Cute, Funny & Hilarious Harry Potter Team Names

Harry Potter is one name that if you are a 90’s kid then it’s imbibed in your DNA. Harry Potter has been that Trap Door that introduced you to the world of magic only to never return. Harry Potter Team Names are not just names but we identify our personalities with the Harry Potter Group names.

The books (as there are a total of seven + 1- The Cursed Child), of course, there are only four houses, namely Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. The Harry Potter group names have always been a very important part of the story as each group or house has its characteristics.
Inspired by the movie, you can see how big a deal it would be for Harry Potter to think he is a Slytherin and not Griffindor. The reason is simple, being of a certain Harry Potter group defines your personality and you wouldn’t want to be identified as anything right?

Harry Potter has just not been a series of books that were later adapted into movies but a phenomenon that received an immense following and critical acclamation and accolades from all over the world. That’s the very reason why the craze around Harry Potter did not end with the release of the final part, the Deathly Hallows- II, it continued through Facebook groups, Fan Fictions, on other social media channels. 

Harry Potter has got such a fan base that whatever innovation has been tried with and around the books have always been open-heartedly accepted by the audience. The craze that began from Books continued to movies, fashion shows, quizzes, and even games. The Harry Potter games demand new Harry Potter Group Names.

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

To help you find a suitable Harry Potter Trivia Team Names, we have made a list that enlists creative Harry Potter team names for your different personalities, like funny, cute and hilarious, This long list of Harry Potter Trivia Team names can serve as your Harry Potter name generator as well. 

Funny Harry Potter Team Names

Funny names for your team, for the fun, needs to start from the team name itself.

Funny Harry Potter Team Names

The Quizengamot

Witty Beyond Measure

Goblets of Ire

Smarter Than the Cat

The Luna Lovers

Deluminating Candles

The Dumbledwarfs

Dumbo & Dumbledore

The Daily Prophecies

Team Dobby

Minerva’s Mister Minds



The Almighty Huffles-n-Puffles

The Marauderians

Mudblood Magicians

Quizzard Harry


Willow Smith and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The Hedwigs

The Diadems

Snitches Get Stitches

Nice Legs Neville

The Team Who Must Not Be Named

Tangent Alley Team

The Snitches

Crumple-Horned Snorkacks

Granger Zone

Famous Fire-Eaters

Team Seven

The Mauraders

Voldy’s Moldies

The Slitherclaw Ravenpuffs

Ganged Feranium

What the Hell is a Hufflepuff

Flitwick’s Nitwits

The Grindelwalds


Moste Potente Potions


Snitches and Witches

The Chamber of Seacrest

Chudley Cannons

Wimbourne Wasps

Accio Beer!

Fifteenth-Century Fiends

The Parseltongues

Nearly Brainless Nicks

The Remembralls

Granger Danger

Cute HarryPotter Name

For if your group are a bunch of cute people then your Harry Potter Group Name should suit your Group’s personality.

Cute Harry Potter Group Names
Dumbledore’s army

Not Potter’s Army

Venomous Tentaculas


Order of the Phoenix


Department Of Magical Knowledge (or Trivia)

Krum Fan Club

Gobstones Club


Triwizard Champions

The Harpies

The Slug Club

The Potterheads

Death Eaters

The House Elves

The Hallows or The Deathly Hallows

The Elder Wands

The Philosopher/Sorcerers Stoners

The Chamber of Secrets

The Prisoners of Azkaban

The Goblets of Fire

The Triwizard Champions

The Order

The Order of the Phoenix

The Half-Bloods

The Mudbloods

The Princes

The Half-Blood Princes

The Ravenclaws

The Slytherins

The Griffyndors

the Hufflepuff

Helga’s Puffs

The Hogwartians

The Inquisitorial Squad

The Prefects

The Gobstones

Headless Hunters

The Nearly Headless

The Trio

The Unregistered Animagus’

The Wizengamot

Trolling Bogeys

Voldy’s Moldies

Wand You Up

Wit Beyond Measure

Hilarious Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

Creativity starts from the beginning and so, it should start from the name itself. Here’s a list of Hilarious names.

Hilarious Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

The Deluminators

Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs

The team who must be named

Snapes on a plane

The chosen ones

Flitwick’s Nitwits

The bloody morons

Moaning Myrtle Mayhem

Pansy Parkinson Syndrome

Erised’s Desire

Snitch in time

Happy Griffs

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Beer

It’s Levi-ooh-sa, not Levio-sah

In-quiz-itorial Squad

You’re a Quizzard, Harry

Hogwarts School of Quizardry

99 Problems But a Snitch Ain’t One

The Elephant Man

The Half-Bloods

The Holyhead Harpies

The Imperius

The Lumos Maximus Group

The Luna Lovegods

The Muggles

Professor Pop-And-Lockheartians

The Quibblers

The Ronnie Wazlibs

The Scarheads

The Skeeters

Harry Potter Name Quiz

The story with almost unlimited characters had hundreds of characters in it. How many do you remember? It has always been a challenge for any Harry Potter fan to not just remember all the names, but also full names of Harry Potter characters, Magic Spells. So here’s a challenge for you and your Harry Potter fan friends. Dare them to name as many characters as they can all complete the names like in fill in the blank.

Hermoine Granger Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Draco Malfoy Professor Severus Snape
Professor Albus Dumbledore Ron Weasley Dobby The House Elf Rubeus Hagrid Ginny Weasley
Remus Lupin Neville Longbottom Bellatrix Lestrange Luna Lovegood Sirius Black
Gellert Grindelwald Professor Minerva McGonagall Nymphadora Tonks Dolores Umbridge Hedwig
Fleur Delacour Newt Scamander Peter Pettigrew Nagini Lily Evans Potter
James Potter Peeves Cho Chang Alastor Moody Pansy Parkinson
Regulus Black Viktor Krum Dudley Dursley Dean Thomas Gilderoy Lockhart
Percy Weasley Lavender Brown Quirinus Quirrell Argus Filch Moaning Myrtle
Sybill Trelawney Lucius Malfoy Seamus Finnigan Albus Severus Potter Garrick Ollivander
Narcissa Malfoy Professor Horace Slughorn Kreacher Cornelius Fudge Cormac McLaggen

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