all this while, then you might ruin a relationship that means the most to you.

However, if you move too soon with your plan, the cheating spouse may catch onto that and change their entire game plan. This way, they would never be able to figure out whether or not they were being unfaithful and end up with a lot of regret and guilt.

By following the list of tips given below, you might be able to ensure that what you feel in your gut is right:

●      Check phone for hidden messaging apps

There are many apps available in the market that can be disguised as some other application like a mere calculator app. Along with that, keep your eyes peeled on the regular apps that your spouse uses for messaging and check their archive lists. You can also check their gallery, as they might tend to leave evidence somewhere.

●      Talk to your common friends

You need to be careful about the people with whom you want to share this crucial piece of information. If they’re more loyal towards your spouse, then they might also be betraying you on your face and alert your partner as well. Moreover, at times a good friend can see things from a different perspective than you might miss.

●      Use of dating websites by your spouse

The use of dating websites by married or committed people is a highly debated topic. In conclusion, many people support the view that using these sites is not wrong till the time your partner knows about them and approves of them. Other than that, chatting or flirting with other people on dating sites is a breach of trust.

●      The trip trap

It’s the most used and oldest trick in the world because it works like a charm every time. Tell your partner that you’re going on a trip and leave as usual. Make it seem as real as possible. Then hide and wait around your house; they will either invite the other person or leave to meet them as soon as you’re gone.


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