Drag Queen Names

399+ Funny & Iconic Drag Queen Names

We all know about the term ‘drag queen’ but we hardly know about what this means, this is derived from the phrase “dress like a girl”

The term ‘drag queen’ was first created in the early 20th century. It refers to those individuals, usually men, who dress in extremely feminine clothing and not only that but they also adopt extremely feminine forms to perform or express themselves. 

Drag queen name is a critical part of drag culture.  Drag queens often choose names that are clever.

The process of choosing a drag queen name can be very personal and creative. To easen up the process I have written this article composed of the best drag queen names. I got the idea of writing this article while choosing a drag name for my son.

Names Of Iconic Drag Queens

Whether you’re strutting your stuff on stage or simply embracing your fierce alter ego, remember that a drag queen name is more than just a title – it’s an opportunity to embrace your truest self and shine bright like a diamond. So grab your heels and get ready for a journey into the fabulous world of drag queen names!

1. Glitterella: This drag queen name carries the essence of sparkle and glamour, evoking feelings of enchantment and glamour.

2. Diva Divine: With this name, this drag queen exudes a powerful aura of divinity and beauty, commanding attention and passion.

3. Slay Belle: This drag queen is a clever play on words, combining the idea of ​​stage murder with a bit of holiday cheer.

4. Velvet Vixen: The name Velvet Vixen implies that she has a seductive and mysterious personality, which charms the audience with her delicate and charming presence.

5. Electra Fierce: This drag queen emits a fire and electric energy, representing a fierce force to be reckoned with on stage.

6. Crystal Freak: With this name, this drag queen embraces their identity and celebrates the beauty of queerness as it shines bright like crystal.

7. Glamor Gilda: This drag queen name pays homage to the golden age of Hollywood glamour, and exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.

8. Phoenix Rising: The name Phoenix Rising is a symbol of resilience and transformation, representing a drag queen who has overcome adversity and emerged stronger than ever.

9. Ruby Violence: This drag queen name suggests a rebellious and radical spirit, capturing the essence of an artist who is not afraid to challenge societal norms.

10. Vibrant Violet: With this name, this drag queen exudes vibrant and vibrant energy, capturing the audience with her bold and colorful personality.

Names Of Contestants From RuPaul’s Drag Race

Get ready to sashay into a world of fabulousness as we explore the glittering realm of names of contestants from RuPaul’s drag race! These iconic monikers are more than just words – they are expressions of creativity, power and self-discovery.

The contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race and their name meanings are as follows:

1. Bianca Del Rio: Bianca means “white” in Italian, symbolizing purity, while Del Rio refers to the river in Spanish, representing fluidity and movement.

2. Alaska Thunderfuck: Alaska is a reference to the northernmost state in the U.S., known for its rugged beauty, while Thunderfuck represents power and intensity.

3. Trixie Mattel: Trixie is a playful name, often associated with magic and trickery, while Mattel is a nod to the iconic toy company, representing creativity and imagination.

4. Sasha Velour: Sasha is a unisex name of Russian origin, meaning “defender of mankind,” while Velour evokes a sense of luxury and elegance.

5. Aquaria: Aquaria is derived from the Latin word for water, symbolizing fluidity and adaptability, reflecting the contestant’s versatility and grace.

6. Violet Chachki: Violet is a color associated with royalty and sophistication, while Chachki is a term for small decorative objects, representing attention to detail and aesthetics.

7. Bob the Drag Queen: Bob is a simple and relatable name, while the addition of “the Drag Queen” emphasizes the contestant’s identity and talent.

8. Jinkx Monsoon: Jinkx is a unique name, possibly derived from the word “jinx,” representing a playful and mischievous nature, while Monsoon evokes a sense of power and intensity.

9. Sharon Needles: Sharon is a biblical name, symbolizing peace and harmony, while Needles represents the edginess and unconventional style of the contestant.

10. Raja Gemini: Raja is a Sanskrit word meaning “king” or “queen,” representing power and authority, while Gemini refers to the zodiac sign, symbolizing duality and versatility.

