There might be no individual who hasn’t tried a sandwich yet in their entire life? This is because, sandwiches had been a part of our food chain for many generations as a result of which, they are considered to be the most popular food item worldwide. So, if you’re thinking of opening your own sandwich shop, then it’s a great idea! Go ahead! All you need is a good sandwich maker, a wonderful place and very importantly, a catchy name.

Best Sandwich shop name ideas

Here, we have a list of the most catchy and creative sandwich names you can use for your newly installed sandwich shop in the town.  

Rock N’ Roll Subway sandwichHot Crossed BunsRock N’ Roll SubsMouth Melters Sandwich Shop
Rockin’ SubsHarry’s Homestyle HoagiesHot Crossed BunsPitchin’ Sandwiches
Sandwich Alll WayFriendS Club SandwichesRockin’ SubsSam’s Sammies
Your Sandwich is My CommandKnuckle SandwichesHarry’s Homestyle HoagiesSecret Sauce Sandwiches
Master SandwichMouth-waterySandwich All-the-WaySesame’s Sandwiches
Off the Grill Subs and moreDuke of Reuben: Gourmet SandwichesFriendly Club SandwichesStuffed! Sandwich Shop
Mayo Bros. SandwichesThe Sandwich ScopeYour Sandwish is My CommandMonsterwiches
Sloppin’ SubsSandwich MamaKnuckle SandwichesHotPress Paninis
Rosette Sandwich shopWrapers from ScrapersKing SandwichesToasty’s Sandwiches
Mind It!View BunKnuckleball SandwichesMunchy Sandwich Shop

Creative Sandwich Names 

There are stories we here around about food brands, the brand became their identity just like KFC. There are some points you must follow before choosing a shop or outlet name.

1. Mention your name: It’s your shop, so let everyone know who’s the boss!

2. The name must be brand-able. Say, if the shop gains much popularity over the years, and then comes the time when your shop name becomes a brand. So, choose a name which sounds catchy and funny too.

3. Food Type: If you serve unique sandwich dishes such as subs, wraps etc. then you should make it clear in your shop name so the customers know what you’re good at.

Here are some good creative names, select a name from our sandwich shop names.

NimbleCreative CrumbNames GuideCreativedo
Sandwich FlashCreative DicedNames LimitlessSandwich Street
InsightCreative DineSandwich BaronsSandwich Principle
Creative BitCreative QuickCreative NouveauNamporium
Sandwich FlawlessNames WrapCreativeverseCreativeporium
CitronSandwich ConnectCreative BiteGrub
Creative BayCreativeprismBeliefCreative Supreme
CreativeavaSmashSandwich KingSandwichdo
SandwichcouchNames LoungeCreative AssistCreative Depend
Sandwich SmackCreative SmackCreative All-OutSandwich Valor

Funny Sandwich Names

Who says that shop names can’t be funny? Of course, you can choose a funny name for your Sandwich shop. Make it look like a brand but also funny at the same time. Example, The Second Wife, a Delhi-based food chain corporation. So, think about such creative names. If you can’t find one then don’t stress, we have a list of funny sandwich names for you!

Forward SandwichMunchies NamesNamdoWhole Names
Rely FunnyConnect SandwichNamryCrafty Sandwich
Tale SandwichSandwichnestNamcogSandwichworks
SandwichoramaCrisp NamesTale FunnySavor Funny
Grove FunnyNamworksAble SandwichLocal Sandwich
Vision SandwichLoyal FunnyReflex SandwichProper Names
Juicy SandwichHideaway FunnyDirect NamesIdeal Funny
Magma NamesBasket FunnySwift SandwichAmbrosial Names
Bro SandwichFast FunnyBaked NamesSandwichio
Lounge NamesPurpose FunnyStake SandwichQuick Funny


The sandwich shop has the potential to grow rapidly at any place in the whole world. So, make it catchier with the best and catchy name. So, down the lane, it becomes a brand and famous worldwide.

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