Creative Law Firm Name Ideas

Creative Law Firm Name Ideas

One of the most difficult things about starting a law firm is deciding on what to name the firm. On the one hand it needs to be memorable, creative ,unique and on the other hand it needs to be more of  professional manner.

If there are more than one partner in the firm then which partners name comes first? Alphabetical, age or ease of pronunciation. Older firms, with more than five partners often shorten their names in order to make it easier to remember and say.

When you are naming your law firm you may just need to put your name out of the mix. Even bringing in a third party branding expert may help on the marketing and brand identity side of things. Partners may not always agree on names, so it is important that the name of the firm is settled before clients begin taking action with you.

Location and Entity

Location and entity are other points you may want to focus on when deciding on your law firms name. If your law firm is based in a specific area or region you may want to include it in the firms name. For example, “southeast divorce lawyer” may be a suitable if your firm is based in the “southeast”. It is important that you verify with your state’s ethics bar before naming your firm because rules vary on a state basis.

Some firms are named the same thing as their legal entity although that may be quite difficult for potential clients to remember. So you may want to shorten the name. After all, clients won’t care if you have a “PLLC” suffix at the end of your firm name. The name of your firm will be the first thing people see about your company and it may be a deciding factor whether you should be given a case or not.

Part of naming your law firm successfully you should make sure you can register the trade name of your law firm name. For example, if your firm’s name is “mylawfirm”, then make sure “” is available to register.

The Perfect Name

The perfect law firm name should tell people the ethos of your law firm, it should convey;

  1. Expertise
  2. Better Than The Rest
  3. Trustworthy

Of course your law firm name should be “Trustworthy, experienced and supreme law firm”.

LawLytics CEO – Dan Jaffe changed his law firms name four times in order to test which one performed the best.

  1. “The Law Offices of Daniel M. Jaffe”
  2. “The Jaffe Law Firm”
  3. “Daniel Jaffe, Attorney at Law”
  4. “Daniel Jaffe & Associates”
  1. “The Law Offices of Daniel M. Jaffe”

This was the most successful law firm names for Dan and that was put down to a few reasons. The first being that the name included someones real name which in turn gave a perception of trust by adding a name to the start of it.

  1. “The Jaffe Law Firm”

The title of “The Jaffe Law Firm” was not as effective as the first one. This was because it was not as informative as the first one was. There is no mention of partners or what the firm is like.

3.“Daniel Jaffe & Associates”

The name did not quite do as well as the first two, we think that is due to the lack of information. The title does not say “law” so finding the law firm names using online marketing would be much harder. Also, many non-lawyers do not know what “associates” even means which may also be detrimental to the naming of the firm. Most non-lawyers will not know that it means that there are more than one licensed attorneys. By adding attorneys it may be more negative than positive in some eyes. This is because it may sound like there is a lead attorney with less experienced ones working around him/her.

4.“Daniel Jaffe, Attorney at Law”

“Daniel Jaffe, Attorney at Law” was the name which performed the worst, we believe it was due to the fact that it is referring to the attorney directly and not the firm.

Apart from letterhead and your sign on the building, your name will be practically the front of your firm. From business cards to word of mouth, your name will be every corner your firm stretches to. Check out City Of Hype for more lawyer news and articles.

Creative Law Firm Names-

Creativity is the essence of being successful. You will be successful only when everything that is related to your business if perfect. So make a move and brainstorm the different names and try searching in for a creative law firm name. Some of the creative law firm names are as follows-

  • Lexington Law Firm
  • Common Law
  • Reddy & Reddy Law Firm
  • Law Intellect
  • Overchuck Law Firm
  • Law Caddie
  • Clat Firm
  • The Angel Law Firm
  • Alexander Law Group
  • Arts Law company
  • Cisneros Immigration law Firm
  • Cohen Family Law
  • Earley Law Firm
  • Entoro Law Offices
  • The Franklin Law Firm
  • Injury legal
  • Law Jackson
  • Mac Track Legal
  • O’rielly & Oche
  • Ozarks Family Law
  • Sawicki Law Firm
  • Strelka Law Office
  • Tellus Law Group
  • Xpertlex
  • Pacific Rim Law Firm
  • Mohawk Law Firm
  • Ify Law Firm
  • Argod Law Firm
  • Half Price Law Firm
  • Phantom Law Firm

Modern Law Firm Names-

The scope of being choosing lawyer as a profession is gradually increasing day by day. The various law firms are now opening across the country as more people are becoming lawyers.When new firm hits up the market the others market share gradually decreases. In order to make sure that your firm does not loose up its share you should focus on selecting a modern law firm name. Some of the modern law firm names are as follows-

  • Valiant Law Firm
  • Nexus Law Firm Office
  • Gram law Firm
  • The Ward Law Firm
  • Luthra & Associates
  • Your Caring Law Firm
  • Economics Law Practice
  • The Foggle Law Firm
  • Law Senate
  • p24 law Firm
  • Moaddel Law Firm
  • Eldredge law Firm
  • Law & practice
  • Liberty Law Firm
  • Alliance Law Group
  • Law Tigers
  • B & B Asociates
  • Legal Fair Law
  • Justice Avail Law Firm
  • Cheda & partners Law Firm
  • Jain & suhil kumar Co.
  • Absolute Law
  • Law Point
  • Law & We

When you are starting up with the law business make sure that your name depicts your services in a proper way because if you pick up a name that is more of fancy or trendy than you may end up loosing up the clients and that is not at all the aim of your business.It take years and years to make a reputation of your firm among the people and that reputation is carried on even when your business is run by your children or someone else and that reputation clearly includes your name and fame so be wise while choosing a perfect law firm name.

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