A’keria DavenportBenDeLaCremeCynthia Lee FontaineGigi Goode
Acid BettyBlair St. ClairDahlia SinGinger Minj
Adore DelanoBrita FilterDelta WorkGottmik
Aiden ZhaneBrooke Lynn HytesDenaliHeidi N Closet
AjaCarmen CarreraDerrick BarryHoney Davenport
Alaska ThunderfuckCharlie HidesDetoxHoney Mahogany
Alexis MateoChi Chi DeVayneEnvy PeruTamisha Iman
Alexis MichelleCoco MontreseEureka O’HaraIndia Ferrah
Alyssa EdwardsCourtney ActFarrah MoanIvy Winters
Asia O’HaraCrystal MethydGia GunnJackie Cox
Jade JolieKandy MuseMayhem MillerNaomi Smalls
Jan SportKatya ZamolodchikovaMilkNicky Doll
Janey JackéKelly MantleMimi ImfurstNina Bo’nina Brown
Jasmine MastersKennedy DavenportMiss FameNina Flowers
Jaymes MansfieldKim ChiMiz CrackerNina West
Jessica WildKimora BlacMonét X ChangeOngina
Jiggly CalienteLaganja EstranjaMonica Beverly HillzPandora Boxx
Joslyn FoxLatrice RoyaleMonique HeartPearl
JujubeeManila LuzonMorgan McMichaelsPeppermint
Kameron MichaelsMariah Paris BalenciagaMrs. Kasha DavisPhi Phi O’Hara

Funniest Drag Queen Names

These funniest drag queen names not only make us laugh but also celebrate individuality, creativity, and self-expression in the most fabulous way possible! So get ready for some serious entertainment from these queens who know how to bring the fun and laughter to any stage they grace.

Funniest Drag Queen

1.Miss Terry Cloth: This queen is all about fashion and luxury.

2. Anita Margarita: Mixing up cocktails and serving sass.

3. Penny Tration: This queen leaves audiences in awe of her fierce energy and undeniable talent.

4. Ivana Mandicure: Nails on fleek? Check! 

5. Polly Esther: Bringing retro vibes and disco fever.

6. Mona Lott: Steals the show with her powerful vocals and captivating presence.

7. Sherry Blossom: This queen blooms on stage with her elegance and grace. 

8. Mary Poppers: With a spoonful of glitter and a whole lot of magic.

9. Coco Nuts: Serving tropical realness.

10. Rhoda Dendron: A true botanical beauty.

Ima MessingtonSnortabelleSnickerellaKiki Gigglepuss
Fanny FanfareChucklesworthDotty ComedyWanda Wisecrack
Anita GigglesBellylaughs McJesterGigglesnortPenny Pizzazz
Polly WobblesSilly TiddlywinksJesterellaBetty Banter
Carmen MirthaGrinella GrinsalotPranky PoppinsDixie Tickles
Tricky TasselsJocular JamboreeTeehee TremorLulu Quips
Miss HapzGuffawellaHa Ha HarlequinJokes McGee
  • Izzy Uncut
  • Florida Man
  • Amanda Pörq
  • Irma Gerd
  • Jenny Talia
  • Terra Hymen
  • Tasha Salad
  • Nova China
  • Dixie Normous
  • Salina EsTitties
  • Betty Bitchslap
  • Sigourney Beaver
  • Karen from Finance
  • Anna Bortion

Cool Drag Queen Names

Looking to find the perfect name for your drag persona? Look no further! From puns to pop culture references, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating cool drag queen names.

