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119+ Cool & Funny Halfling Names

In the land of Andor, there was a young and lively halfling girl dwelling amidst lush trees in her village. Her hair was the color of tree bark and her eyes resembled fresh green leaves in springtime. The only hitch she faced was that she had no given name; her parents not living to speak one before their death when she was a little child.

Inevitably, the people in her village struggled over what to call her as they couldn’t seem to come to an agreement on it- some deemed “Molly” as an appropriate title after taking inspiration from an old relative while others advocated for “Willow” due to her passion for nature.

Gradually, with time ticking, the youngster felt out of place and a longing grew inside, fueled by this fact of being referred to just solely by her appearance rather than crediting who she genuinely is. |This was the story plot of a fantasy novel that my grandfather was writing.

Now the issue was later in the story the halfling gets her own name but he has failed to come up with a name that suits her perfectly. He asked for my help to come up with a halfling name.I was quite interested in this job of short-listing intriguing halfling names.

I focused on the attributes of the character and came up with the name Crystal. The name perfectly depicted the purity of her soul and her glistening eyes. My grandfather was awestruck by my suggested name. Later, people started coming to me for suggestions about halfling names. I gave several halfling names for stories, some for game characters.

Some of my top suggested names are-

Ander, Cotman, Twinkeep, Elwan and Darfira. I realized that I am actually good at naming halflings.

That’s how I got the idea to write my own article about naming halflings. You can find a variety of halfling names if you will read the complete article. Whether you are searching for gender-specific names or unisexual your demand will be covered in this article.

Male Halfling Names



Looking for name for your name halfling? We have got you covered. To help you out in this process and make sure your halfling gets a great name to show off we are providing you with a list of male halfling names. These name will definitely be suitable for your male halfling.

Female Halfling Names


The shortest animal in a room that you can always tell is there is the halfling. The name of your halfling must accurately describe what kind of halfling you are. Because halfling women are renowned for their beauty, we have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful female halfling name for you.

Halfling Family Names

Halflings are a race of small human-like creatures in fantasy literature. They have unique family names that are often whimsical and fun. We’ll look at a few of the most common Halfling family name in this post. You’re likely to discover something that fits your Halfling character, from the conventional to the more creative!


Gender Neutral Halfling Names

If you want a halfling name that is not very gender centric you will find some here. Sometimes you need a name that is flexible so we have got the best gender neutral halfling name for you.


Cool Halfling Surnames

halfling names

Halflings has always been a source of curiosity. Halflings can be really cool in nature so we’ve compiled a list of the most unique and creative cool halfling surnames that will surely make your character stand out from the rest.


Funny Halfling Name

Why not offer halflings names that are humorous and represent their nature as they are renowned for being naughty and fun-loving individuals? Here is some amusing funny halfling names to make you chuckle.

  • Spoony
  • Finster
  • Bungo
  • Littleman

Badass Halfling Name

Badass Halfling Names

Just because they are small and fun-loving creatures does not mean they do not have a badass side. Halflings won’t harm you until you do it first. So, here are some badass halfling names to reflect your halfling’s fearless side.

  • Glowearth
  • Tosstopple
  • Mosshollow
  • Brushbluff

Final Words-

Hope this article will really help you on your journey to get a suitable halfling name. All the halfling name mentioned have their own uniqueness and meaning. No matter which one you choose among the list of halfling names you will surely get some compliments.

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