E-Shisha 101: The Modern Revolution of Traditional Hookah

Are you looking for a new way to enjoy hookah anywhere and anytime you want? If yes, e-shisha is the right choice. This cigarette-shaped, e-water pipe can be experienced on the go and it is ready to use. What makes electronic shisha apart from the rest is that it doesn’t have carbon monoxide, tar, or any form of toxins that are usually generated by traditional tobacco. E-Shisha provides a pure and pleasant hookah experience without negative effects on your health and nicotine addiction. In general, an e-shisha is a modern revolution of conventional hookah. 

Understanding E-Shisha: A Combination of Tradition and Technology

This contemporary version of the conventional hookah puts your smoking experience to a higher level. Also called e-hookah, e-shisha combines the historic charm of hookah with the latest developments in technology to come up with more convenient, cleaner, and customizable options. 

What Makes Up Electronic Shisha?

E-shisha is composed of different kinds of components to give you a remarkable smoking experience including: 

  • Battery: This is the source of power of the device. It gives the energy needed to heat the liquid and to create vapor. 
  • Atomizer: The heating element of the device, the atomizer is accountable for the flavored liquid to vaporize. It translates the liquid into smoke that you can breathe. 
  • Cartridge: This is where the flavor is stored. It is linked to the atomizer. The electronic tank is replaceable and refillable. 
  • Control Mechanism: Electronic shisha comes with sensors or buttons to control the functions of the device. 
  • Airflow Control: Electronic devices come with easy-to-adjust airflow, which enables you to customize the volume and resistance of the smoke you inhale. 

These state-of-the-art features resulted in e-shisha becoming a fashionable and long-lasting vape. The portability, safety and health aspects have led a lot of people to choose e-shisha over hookah. 

Wide Selections of Flavor to Choose From 

Another reason behind the popularity of e-shisha is the wide array of flavors to choose from. You can choose a specific flavor that meets your taste. 

  • Fruity Flavors: There is a wide array of fruity flavors such as mango, watermelon, apple, strawberry, and more. 
  • Dessert Flavor: Popular flavors are cake, vanilla and chocolate.
  • Beverage: You can choose from cola, coffee, and different cocktail-inspired flavors. 
  • Tobacco Alternatives: For smokers who are still longing for a tobacco-like experience, e-shisha offers tobacco alternatives without a real tobacco smell. 
  • Mint/Menthol: This gives a cool and refreshing sensation and taste. 

The Many Perks of E-Shisha

E-shisha offers many perks that you can obtain from a traditional hookah or vape. Some of the remarkable benefits of e-shisha include:

  • Affordable

If you are looking for affordable vapes without compromising your health, then go for electronic shisha. The price of this vape is almost half of the value of the most expensive vapes available.  On average, electronic shisha lasts for 600 puffs. If you consider the cost, it is way cheaper than cigarettes or hookah tobacco. 

  • No Harmful Toxins

With electronic shisha, your well-being is safe as it produces pure and clean vapor without carbon monoxide, tar, or other types of harmful toxins. Tar and toxins are usually related to health problems such as cancer. Compared to hookahs and cigarettes which produce massive amounts of toxins, e-shish doesn’t burn anything.

  • No Nicotine

Nicotine refers to the addictive toxin common in traditional cigarettes and hookah tobacco. While not detrimental, nicotine is the main cause of cigarette addiction. in e-shishas, you can also vaporize liquids that do not contain nicotine. So, nicotine addiction is prevented. 

  • No Second-Hand Smoke

The vapor produced by electronic shisha vanished immediately. Thus, no second-hand smoke for people nearby to breathe in. This is one of the reasons why e-shisha is allowed to be used in public places. 

  • No Long-Lasting Odor 

Because the vapor produced by this e-cigarette doesn’t have bad additives, the odor doesn’t stay in place which is usually common in traditional cigarettes. This means that clothes, furniture, hands, and personal possessions aren’t tarnished by the smell of the smoke- an odor which a lot of people find disagreeable and can affect the way others interact with smokers. 

  • User-Friendly 

Unlike traditional hookahs that need a complex setup before use, e-shisha can be used right from the box. No setup is needed and no fire or coals like hookah. Just take it out of the box and presto! 

  • Discreet

E-shisha is small, about the same size as a traditional cigarette. This allows you to store it in your pocket or small bag. The smoke produced doesn’t draw much attention, which makes it relatively discrete. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying E-Shisha

E-shisha works through vaporization. The liquid flavor is heated by the atomizer to evaporate. This produces a clear vapor that doesn’t have tar or toxins. Conversely, tobacco and hookahs function by heating material. During the burning process, a lot of toxins are produced. 

The atomizer, liquid filling, and battery are the major components. Once you puff, the battery will set off which in turn powers up the atomize and causes the LED to light up. Once heats up, it evaporates the flavor into a clear smoke that you can breathe in. In e-shisha, you can get 600 puffs or even more. E-shisha is disposable and you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime, and dispose once it runs out of flavor. 

To Sum Up

A persuasive mixture of modern technology and colorful history that redefines the enduring experience of hookah might be found in E-shisha. This modern hookah invites smokers to join in a flavorful and smokeless journey. If you are searching for a reusable vape and want to use the functionality of an electronic shisha along with the infrequent e-liquid containing nicotine, then electronic cigarettes might be for you. This is a non-disposable modern hookah made to meet the demands of smokers and is also reusable. However, it’s possible to acquire nicotine-free liquid, which allows electronic cigarettes to do the job of shisha pens for people who want them.