1. Aurora – meaning “dawn”

2. Phoenix – meaning “rebirth”

3. Siren – meaning “seductive”

4. Electra – meaning “sparkling”

5. Diva – meaning “celebrity”

6. Enigma – meaning “mystery”

7. Velvet – meaning “luxurious”

8. Blaze – meaning “fiery”

9. Serenade – meaning “melodic”

10. Luna – meaning “moonlit”

Nova NoirSwag SerenadeEmber EnigmaVelvet Voltage
Phoenix FuryMystic MidnightChillwave DivaSlick Serenade
Rebel RhapsodyCoolgrooveCosmic CoolcatBlaze Noir
Zephyr ZaraElectric EleganceShadow StrutMidnight Maven
Electra EdgeRebel RhythmChrome CharmerRebel Remix
Viper VixenChrome CoutureChillaholicFrost Fatale
ChillaholicChill MistralZenith ZaraZen Zephyr
  • Angie O’Plasty
  • Anita Procedure
  • Ann T. Christ
  • April Showers
  • Ariel View
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Beah Best
  • Belle Ligerrente
  • Blake Deadly
  • Blythe Spirit
  • Carlos the Uber Driver
  • Carmen Carrera
  • Carmen Gettit
  • Celia Lips
  • Chynna Fun
  • Claire Rickal
  • Coco Pebbles
  • Cookie Crumbles
  • Daisy Chain
  • Delia Hand
  • Della Katessen
  • Deniece N. Denephew
  • Diemme Monds
  • Dolly Postpartum
  • Edamame Dearest
  • Ella Vader
  • Etha Nitty
  • Georgia Rule
  • Gilda Lily
  • Gladys Notme
  • Greta Spectations
  • Harper Valley
  • Hazel Nuts
  • Hella Whole
  • Holly Wood
  • Imogen Alda-People
  • Ina Fernalle
  • Iona Mink
  • Isabelle Ringing
  • Jacklynn Hyde
  • Judy Ism
  • Karen Toomuch
  • Kitsch Kitsch Bang Bang
  • Lala Land
  • Lea Ness
  • Lois Common Denominator
  • Lunaye Clipse
  • Lyra Kall
  • Madison Avenue
  • Marsha DaPenguins
  • May Attend
  • Mia Culpa
  • Mira Image
  • Pat McCrotch
  • Penny Dora
  • Penny Ramma
  • Reese S. Pieces
  • Rey Torric
  • Rhea Ranged
  • Rhetta Magazine
  • Rita Menu
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Sade Tripper
  • Sara Penth
  • Satty Phection
  • Selma Belongings
  • Sherry Netherland
  • Sia Gollogique
  • Sophie Tucker
  • Suse Pense
  • Tye Gress
  • Virginia Slims
  • Winnie Repeatedly

Unique Drag Queen Names

Do you adore the glamour, uniqueness, and spunk of drag queens? Enjoy these 10 unique drag queen names, inspired by words that perfectly encapsulate their essence.

Unique Drag Queen Names

1. Elan- Meaning “style” or “energy”.

2. Lush- Implying abundance and extravagance.

3. Aura- Reflecting the unique vibe or mystique of a queen.

4. Blaze- Perfect moniker for queens who burn the stage with their performance.

5. Divine- Star power and confidence.

6. Minx- A little playful yet seductive.

7. Fierce- unafraid to boldly express their true self.

8. Mave- Represents knowledge and expertise in drag.

9. Flair- means extraordinary style and originality.

10. Enigma- Means unpredictable and unorthodox.

  • Adelle Light
  • Aliyah Alone
  • Amanda Reckonwith
  • Angela Mercy
  • Annette Below
  • Anya Marx
  • Aria Hymn
  • Barbara Seville
  • Beth Israel
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Chaka Khanvict
  • Chichi Swank
  • Cora Apple
  • Crystal Decanter
  • Dee Lister
  • Didi Divine
  • Eartha Nihilation
  • Eileen Dover
  • Elle Train
  • Emme Plosion
  • Enda DaWorld
  • Enne Phinite
  • Estee DaNight
  • Etta Girl
  • Faith Healer
  • Fancy Feast
  • Gal Lante
  • Gigi Rand
  • Haya Stranger
  • Hayden Planetarium
  • Hedy Discussion
  • Hope Floats
  • Ivana B. Alone
  • Jan Tomorrow
  • Jane Reaction
  • Jennifer Convertible
  • Jo King
  • Jordan Almonds
  • Jue Cee
  • Juju Bee
  • Kamala Myhouse
  • Kiki Sessions
  • Laye Lo
  • Liv Lee
  • Lucy Fur
  • Maci Sumcox
  • Mary Christmas
  • Mercedes Bends
  • Milla Peed
  • Miss Adora
  • Miss Mood
  • Misty Meaner
  • Mona More
  • Monique Heart
  • Monique Mystique
  • Nan Bread
  • Nicole Lorful
  • Noë Stalgia
  • Olive D’Nightlife
  • Olive Garden
  • Penny Alla Vodka
  • Pho Latyle
  • Phyllis Stein
  • Pria Steegious
  • Raven Lunatic
  • Rey Mantique
  • Roma Ence
  • Rosemary Chicken
  • Ruby Slippers
  • Salma Nella
  • Sandy Flipflops
  • Sarah Tonin
  • Scarlet Empress
  • Sheila Noya
  • Shelita Baby
  • Soledad Canyon
  • Sue Burben
  • Symone
  • Talia Mother
  • Tamara Nite
  • Tara Alert
  • Thea Terre
  • Tia Sympathy
  • Tiffany Lampshade

