Boost YouTube Subscribers: Amazing Ways to Grow

YouTube as a social media platform bases more on subscribers. A major metric for measuring YouTube success is one’s channel’s number of followers. Increased fans mean higher video views. When you post videos constantly, it will have an enormous impact on your subscriber count. This is because as you’re posting more videos, a higher number of people will be watching them. Through this way and many other ways, you’ll receive increased engagement, likes, shares, etc. Still, only uploading videos isn’t enough to boost YouTube subscribers.

Read on to discover how to gain more subscribers on the platform.

Amazing Tips to Boost YouTube Subscribers

We’ve listed the top tips to use to boost YouTube subscribers. They are;

1. Create Engaging Content

If one is aiming for users to view his videos, he has to make content that engages and informs. One can also include visuals in his content for it to appeal better. Ensure to begin your video with something captivating for people to keep on viewing to the end.

Then, utilize original content at all times. This is because when you make use of the content of other YouTube creators, you’ll alienate people and the video won’t engage well. Also add cards, and end screens, together with any other customization for engaging your audiences.

2. Upload Videos Constantly

Another way to boost YouTube subscribers is to post videos constantly. You have to increase the frequency at which you upload content. Definitely, when you create and publish content consistently, it will encourage viewers to click on your YouTube subscribe link so they can enjoy more content.

On the other hand, when you have not uploaded for a long while, people wouldn’t like to subscribe to your channel. YouTube channels that publish videos twice or more per week usually do better when compared to the channels that don’t.

If somebody clicks on your channel’s subscription link, they’ll always receive email notifications anytime you publish a new video. So, if somebody receives email twice or more per week, they’ll engage better with your videos.

If you’re confused about the right time to post, you can use the best time to post on the YouTube service of Views4You. With this service, you will know the perfect time to post content on the platform to reach more people and gain more subscribers. Check to post on YouTube at the best time.

3. Start Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

Optimizing one’s content is another way to boost YouTube subscribers. This will really help you to acquire more fans on the platform. So, immediately after publishing your video, you must optimize it to rank high.

To get to a proper audience, he should optimize some elements like video titles, thumbnails, and descriptions, among other meta tags. When one uses a specific keyword in his content title, it will aid him in ranking.

Higher rankings in YouTube search results lead to more viewers and subscribers. One is even free to return to his older content descriptions to include any fresh keyword and hashtag, and also boost his search discoverability at all times.

Some video elements to optimize include;

Video Description

When you link other important content in your description, it’ll give you the opportunity to showcase other videos and make your clips interactive.

Video Tags

This makes one’s video appear among popular content and aids other people in finding it easily. One has to start optimizing meta tags and should also include a start screen and end screen in his YouTube videos. Start screens help users to know how one’s content looks up front, then an end screen does the opposite.

4. Start Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

For you to acquire additional subscribers on YouTube, he must also optimize his channel. A very easy way of doing that is designing a compelling look for one’s page. Your YouTube channel will appear captivating if you use the right keywords, descriptions, and art.

YouTube’s SEO research found that keywords correlate significantly with increased search ranking. One’s channel descriptions are so essential because they’re displayed beside his channel on search results. Therefore, keyword research is so crucial for channel optimization.

5. Create High-Quality Videos

Another way to gain more subscribers on YouTube is through high-quality videos. This is because people do not like watching videos with low-quality audio.

6. Include Subscriber Watermarks in Your Video

YouTube usually lets users include a watermark in their content. That’s an amazing way of reminding users to subscribe to your channel. Watermarks may be logos, business names, and call-to-actions.

7. Start Engaging with Your Audiences

If you engage with viewers, it makes them feel gratified. You’re even free to obtain fresh ideas from viewers, and then make new videos according to comments.

8. Start Promoting Your Video on Other Sites

You have to be promoting your content on other sites. In a case where you upload a post on Facebook, you can add your YouTube video link to it. Do the same with Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites.

Link building is essential, so you can also look for relevant sites in your niche, and then liaise alongside them for backlinks. Additionally, you’re free to try out testimonial link building in which somebody gives a testimony and links to your content. Start collaborating with other YouTube channels and also add embedded videos to your blog post.

9. Try Out Explainer Videos

Create videos educating and explaining difficult concepts and topics associated with your niche so you can attract more subscribers.

10. Stay Consistent

Being consistent in making and uploading content on this popular platform is very important. If people are aware that one consistently uploads videos, they’ll more likely start subscribing and engaging with his content.

This will additionally signal to YouTube’s algorithm that one is active, leading to increased visibility and ranking.

11. Upload Long Videos

Your video length really matters. According to recent studies, longer videos rank higher in YouTube’s searches than shorter videos. They perform better in search results. Longer videos are preferred by people so they will make your content appear high on the platform.

12. Start Promoting Content in End Screens

This will make people watch your video more and they’ll love to subscribe. An example is; the end screen – Next video. This Next Video will lead to higher views and new subscribers.

13. Ensure Good Video Quality

This is essential to increase your subscribers for your page. So, when you’re seeking your channel’s growth, you should use YouTube Studio or other online tools to make videos with great quality.

14. Include an Amazing Channel Description

A lot of YouTube channel descriptions are not good and captivating enough. Such channel descriptions will not compel people to click the subscribe button.

You should add keywords to your descriptions. It will aid your channel in ranking higher in YouTube searches. When you utilize lots of relevant keywords that users like searching for, you will attract more YouTube views and subscribers.

15. Utilize Subscriber Magnets

To try this out, follow this process. Firstly, proceed to YouTube Analytics. Then, select “Subscribers” and “See More”. After that, locate the video that gave you the highest sub in the previous month: YouTube Analytics – Subscribers – Top video.

It stands for the “Subscriber Magnet”. One can be promoting the video in YouTube Cards or rendering his Subscriber Magnet his channel trailer. Through this, your high-converting videos appear to everybody visiting your channel.

16. Utilize a Good Channel Icon

One’s channel icon appears in almost every place on YouTube. One’s icon is similar to a custom thumbnail for his whole channel. This is the reason why it is very essential to utilize a proper one.

17. Start Optimizing for Watch Time

Watch time stands as one of the biggest ranking factors. This isn’t only for YouTube SEO and a channel page/ playlist. There isn’t a perfect way to organize one’s account.

However, you can try out templates from a social media management platform designed for YouTube users to utilize. All these will really help your video content rank higher and enable people to click on your subscribe link because they will want to watch more of your videos.


Gaining subscribers on YouTube is an amazing way of reaching your target audience on this popular social media platform. If you’re aiming to start making money in this popular space, it’s important to gain lots of subscribers.

Increased subscribers will boost one’s play counts, engagement, etc, which are all essential signals for the algorithm. Also, as you’re having a lot of fans, you’ll be able to stand out from other channels. With these few tips above, you will gain more YouTube subscribers and attract loyal fans.