Clever Drag Queen Names

Embrace your creativity and let your imagination flow as you explore different combinations of words, phrases and meanings. Here are some clever drag queen names that are sure to impress you.

1. Glitterati – Sparkling

2. DivaDazzle – Dazzling

3. SirenSlay – Enchanting

4. VogueVixen – Fashionable

5. FlamingoFierce – Flamboyant

6. ElectraGlamour – Electrifying

7. MystiqueMajesty – Mysterious

8. RubyReign – Regal

9. LunaLush – Luxurious

10. PhoenixPhantom – Resilient

Farrah Moan
Penny Tration
Karen from Finance
Kim Chi
Courtney Act
Sharon Needles
Trixie Mattel
Bob the Drag Queen
Baga Chipz
Tess Tickle
Ginger Minj
Hedda Lettuce
Helluva Bottom Carter
Pandora Boxx
Cheryl Hole
wilma fingerdoo
Eileen Dover
Kitty Scott-Claus
Peaches Christ
Naomi Smalls
Laganja Estranja
Acid Betty
Mimi Imfurst
Jiggly Caliente
Lucy Stoole
Jaymes Mansfield

Famous drag queens

Many famous drag queens have become iconic not only for their performances but also for their unforgettable stage names. Names like RuPaul, Bianca Del Rio and Trixie Mattel are household names in the entertainment industry.Here are some famous drag queen names.

1. RuPaul – Iconic

2. Bianca Del Rio – Hilarious

3. Alaska Thunderfuck – Quirky

4. Trixie Mattel – Whimsical

5. Sasha Velour – Artistic

6. Alyssa Edwards – Entertaining

7. Violet Chachki – Glamorous

8. Bob the Drag Queen – Charismatic

9. Jinkx Monsoon – Talented

10. Sharon Needles – Edgy

  • Glitterati Glamora
  • Divina Royale
  • Opulence Del Mar
  • Mystique Verona
  • Radiant Ravenna
  • Seraphina D’Amour
  • Celestia Von Luxe
  • Euphoria St. James
  • Siren Silkwood
  • Azalea Von Fame
  • Vivacious Fontaine
  • Starlet Blanche
  • Evangeline Noir
  • Belladonna LaRue
  • Zephyr Lovecraft
  • Crystal Devine
  • Phoenix Astoria
  • Chantilly Stardust
  • Electra Darling
  • Ruby Mercury
  • Vanity Von Belle
  • Luna Nova
  • Delilah Vox
  • Mariposa Escarlata
  • Pandora Diamond
  • Nova Lunaire
  • Cleopatra Divine
  • Melody Mirage
  • Andromeda Starlight
  • Aurora D’Vine


Always keep in mind that a drag queen’s stage name is a reflection of their character and manner of acting. It serves as a tool for presenting their own brand to the viewer. The titles mentioned above may be motivating, but what really counts is that they sound great on the queen who will be wearing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is drag queen a boy?

Ans. Drag queens are performers who typically identify as male but dress in exaggerated feminine attire for entertainment purposes. However, it is crucial to understand that not all drag queens are cisgender males.

Q2. Who can be a drag queen?

Ans. Anyone can be a drag queen, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

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